Itazura na Kiss: Ep 8

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This is the most Naoki has EVER talked in one episode!!!

^OMG can you all hear Kotoko’s heart going doki doki!!

Wow there are so many GIF worthy moments in this episode.  Especially of Naoki fighting, Naoki running with Kotoko, Naoki asking Kotoko if she wants to go somewhere, and the list goes on!!!!!!!   This episode was such a doozy, it was almost too good to be true.  Judging by the previews, I guess Naoki won’t be sticking around at the Irie household!!  Why is this happening right after he practically confesses to Kotoko!?!?  I mean, “THANK YOU” is practically a confession for him.  (I am not stretching things.  Ok maybe a little.) 

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