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I feel like this episode was a downer for me, probably because I had such high expectations for it but then it sorta fell flat right away in the opening scene. 

I was really looking forward to seeing a change in Hiroto & Sakura’s relationship after Hiroto WAS SUPPOSED to come clean with Sakura.  I was so curious to see how Sakura would react!  And yet..THE CLIFF-HANGER TOTALLY TROLLED ME.  Hiroto doesn’t even come completely clean with Sakura, all he says is that they didn’t really sleep together when they first met in the hotel.  T__T  And that is just the beginning of alllll the confessions that Hiroto has to make!!!  I’m not sure if he was planning to tell her the whole story but then decided against it, or if he is trying to test the waters before he tells her the whole truth.  T_T  I wish we could’ve gotten some sort of clue about what’s going in Hiroto’s mind right now, but there is none.

The even more frustrating thing is that Sakura is all, AW HOW CUTE AND SWEET OF HIM!  HE LIKED ME SO MUCH THAT HE LIED SO THAT I WOULD SEE HIM AGAIN!  NO Sakura, that is NOT cute.  Sakura should get some warning signs, like wait if he lied about that the very first time we met, is there anything else he’s hiding?  But she doesn’t because she is still seeing Hiroto through a rose-colored lens.  Come on, seeing Hiroto & Sakura in honey moon stage is sweet and all but it is time to move on into a more realistic phase now!

That being said, I don’t really blame Sakura for wearing those rose-colored glasses.  Hiroto is just so sweet now!!  I wish I could have Hiroto welcome me home and tell me that he’s gonna cook dinner for me!  *wishful thinking* 

Anyways I think it would be better if Sakura had more of an internal struggle over her relationship with Hiroto.  I don’t want her to get into a huge moody “do I love him, do I not” kind of thing but I want to see her struggling to reconcile her ‘ideal Hiroto’ with the ‘real Hiroto’.  I want to see her attempting to continue seeing him in a bright light as she begins to realize that maybe his original intentions weren’t sincere.  Just little things like that would make me much more..reassured..that Sakura is not just obliviously bumbling around. 


^I’m totally like Ken-chan when I’m watching Hiroto & Sakura together, LOL!

I was way more sympathetic towards Shima than I was towards any of the other main characters in this episode.  I think it is saying something when the side character’s story is actually more interesting to me than the main love square. O_O””  I think Shima and Kohei are officially friends now–maybe Kohei has lingering feelings for Shima, but he is still trying to reestablish their boundaries as friends-only.  It’s not like they have nothing at all to be guilty about, but so far they aren’t anything more than good friends.  I thought it was really sad when Shima meets her ex-husband who has remarried and has a daughter.  Just the look on Shima’s face was so sad!!  And I get why Shima confided in Kohei rather than her girlfriends about the issue.  It’s hard to explain but sometimes you just can’t talk about certain things to even your close girlfriends. 

As for Miki, I feel bad for her but I’m not as emotionally invested in her story as I am with Shima’s.  I kinda wonder if they randomly threw in Yamamoto Yusuke’s host character into Miki’s storyline just to freshen things up a bit.  T_T”  I really hope that Miki, Shima, and Kohei will clear up this misunderstanding ASAP because although it’s not like Shima & Kohei cannot be 100% guilt-free over this whole ordeal, they are just friends now and they are trying hard to keep it that way.

I was also really excited for the accidental kiss in this episode (yeah, I will take anything Rintaro x Sakura) but that too was a fail!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!  One of the commenters on my last post pointed out that the kiss looks really awkward.  And I was all, yeah now that you mention it, it is.  But even that didn’t prepare me for the level of utter awkwardness in this episode.  I cringe at a lot of Sakura’s antics but THIS…… 

Sakura is nervous now that she realizes she never even slept with Hiroto.  Ok, I get that she doesn’t want to be embarrassed in bed, but really Sakura can’t you just leave it up to your instinct and Hiroto’s pro-skill?  Even RINTARO points out that Hiroto is probably better at it than she is, so she can leave it to him.  But no, she asks Rintaro for a Sex Ed 101.  She also borrows an AV from one of her coworkers (*DOUBLE FACE PALM*) and then watches it in Rintaro’s presence.  T______T  SAKURA, JUST GO WATCH IT AT HOME.  AND SO……..the accidental kiss happens when Rintaro is trying to save the laptop (which is playing the AV) from falling.  ULTIMATE..AWKWARDNESS..even I, the shipper of Rintaro x Sakura, was horrified.

^LOL at Sakura’s creeper face (credit linked)

Thankfully Rintaro hasn’t completely sold his soul to Choko yet.  He has only agreed to eat out with her from time to time.  I’m glad he isn’t going out with her but at the same time…now Choko will only expect more and more from him.  RUN WHILE YOU CAN, RINTARO!!!!  I’m still disappointed that Hiroto is pushing Choko and Rintaro together, but I think he is partly doing this for himself and not only for Choko.  He knows Rintaro already has special place by Sakura’s side.  It is like Rintaro is just naturally there at all the right times and knows just what to do.  Hiroto is clearly aware of this, I mean he has a super dark look on his face when he realizes that Rintaro has outdone him by finding Miki for Sakura.  And he knows that Rintaro has feelings for Sakura since he is even willing to give into Choko for the sake of Sakura’s happiness.  Rintaro may not know it, but he is a big rival for Hiroto!

Despite my overall disappointment with this episode, I am rather curious to see Rintaro’s ex-girlfriend in episode 8!!!!!!!!  She must be the one that Choko was talking about (the one that Rintaro still can’t get over) because Choko seems to recognize her too.  Part of me worries though, because what if Choko goes in offensive mode and tries to claim Rintaro from his ex-girlfriend!!!!!  On the other hand, this could be Rintaro’s chance to cleanly break off his sorta-romantic-ties with Choko once and for all. (RUN, RINTARO!!!!!)

^Credit linked.

Last week I was trying to figure out which guy is the underdog–Hiroto or Rintaro?  When I first thought about it, I couldn’t really figure out which one was the underdog because they both seemed to be on fairly equal grounds.  In terms of personal growth/character development, Hiroto may be the underdog because he starts as a playboy that is up to no good, but is turning into a faithful guy who loves Sakura.  But in terms of the love triangle, Hiroto is actually has the advantage since Sakura already seriously likes him.  Episode 7 makes it more apparent that Rintaro is the underdog because he is stepping back and letting Hiroto be with Sakura.  He is going into 2nd lead territory by playing the role of the silent protector, dang it!


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Itazura na Kiss: Ep 8
  • Rintaro just needs to clear his feelings about his ex-girlfriend then he’ll admit to his feelings for Sakura. And the show wouldn’t have highlighted them all through the season for nothing to come to fruition. I think it’s pretty obvious Sakura will end with Rintaro. That’s why there’s little to no conflict in her relationship with Hiroto.

    • I’m not quite so sure it’s obvious Sakura will end up with Rintaro but…who knows……..maybe they will pull a Tsuki no Koibito ending on us with Sakura & Rintaro getting together at the very last minute. T_T

      I also think Rintaro needs to clear things up with his ex. I wonder if he still has feelings for her or not.

      • I don’t know for sure but I think it is based on spoilers. Somethings happen in episode 9 that appear to indicate this. Let me know if you want details.

          • SPOILER ALERT:

            Episode 8 is about Tachibana and his past and Sakura will be worried about him but the interesting stuff is in 9. Rintaro finally realizes his feelings for Sakura and starts to avoid her but also, Hiroto PROPOSES to Sakura. So I think what happens is she accepts it and in the end, Rintaro will act on his feelings and put a stop to it. That’s the typical plot and I don’t expect originality from this show. Sakura’s birthday will be at SOBAR and the spoiler made a point to mention that Chiyoko will be there. She might say something but I don’t know what.

            I found this on Baidu. There’s also a trailer of Sakura and Hiroto redoing their first meeting. She looks really pretty in a pink dress, he kneels like a prince, they kiss on the bed. It’s all romantic in the trailer. That’s in episode 8. I don’t know if it will turn out to be a dream but I don’t think so.

            • OHHHH so that would be why they show Hiroto & Sakura all dressed up in the preview! OMG!!!! I so wanna see a proposal!

              Ok so based on the spoilers I guess Rintaro will make a comeback at the very last minute O_O Do you know how many episodes this drama is, by the way?

  • I felt let down, too. I don’t know what I was expecting, but this episode fell flat for me. Sakura’s old man creepiness about porn was as funny as it was very disturbing for me. I guess there’s no problem with a healthy adult watching it…but her actions and attitude, eek.

    The tickling scene of awkward cuteness was great. The accidental kiss and subsequent mutual reactions…not so great.

    I felt bad for Miki, but I can understand where she’s coming from, Even if her husband and Shima didn’t ever do “that” they have been sneaking around behind her back and it looks bad.

    I’m watching episode 8 tomorrow, so I’m curious as to what Choko will do now that the ex who destroyed Rintaro’s heart has returned.

    • LOL I love the way you put it. yes it was both funny yet disturbing. T_T I felt bad for Rintaro who had to endure Sakura’s reactions to the AV.

      I was dreading the whole misunderstanding over Shima & Kohei, but after watching ep8, I’m kinda glad it happened. And about Choko, BEWARE! She will stop at nothing!

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