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Lately in the c-drama scene, there have been several upcoming c-dramas that people have been excited about waaay in advance, Lan Lin Wang being one of them.  I think part of the hype over Lan Ling Wang is its cast–ARIEL LIN as the heroine and Feng Shao Feng and Daniel Chan as the leading men.  Sounds like a solid cast and Ariel Lin alone would be enough for me to check out this drama.  But up until now I haven’t really been following the promotional trailers, stills, etc. until I stumbled upon this awesome opening theme song for the drama!


Theme Song

This theme song & opening MV took me by surprise because it is not what I would expect from a romantic Chinese period drama.  Oftentimes period c-dramas have a beautiful yet generic sounding ancient theme song.  Not this one!  Instead the Lan Lin Wang theme song is catchy and awesome!  It kinda reminds me of theme songs for Japanese anime (which, is a good thing in my opinion) that will undoubtedly get stuck in my head.


The MV also has a lot of pretty pretty to stare at, which also impressed me a lot!  I am really hoping for another c-drama with great production values!  I checked out the trailers as well and they also have some great cinematography.

*Update* Lan Lin Wang is scheduled to air starting this summer on August 14th, 2013.


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      • hehehe I was waiting for that 😛 I love them! I went for 2 of their concerts so far! 😀
        A-Shin (the vocalist) is amazing! And he writes all their lyrics, which are the greatest part of the songs actually!
        Not sure what sort of songs you like, but here are my favs:
        我心中尚未崩坏的地方 means “the place in my heart that has not been desecrated”

        温柔(还你自由版)means “Tender (the “I let you free” version)”

        In this song, there’s this part where he holds out this really long note, and there’s silence except his voice, and he sings “I let you free, I let you free, I let you free, I give you all your all your freedom” and I always cry.
        If you can, try to find their lyrics, they’re just beautiful.

    • Yea I totally agree with the theme song. It is super catchy and fun to listen to. I don’t understand mandarin since I speak Cantonese but my mother says the lyrics are very beautiful and meaningful .I was definitely not expecting such a catch song from a historical drama, which is a good thing.

  • All the stuff on facebook got me to finally to go back and re-look up all the trailers and posters, and I ended up back here, and~ that’s why your blog is awesome! Hehe, 5 more days left I think, I hope this turns out as good as it’s looking in the promos, and the songs by Mayday above have totally got me hooked into looking more into their stuff now 😀

    • Thanks aehyu! Wow I almost forgot that it’s gonna be airing this month! Omg! Well one thing that stands out about Lan Ling Wang so far is that it is really creative with its promo posters and opening MV. Usually c-dramas have the same type of promo posters and opening MV’s if you know what I mean. But Lan Ling Wang’s posters are much more eye-catching and unique!

      Plus omg, can’t wait to see Ariel Lin!

      • Ikr?! I was actually weirdly turned off when I saw the first stream of teasers and opening song, but I came back to it accidentally and it’s so refreshing and catchy! OMG Ariel is kgnrdighrpkghgnfdkfhr! Gorgeous! 😀

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