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For Hiroto fans, this episode is alllll about Hiroto!

So, I know I was harping about how Rintaro and Sakura are made for each other, fated to be together, etc. but……..

NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN HIROTO IS SMILING ALL THE TIME.  OMG!!!!  If any of you have seen Miura in the movie Kimi ni Todoke as Kazehaya, his smiles are irresistible.  Now whenever Hiroto breaks into laughter and smiles at Sakura it’s like I don’t know whether I should defect over to his side or stick with Rintaro.  WHAT TO DO!?!?!?

All shallow matters aside, Hiroto is finally showing more of his true self in this episode!  I think he is beginning to realize that he got way more than he signed up for when he decided to seduce Sakura.  I mean, they’re taking this to the point where Sakura’s brother is asking him to take care of her!!  That is way more serious than anticipated!  I also think that Sakura is bringing warmth to Hiroto’s life because she is gently supporting him without judging him for his actions/life choices.  Most likely Hiroto was hurt by his family because he chose the hard route of pursuing BMX rather than taking a stable job.  He is lonely in his family and Sakura seems to understand that even though he doesn’t say much about it. 

At first I thought that Sakura’s brother Satoshi’s side story was a waste of time.  And much of it was.  But then I realized that there is a parallel between Satoshi and Hiroto. Even though Satoshi would be considered a good-for-nothing guy that freeloads off of his sister, Sakura accepts him for who he is and she loves him unconditionally.  This shows that Sakura is willing to do the same for Hiroto, regardless of whether his job brings in the dough or not.  BUT!  This parallel also gets into the danger zone of making Hiroto seem like a younger bro to Sakura!!!  And there lies my dilemma!  Even though Sakura & Hiroto are getting to know each other better, I can’t help but still feel a younger bro-older sister vibe around them. O_O 

Anyways, I am still loving Shima’s character even though I’m not a fan of her side story with Kohei.  Kohei is just annoying because he is wanting to take this to the next level (romance) and he can’t just view Shima as a friend.  He claims she is a good friend to him (which she is, in reality) but we all know he wants something more.  Shima is more like his mentor, someone who can bluntly give him advice based on her own life experience.  I like how Shima is resolute enough to firmly tell Kohei that enough is enough, she’s not seeing him anymore!  Hopefully it will stay that way.

So, the ending parts of the episode feel like they are straight out of a shoujo manga!  For reals!  It is cheesy but I have to admit that I have imagined scenarios like this in my head when I try to think up a romantic storyline. O_O”””  Is it just me?  Or maybe I’ve had too much influence from those mangas, HAHA.  I think they could’ve had more suspense during the scene when Sakura saves Hiroto from a group of thugs.  Maybe I would’ve felt the tension if Sakura had not flailed around with a TOWEL (or a t-shirt?) while trying to fend off the bad guys.  Is that really gonna do any damage? T_T” 

BUT Hiroto totally made up for it!!!   He so cares about Sakura!  I love it when he back-hugs her in relief and then he looks at her with his puppy eyes.  *SWOONS*  I think it’s really sweet when he and Sakura hug and laugh together since they’ve just made a harrowing escape together!  And the last part when Sakura faints (because of sleep.  Even a fever would’ve been a more realistic explanation T_T) is of course cheesy but HIROTO SMILES AND CARRIES HER PRINCESS STYLE.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HE IS SO FALLING FOR HER!

Our poor Rintaro didn’t get much screen-time this episode!  But I suppose it is alright because episode 4 focused more on Rintaro, while ep5 is more for Hiroto.  Maybe they are both leads then!?!?!??!  MAYBE THEY HAVE AN EQUAL CHANCE?  *HOPING*

Rintaro is finally realizing that Choko likes him.  I think he was oblivious to the fact beforehand, but when she randomly shows up at the baseball game (she gave him the tickets…little does he know she has the ticket for the seat next to him, SMART TACTIC EH?) everything changes.  The look on Rintaro’s face is like “oh crap..I gotta break the news to her…….”  Anyways the funny thing is that before he can even finish his “I think of you as a sister” speech, Choko goes, “you like Sakura don’t you?”  Him: “HUH?”  Me: OK MAYBE RINTARO IS MORE OBLIVIOUS THAN I THOUGHT..or maybe he really doesn’t like her YET.  It is really telling that there is a rumor about his liking Sakura though.  😉  Everyone else around him can see it!

It seems like Rintaro is also putting the pieces together about Hiroto & Choko’s relationship.  AND he may even get protective over Sakura and confront Hiroto.  YES!!!!!!  I CAN’T WAIT!

Judging by the previews, it also seems like Sakura & Rintaro will go on a fake omiai, or he will introduce her to his parents just to get them off his case about getting married.  I am really looking forward to it, HEHEHE.

So, think back to the time of Kekkon Dekinai Riyuu and Kekkon Shinai.  I remember how I started out liking Kekkon Dekinai Riyuu, but then ended up dropping it in utter disdain for its broken plot.  Also even the amazing cast of Amami Yuki and Kanno Miho wasn’t enough to keep me watching Kekkon Shinai, which kept on dropping the word “kekkon” every other minute.  I thought I was so done with those kinds of rom-com dramas, the ones with the cliched older-unmarried-women characters.  But then I realized…I’M TOTALLY INTO LAST CINDERELLA AND IT’S LIKE THE SAME.  OMG!  I do think Last Cinderella is more solid than Kekkon Dekinai (BY FAR), as for Kekkon Shinai I didn’t get that far into the drama so I can’t compare.  But this drama is based off of the same sort of premise, the acting & script aren’t amazing or anything and yet I’m obsessed.  Oh the irony.  T__T  Lesson learned. 


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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  • ah Heisui! I’ve been waiting for this post cause I need to rant on how this episode is all about Hiroto! lol
    And though I love how Hiroto is smiling a lot more and starting to fall deeper for Sakura, I still can’t see the lovey-dovey ness… They look like siblings. Now I’m more convinced they’re most likely siblings from past lives reading your comparison of Hiroto and Satoshi hahahaha.
    Also, I’m hating Choko more and more. She’s freaky…. even more stalkerish than Kotoko lol. If they decided to make Rintaro falls for her, I’m gonna throw my laptop away and do a tableflip!!!!! Maybe not, cause how else am I gonna watch drama then?! :p
    I hope we have another Rintaro episode next week, or maybe Rintaro-Hiroto head to head?!? Guess it’s too early for that XD

    • OMG AHAHA. Siblings from their past lives. T_T I just can’t see them together now. I freaked out when they started holding hands but I thought they felt more natural in the scene during his BMX competition. I think Sakura has to change the way she acts towards Hiroto too. Even if Hiroto starts treating her like a true love interest, Sakura still sorta treats him as ‘the younger guy.’ Which is how they end up feeling like brother & sister.

      HEH. I think Choko wants both Hiroto AND Rintaro’s attention!!! She keeps on asking Hiroto over and over again whether or not he’s serious about Sakura. T_T Ok actually I think she also hates Sakura too, since Sakura is stealing both Hiroto & Rintaro’s hearts! I fear for Rintaro, but I fear for Sakura more. O_O

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