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WOW I enjoyed this episode way too much!!!!

I laughed so much in this episode, omg!  Episode 5 was all about Hiroto falling for Sakura, so now episode 6 is all about Rintaro slowly awakening to his feelings for her (or perhaps developing his feelings of platonic friendship into something more) and finding out about Hiroto’s ulterior motives.  Considering that we are consistently switching back and forth between Hiroto & Rintaro in these episodes, I think it is pretty safe to say that they are both the leads.  Meaning, they both have a good chance of ending up with Sakura and I still have no idea who will be the “winner”.  O_O

Anyways, one plus for the Rintaro x Sakura ship is that they are already like an old married couple together.  Their interactions always crack me up.  Like when Sakura casually goes, “Tachibana de……” and Rintaro is all “HUH?”  And then Sakura candidly asks if he’s lonely, why he doesn’t have a girlfriend if he’s such a chick magnet, etc. etc.  AHAHAHA.   I think Sakura & Rintaro are very similar in their philosophies on life.  Although Sakura is changing more since she is back in the (is that what you call it O_O) she and Rintaro are still alike.   AND!!! AND!!!  RINTARO GIVES SAKURA HER CINDERELLA SLIPPERS.  SYMBOLISM!!!!!!  SYMBOLISM!!!!!  But…then again…Hiroto already helped Sakura put on her “lost slipper” so….does this even count? O_O  Or does this mean that Sakura has two princes and she has to choose one of them?  (<<I think that’s the answer!!!!!!!)

I’m not sure if Rintaro has fully fallen for Sakura yet, or if he already has and just doesn’t know it, or what but……the moment when he sees Sakura when they meet for their date, there is a change in his eyes that shows he does see Sakura as a woman.  When I was watching at this moment, I was all, “AHA!!!!! THIS IS IT!!!!!!  HE’S SO FALLING FOR HER!”   Anyways part of why I laughed so much during this episode is, of course, because of Rintaro & Sakura’s hijinks as they try to fool Rintaro’s mom into thinking that he & Sakura are dating.  LOL.  I love how Sakura manages to mess up everything but still wins the approval of Rintaro’s mom.

Our dear Hiroto didn’t get much screentime in this episode, but he totally made up for it with a shower scene (*WINK WINK*) & by trying to change for Sakura.  I like Hiroto much better now that he wholeheartedly loves Sakura!  I think he is pretty serious about her since he even tells Choko to butt out and might join his dad’s company for a steadier job.  The problem though, is whether he can keep Sakura’s trust after she finds out about his connection with Choko and his original intentions.  I have the feeling that maybe Sakura will break up with him and he will have  to chase her to get her back!

As for Choko & Hiroto, these two are officially step-siblings.  But it’s not even clear whether or not they have the same biological dad.  I mean, Choko could’ve been the daughter that her mom had from a previous marriage.  O_O  Anyways the weird thing about Choko & Hiroto is that they are part of the love square, so that they end up together whenever Rintaro & Sakura are together.  It is kinda weird when they have a four-way stareoff or when they are divided into couples.  O_O   But overall, I think people are freaking out way too much over Choko & Hiroto.  I get the feeling that they are more like comrades rather than *gasp* forbidden brother-sister lovers!

OMG I LOVE THE RIVALRY BETWEEN HIROTO & RINTARO!  This episode definitely amps up the rivalry especially with the awesome ending!!!!  Rintaro questions Hiroto on more than one occasion, as he puts together the pieces about Hiroto & Choko’s relationship.  I think Rintaro is trying to give Sakura & Hiroto space (i.e. when he feels like the third wheel when Sakura & Hiroto get all lovey dovey with each other, so he leaves the restaurant) but he can’t help but get involved with them.  He is definitely protective over Sakura even if he won’t admit it.  I mean, seriously!  When Hiroto asks Rintaro what Sakura is to him, he pauses and responds “A COWORKER”.  YEAHHHHH……..SURE…

I love how Rintaro & Hiroto’s confrontation brings up the question of what Sakura is to Rintaro.  It is something that had to be asked eventually.  Because no matter how much Rintaro says he & Sakura are just friends, there seems to be something more to it.  If he doesn’t love Sakura then who is he to go around interfering in her love life and challenging her boyfriend?  Can he really say that everything he’s doing for her is because of their platonic friendship?  HMM!

I like Hiroto but I hated his audacity in the last scene.  When he tells Rintaro to get together with Choko so that all of this will be solved, I was all OMG  HIROTO…..YOU DID NOT JUST GO THERE!  Pushing Rintaro & Choko together will not solve anything!  It will only make things even worse in the long run! T_T  I think Hiroto is letting off steam, issuing a challenge to Rintaro and also trying to get rid of his competition!  But then Hiroto quickly redeems himself again by confessing something to Sakura!!!!! (That’s where the episode ends, darn it!  I assume he’s going to tell her why he got together with her at first.)  AUGH!!


I like this episode way more than episode 5.  I’m not sure if it’s because it’s more about Rintaro x Sakura, or because we have more of a Hiroto vs. Rintaro rivalry, or if it’s because of the pacing and the humor.  Overall, it could be a combination of all of them.  I found myself laughing a lot more often during this episode simply because of all the funny interactions between Sakura & Rintaro.  Also the cliffhanger is really epic and makes me want to watch the next episode so bad!!!!!!

The real cliff-hanger here is whether or not Sakura will forgive Hiroto or not.  She has a very forgiving and generous nature, but she already gave him one chance with the Momo-issue.  Will she give him a second chance??  I also wonder if Hiroto will tell her the whole truth or if he will leave parts out.   Like the part about Choko being an obsessed-Rintaro-stalker.



…….I am so desperate to find out who Sakura will end up with, I even watched the OP over and over to try to figure out who puts the glass slipper on her foot.  T____T””  I also watched this part of the preview so many times because I was trying to figure out what happened exactly.  According to the text-preview, the kiss is unintentional.  DARN IT!


I found this Hiroto x Sakura magazine picture! 


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Last Cinderella: Ep 5
Anticipated C-drama: Lan Ling Wang – Opening Theme Song
  • i still love rintaro over seems to be herself when she is with rintaro which the aspect i love the most in relationship..please rintaro!!i just jump to your ship!dont make me drown!!haha

  • This episode was gold. I love it to bits and pieces.

    It’s so refreshing to see a parent in a j-drama that is not horrible! I love Rintaro’s mom, and I kind of want them to end up together just for her. All of those fake-girlfriend scenes were amazing.

    I was pretty sure Chouko and Hiroto weren’t lovers, but their dynamic hasn’t been very clear. I’m glad it showed them laughing with each other this episode, so that it oriented me in their relationship.

    Man, nobody but nobody does the hangdog puppy look like Miura Haruma. His look when he saw Sakura with Rintaro was so vulnerable, it killed me. Also, I’m hoping Rintaro knows better than to listen to Hiroto concerning Chouko. She has to get unbroken before she dates anybody.

    I know the b-plot wasn’t as compelling this episode, but it was fun to see TamakiYamamoto Yusuke reprising a host role. He’s just so adorable I can’t get over it. His expression when he found Miki’s application seemed sincere, so here’s hoping he’s not trying to swindle her or something. I am not a fan of misunderstood-cheating plots, but I feel like Miki’s husband might need it.

    CLIFFHANGEEEEEER I want to see what happens, too! Can’t wait for next week!

    • Yeah I was surprised by how cool Rintaro’s mom is!!!

      Hmm I thought that Hiroto was actually giving Rintaro a death glare. O_O Maybe I misinterpreted it? But in the scene when Hiroto is about to confess to Sakura, the look on his face is so sad. :'(

      Lol I figured someone would bring up Yamamoto Yusuke’s role! At the moment, I don’t trust his character at all. I feel like he was suddenly thrown into the story since the fake-cheating plot was getting old fast.

      • Hmm I thought that Hiroto was actually giving Rintaro a death glare.

        I think there was a death glare once he noticed Rintaro watching him, but when Hiroto first saw them, he looked very alone and heartbroken, I thought.

        Heee, I don’t trust the gallant host guy either, but I am more interested in this new plot line than the fake cheating stuff. It pisses me off that they’re demonizing Shima for having sex (Oh noes! Heaven forbid) through the mouthpiece of the guy that would have cheated with her if he’d been able to get it up. Gah, the more I think about it the angrier I get. Especially since it’s just him being possessive of her 1) when he has no right to be, and 2) for his own selfish ends. He’s giving advice like he’s her friend when he really just wants in her pants. I hope the show calls him out on his shit with some comeuppance, because the spineless husband is so not my favorite person right now.

  • Oh god that picture of Sakura and Tachibana kissing looks so awkward. I think that she just falls on him or something, urgh. Hey, i’m glad that Hiroto and Sakura are in the sex phase of their relationship now. At least, I hope that means that she’s not gonna keep acting all innocent when she’s a 39 year old woman and really shouldn’t be acting like that.

    • It does look awkward, the scene also looks awkward. I really wanted an intentional kiss but…alas, it is probably accidental. I want to see them kissing for reals!!!!!!!

      I think Sakura is still in her honey-moon phase in this relationship with Hiroto, which is why she acts all shy and bashful whenever she’s around him. She is not as innocent as she acts..even though her kissing abilities are questionable LOL. 😛 I like it better when she is really candid and up-front about this stuff like she is with RINTARO! 😉

    • I agree.. That is getting old now. Acting like some high school girl is just ridiculous. I don’t understand why it was said that Rintaro accepts Sakura for who she is??? This guy has chastised her from the conception of this show of how manly she is etc etc. The meeting with his mom he seemed annoyed with her constant Screw ups. And his mom being so understanding about it and laughing (which seemed forced to me) seemed like the writers were really reaching there. I didn’t find the the portrayal of his mom endearing attribute towards Sakura believable. Also, I don’t know.. but for a grown ass, almost 40 year old man not to know where his feelings lie or how to act on it is really ridiculous. It’s not charming at all. Ken from Sobar had to tell this dude to find a hobby and stop drinking. Where’s the attraction here? Yes I somewhat agree that he and Sakura ending up together seem a bit realistic solely based only on age.. But other that, two people bickering back and forth like an old married couple episode to episode is not enticing.

      The writers are clearly gearing Sakura and Rintaro together in the end. Again, the connection between them is very choppy to me. I dont find them to have chemistry at all. Just two people who are both the same age, single and work at the same place. If this was their intention from the beginning I see why Hiroto was created cause these two characters left to their own devices would bore me to death. 🙁

      • Yeah, I don’t think Sakura and Tachibana have much romantic chemistry, but I do think they have awesome friendship chemistry. I actually like watching them together, because even though they do tend to insult each other, you can see that they are actually quite good friends, even though they’d deny that if you asked them.

        • I agree they have great chemistry as friends. The inner shipper in me is hoping it will turn into something more. 😉 Then again though, part of the point of the drama is that Hiroto is changing Sakura’s life and bringing her happiness. Rintaro’s role has often been that of the supporter.

      • Sakura and Rintaro unintentionally kiss but Hiroto and Sakura can’t even intentionally kiss or have sex despite being a couple. I agree that the romantic chemistry hasn’t really been explored between Sakura and Rintaro but Hiroto and Sakura don’t have much chemistry and they are in a relationship. He has better romantic chemistry with his sister. I think we’ll learn what kind of romantic chemistry exists between RS starting from the next episode.

        To each his own but I don’t find Rintaro and Sakura boring at all. Their conversations are interesting and fun unlike Hiroto and Sakura’s.

        And why have Hiroto play this role? The same can be said about Rintaro if Hiroto and Sakura end up together. At least Hiroto has another plot about his family but as of now, Rintaro’s entire story is related to Sakura. At the end of the day, it’s a love triangle and at least one person has to lose if you don’t want a Love Patzzi ending. For all we know, there could be an open ending and everyone would wonder why they even bothered making the drama.

        It’s okay not to like Rintaro but everything you say applies to other characters. Sakura is the same age and her life isn’t really going anywhere. She isn’t advancing at work, has no manners and is in a relationship because Chiyoko wants her away from Rintaro. What’s so great about that? Hiroto, what has he done for Sakura other than flatter her and make her feel wanted by a younger man? She never even truly fell for him. She only fell for his tactics. And the reason she finally decided to go for it was because Rintaro told her to take a chance and not be scared.

        It’s fine to be biased but you’re vilifying a character that’s no worse than the others. Rintaro is a 40-year old man who isn’t sure of his feelings but Sakura is a 40-year old stylist with bad hair who can’t kiss without hitting teeth yet you want her to end up with Hiroto.

        Heisui, thanks for your review. It was fun to read. I also preferred this episode to the previous one because there was more Rintaro x Sakura and the Hiroto x Rintaro.

        • Omg Teni you pretty much said everything in a comment that I couldn’t figure out how to say. What it boils down to is, there will inevitably be an odd man out, whether it is Hiroto or Rintaro. Not everyone will have a happy ending! And it is so true that all the characters have their own flaws, no one is perfect here. The characters may be cliched and feel really generic in general, but for me they are still fun to watch. *W*

          And LOL at your Love Patzzi reference. I remember I was all ready for her to choose a guy but then it was open-ended!!!!! ARGH!!!

        • I am biased.. Because I’d like to see a drama that does not travel down the same road as its predecessors. Man berates woman only to find that he loves her? Yes Rintaro is a good friend of Sakura, but it’s been said on other sites by viewers that they have good “romantic chemistry”. Which I can’t seem to find. It’s a matter of opinion.

          As far as vilifying Rintaro’s character only.. that’s not entirely true; because Sakura is just as much of a headache and a mess as him. Hiroto’s position has already been known from the synopsis of the series, so we all knew he’d be a douchebag. However, the writers have gone to much effort to show how he is changing. Within that factor has me hooked on him to win over a person she has known far longer and hasn’t made or realize his feelings until she is with someone. You mentioned that..

          “She never even truly fell for him. She only fell for his tactics. And the reason she finally decided to go for it was because Rintaro told her to take a chance and not be scared.”

          Remember now.. Rintaro told her to “Get her life” lol but when she told him the next day that she met someone, he started telling her that it wasn’t possible for someone to like someone like her. That the person had to be scamming her etc. I was like.. Dude make up your mind! Rintaro is not doing anything heroic than what any friend of Sakura would do if they knew Hiroto’s initial intentions?

          “Hiroto, what has he done for Sakura other than flatter her and make her feel wanted by a younger man?”

          Ahh.. That’s just it..he’s changing
          1) dumped Momo
          2)got a job
          3)considering going into the family business
          4)ask Chyoko to butt out. Last but not least..
          5)genuinely accepts and likes Sakura for the nut, unfashionable sorry excuse for a 40 yr old woman.
          6)THEY ACTUALLY GET ALONG when they are with each other.

          Lets see Rintaro shall we?
          1)chastises (only because he truly cares?)
          2)bought her medicine when she was sick.
          3)buy her gear to pretend to be a proper lady in front of his mother.
          4)roughed up Hiroto when he found out what he was up to.

          Both characters have a role to play I do understand this else this drama wouldnt be recap worthy. I just happen to like Hiroto’s plight more. I want to see a screw up find his way and be a better person. Not the usual, good guy/friend for years I finally understand that I loved you all along. It’s just as simple as that. 🙂

          Also, I’m not the only person giving Rintaro a hard time. He’s been outed horribly by native japanese speakers (even down to the actor himself). I don’t agree with this; but the drama is just that engaging that folks are really riled up about it. It’s to be expected.

          • I tend to root for the underdog character but…wow I can’t even tell if there is an underdog second lead anymore. O_O Hiroto is definitely redeeming himself, the problem is whether he and Sakura can maintain their relationship. I think Rintaro has also made up for his sharp tongue because he really does care about Sakura and he actually gives good advice when he’s not being all snarky.

          • genuinely accepts and likes Sakura for the nut, unfashionable sorry excuse for a 40 yr old woman.

            Omg, I cracked up so much at this. I’m leaning towards the same opinion on the Rintaro/Sakura ship as Bratedlk. I didn’t like Rintaro from the beginning for the misogynistic/insulting speeches he spewed at Sakura but once you realize he is a bit of an old bitter man who has been crushing on Sakura for the longest time…You sort feel bad for him. To me, he is the underdog in the drama and that is why he will most likely end up with her (and not because they are the same age and have similar positions in lives, although that obviously plays a factor too). The reason why there is absolutely no sexual/romantic chemistry between them is because Sakura is completely oblivious and has no feelings towards him at this stage. That is why I am rebelling so much against this ship internally. It is very late in the game and for Sakura to suddenly realize there is something more to her friendship Rintaro would feel very odd…Not entirely unbelievable (imagine you find our your good friend has feelings for you? you will ponder this new turn of events, things might get awkward etc) but is it true love?

            • Hm I guess Rintaro would be the underdog since Sakura’s heart is with Hiroto? And when you put it that way, that he is an old bitter guy, LOL I guess it does explain all of his extremely bitter remarks. T_T”” Plus to think that his chance is being taken away by a young one! 😛

              I hope Sakura’s feelings for Hiroto won’t be flighty. I mean, I am shipping her and Rintaro but I don’t want her to suddenly jump ship when she finds out about Rintaro’s feelings for her. >_>

  • OMG HEISUI!!!!!! I also love this ep so much more than ep 5!!!! It’s my favourite episode so far!!
    If you didn’t mention how Hiroto doesn’t get much screen time this time, I wouldn’t have noticed………….. LOL. I’m so biased.
    Anyway, this pretend-girlfriend plot is ALWAYS awesome! I love how Rintaro looked when he saw Sakura walking down the stairs. I wouldn’t say she looks much prettier than usual, cos she already is even with those ossan looks, but Rintaro’s face was epic hahaha. Then there were those looks Rintaro gave when Sakura acted lovey-dovey with Hiroto at the bar. It reminds me of Naoki’s jealousy LOL
    I actually enjoyed that Rintaro x Hiroto head to head scene. Finally, Hiroto challenging Rintaro! Which kinda shows that he likes Sakura. Maybe? But then after telling Choko not to tell anyone, he goes on confessing it to Sakura?? Then again.. he might not be confessing Sakura about that thing. Now I’m confused.
    Like you said, I think they’re both leads, YES! Rintaro still has a chance!! <3 😀

    • I think she looks like her usual self, minus those super high heels. O_O I also think Rintaro was shooting looks of jealousy at Sakura & Hiroto. HEHEHEH. I’m also not sure if Hiroto will really risk confessing everything to Sakura. Maybe he told Choko not to tell because the fall-out would be much bigger if Sakura found out through a 3rd party rather than hearing it directly from him.

  • *as for the photo. Definite kawaii!
    At the top it says something about Whole books etc.. (My kanji is so limited). At the bottom something..Kun loves SP Gravure? Can’t see the very top right clear enough to read it.

  • I love the photo of Shinohara and Harumukun. If they just prettied her up a bit – they would look amazing together! She doesn’t look older than 3 years than him.

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