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So, part of the reason I didn’t cover this drama episode-by-episode, or even a couple episodes at a time is that I watched through it super quickly.  At first I was waiting for subs, but I couldn’t wait so by then I already had lots of raw episodes to marathon through, lol!  So I’m just gonna throw all my final thoughts into this one post. 

***Spoiler alert, all the way through ’til the ending***

I haven’t been a huge fan of Ono Machiko before (although I already knew she’s a good actress) but her performance as Yuka really hit home. Yuka is my favorite character out of the 4 main characters!  She is just so sweet, likeable and good-hearted that it is hard not to like her.  She always has a bubbly personality whenever she’s with other people, but when she’s alone she just crumbles because she still loves Mitsuo and she’s uncertain about her future.  I like how Yuka is just the average girl and yet she still shines in the story. 

Actually I think my favorite scenes with Yuka are the ones where she shows her vulnerability. One scene that sticks in my mind is when the foursome is gathered at Akari’s place for a let’s-talk-this-out meeting.  Yuka seems fine at first but then the other three realize that she is breaking down after she suddenly covers her face with her hands to hide her tears.  She tries brushing it off because she is already embarrassed enough.  And of course Mitsuo still cares about her and he tries to insist on taking her home.  :'(

Mitsuo may be a busybody meddler that can’t butt out of Akari & Ryo’s business, but he means well and he is actually the glue that keeps the foursome together.  He is, in a sense, the leader of the foursome because he is the only one who is willing to speak up and interfere when he realizes something is going wrong.  If it weren’t for Mitsuo, I doubt that Ryo & Akari would’ve even ended up together. 

“Lately, I feel that I’ve changed. I respond even if people call me Hamazaki. When I think about it, it makes no difference to me.”

A lot of people hated Mitsuo’s character in the beginning, but I think that by the ending, it is unquestionable that Mitsuo has redeemed himself more than enough.  Ironically, Mitsuo, the one who hates change the most, is the one that really begins changing more and more as he realizes his faults.  I like how Mitsuo doesn’t change drastically into a whole new person, but he still changes in a meaningful way.  Eita’s versatility with this role is great and I’m glad that he took on the challenge!

Ryo also grew A LOT on me by the end of Saikou.  He changes from a player & cheater that doesn’t treasure Akari & treats their marriage like a sham, to an earnest guy that is genuinely trying to prove his love.  I’m glad that Akari broke up with him so that Ryo could experience what it’s like to have to chase someone for a change, since he is usually always the one being chased by all the women! 😉  He is also even twice as cute whenever he is with his bestie Mitsuo! 

…..the only character that I still didn’t warm up to by the end is Akari.  I mean, props to her for having a spine and knowing that she doesn’t need a guy that’s cheating on her.  Also, there is less development for Akari & Ryo’s romance since Yuka & Mitsuo’s relationship takes the priority in the drama.  But still, I just couldn’t understand what she was thinking.  Does she love Ryo or hate him?  Does she really love him after she marries him?  I don’t even know.  Akari & Ryo do get a happy ending but I felt like it was way too rushed.  It was almost like I was expecting more from their relationship, some major breakthrough when Akari has the eureka moment, but there was none. 

And the secret shipper in me STILL wants more Ryo x Yuka!!!!!!!!  They are so great paired together!  Why, when Akari & Mitsuo got so many scenes together, do Ryo & Yuka have close to NO scenes together!?!?  What is worse is that they totally teased us with this pairing in the later half of the drama, but it went nowhere.  AGH!  THEY LOOK SO GOOD TOGETHER!

Oh yes.  There is bromance, trust me.  Mitsuo & Ryo play so well of of each other because they are total opposites.  It is also funny how they are almost like comrades because they are both trying to mend their marriages.  It is really refreshing to see how they became unlikely besties, all because of their divorces!!!  Also all of their scenes just crack me up in general, especially when Ryo stays in Mitsuo’s apartment.

And, the grand finale is, of course Yuka & Mitsuo’s PERFECT ENDING!  I don’t even want to spoil it because it is just that sweet, omg!  But yeah, I love it when Yuka & Mitsuo walk home at nighttime and revisit the places that they once visited when they first met.  It is so cute how they are like newlyweds all over again, coming full circle from their ending (divorce) back to their beginning.  (when they first met) 


Saikou is a must-watch of the year.  Great writing, character development, and acting.  The last episode left me speechless which is partly why it took me so long to finally get around to writing up my final post about Saikou.  So far it’s my #1 drama of 2013, that is how much I love it.

Episode 11: Yuka x Mitsuo clip (on the train)

Episode 6: Ending Theme


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  • Underrated drama + slow subs but I watched anyway. I laughed and smiled so much, the actors and actresses are great, it’s refreshing.
    I’m not a fan of the ending, I was naively thinking that they would all stay seperated from each other as the name of the drama is “Best divorce”.
    To me Akari gave Ryo another chance just because she got pregnant. She doesn’t seem to have changed her mind regarding his mentality.

    As for Yuka and Mitsuo, why not but I’m not really happy about them getting back together…Mitsuo almost never showed that he missed her and loved her. Almost. So yeah…I thought that she deserved better in the beginning but now, I don’t know.
    This is drama was great anyway, my favourite of this year so far.

    • I know, not even the slow subs could deter me, hehe!

      Lol I also wonder about the title “Best Divorce”. Is it the best divorce because it actually brought the OTP’s back together again? Or is it ironic because the divorce was actually really painful and it didn’t last?

      It seems like Akari only got together with Ryo because of the pregnancy, but then I was confused when she seemed to be really happy with Ryo. O_O I couldn’t figure out if she ended up liking him afterwards or what..

      I’m glad Yuka & Mitsuo got back together! I think Mitsuo showed that he loves Yuka, but in his own special way. 😉

  • That’s a good theory about the title of the drama! 🙂 I think that it was the idea behind the story.

    As for Akari, I haven’t watched the 2 last episodes yet (I only read recaps) so I can’t speak about her attitude with him from there.

    Indeed, Mitsuo showed that he loves Yuka towards the end of the show if I remember well. And I was surprised by all the efforts he made! Very positive, even if people don’t change that easily in the long term.

  • I really enjoyed reading your comment. At first I thought this drama will be some kind of desperate drama. So, I dont plan to watch it. However, after read your review, I really getting excited to download and watch the drama. Thank you for your hard work.

    • Lol I don’t think it is a desperate drama, it is more about 2 couples that are trying to mend their relationships even after their divorce. Hope you enjoy it!

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