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After my disappointment with 300 Days to Meet Happiness, I set out to find a new Taiwanese drama to watch.  Two Fathers is a really funny and sweet drama that takes a spin on the raising-a-kid story.  Plus it has lots of bromance!   Oh, and let’s clarify this from the get go–it is about two straight bachelors who raise a daughter together.


Just the opening scene of the drama was enough to get me hooked.  It is quick, to the point, and funny.  The odd thing that the premise of the drama also sounds sorta plausible.  O_O  Xiang Xi (LEROY YOUNG!!) and Zhen Hua (Lin Yo Wei) are both the possible fathers for their daughter, Wen Di.  The mother bailed on them and she left a note saying that she doesn’t know who the real father is.  Xiang Xi & Zhen Hua stubbornly claim to be the father and refuse to back down.  Eventually they end up becoming fathers together and raise their daughter Wen Di. 

A lot of people are wondering, gee what about a paternity test? And if they did get a paternity test, then why are they still raising their daughter together?    I think the point here is that we don’t know if they got a paternity test, and we don’t know why they made this arrangement.  This part has been cut out for a reason, and it will probably be addressed in the later episodes.  

I think they did get a paternity test, but decided to father the child together anyways.  Really, just getting a paternity test and confirming who the biological father is doesn’t solve everything.  Even if they know one of them is the dad, could that dad raise Wen Di all on his own? Can he balance his job and taking care of a baby?  In this case, Xiang Xi & Zhen Hua may have decided that they couldn’t raise Wen Di alone, and so it would be better for them to help each other out. 



I didn’t know this two fathers concept could be so good.  It is really heartwarming and sweet to see the two of them fussing over Wen Di, fumbling with diapers and baby milk formula, doing homework together, shopping together, etc. 

Xiang Xi & Zhen Hua are not in a relationship, but they do take on the different roles of the mom/dad.  It may seem a bit cliched but it works because the bromance is off the charts.  Xiang Xi is clearly supposed to be more like the dad while Zhen Hua is like the wifey.  Xiang Xi is more lenient when it comes to parenting Wen Di and tries to be fun and spontaneous. He is a bit immature, but is also very protective of his daughter.  It is so funny when he hears that Wen Di got into a scuffle, and the first thing he asks is if she won.  AHAHA.  Zhen Hua is the mom, the one that is gentler, is a bit more strict, and calmer.  I LOVE ZHEN HUA, OMG!  I LOVE XIANG XI TOO BUT…ZHEN HUA IS JUST TOO SWEET!


Ah yes, the bromance.  As I said before, it is absolutely amazing.  Leroy & Lin Yo Wei have SUCH GOOD CHEMISTRY TOGETHER!!!!  Every scene with these two is gold!  And every time someone gawks at them, they will always say in unison, “IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK!!”.   PFFFT.   Sometimes Xiang Xi will even give some curious onlookers fan service, like when Xiang Xi acts all lovey dovey as Zhen Hua ties his tie for him.  (YES, ZHEN HUA HAS TO TIE XIANG XI’S TIE.)

There is also a romance storyline with Jing Zhu (Megan Lai), who is Wen Di’s school teacher.  I think she’s going to be paired with Xiang Xi just because the two of them are like oil and water.  But maybe there will be a love triangle since it looks like she might start crushing on Zhen Hua.  (and I don’t blame her)  This begs the question, what happens if Xiang Xi or Zhen Hua gets married?????  Then what will happen to their family?!!??  I wonder if  maybe they laid out the conditions of their partnership so that they know what to do if this happens. 

Anyways Jing Zhu is actually pretty fun even though we didn’t get to see much of her in episode 1.  The funny thing is that her very first introductory scene is when she is trying to park, but crashes into Xiang Xi’s car in the process.  And then she goes, “oh darn it, that’s the fifth time this has happened!”   ASIAN DRIVING EVERYONE.  YOU CAN LAUGH ALL YOU WANT, BUT IT IS TRUE.  I’M JUST LIKE JING ZHU.

Before this drama started airing, there was a huge uproar over its possible homosexual romance.  Some people thought that it would be about two homosexual guys raising a kid. I think it would’ve been interesting if it was about a homosexual couple raising a kid, but guess what..that’s not what the drama is about and I don’t think we should read too deeply into things.  I feel like some people are going into this drama with the preconception that there is some sort of homosexual angle, so they end up looking for it in the drama.  But that’s not to say that this drama isn’t saying something about the traditional family structure.  This episode has shown that a kid can be happy with two fathers and that they can create a good environment for the kid to grow up in. 

Thankfully this drama is doing justice to Leroy, after the disaster that was Love Forward.  T__T  Also this is the first time I have seen Lin Yo Wei, but he is ADORABLE.  Seriously the casting is amazing, Leroy & Lin Yo Wei make the bromance feel so natural!  As for Megan Lai’s character, she is awesome but I can’t help but get the feeling that the romance part feels a bit forced into the drama.  The bromance & the family dynamics is the meat of the drama, while the romance felt like an afterthought.  But then again, maybe Megan will end up having good chemistry with Leroy!  *hoping*

By the way, this drama is being subbed by viki AND it’s in HD.  This is seriously the best quality video I have ever seen for a tw-drama.  There is no distracting banner in the corner, no headlines going across the video, nothing!  I am AMAZED. 

Ending MV


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  • GAH.

    I do not want to sound like a crazy stalker/your parrot but you are speaking exactly my thoughts, again. I just glimpsed half an ep of it but I’m sold almost instantaneously with the first sequence. It is a keeper. There is obvious heart and a care for decent quality, such a rare thing in TWdramas I’ve seen last year at least.

    I’ve never fell for a TWdrama so fast and furious like this one, there are always those little nuggets of argh!not!funny slapsticks and OTTness making me cringe till I’m tired of scrunging up my face and many unsatisfying acting jobs thrown in, always and I just have to cave in and set the bar lower and tolerate the bits I can’t stand in order to get to the drama-drug. It’s rarely been worth it tbh.

    • HEHEHEHEH IT IS SO GOOD!!!!! I was so surprised by how solid the first episode was!!!!! And yes, the quality is great right from the start. I’m also glad they don’t have stupid humor, instead the humor is really natural.

  • muahahhaha girl! u r on the boat ne! i was hooked in the first ep too~ each ep is funny! and because it wasn’t centered in romance/which guy get the girl/when will the OTP fall in love type of plot so i’m not following it daily… like whenever i’m free, i’ll catch up to it since there’s 4 eps per week.
    a great family drama! yeah, the plot about 2 fathers rising a daughter is kinda new; never seen such a thing. and i like Zhen Hua too! he’s cute and can cook and love to do chores! lol! i’d love to find a man like him!

    • Yes Ah Man, I should’ve listened to you sooner! 😛 Whoa there are 4 eps per week? O_O How long is this drama? But then again..I think I can handle lots of episodes to take in as much bromance as possible!

      • I donna but it’s ending in August so still a long way to go~ I assume 70+? Wow!
        And can u believe all the hot guys are taken?! First, my Jo In Sung! *dies*
        and I was watching 2 Fathers BTW and Lin Yo Wei mention his daughter! WHAT THE! Didn’t know he’s married, let alone a child! XD sigh~

    • NICE CALL! That would be a great twist!

      I just realized, they do point out that Wen Di has taken on Xiang Xi’s last name and not Zhen Hua’s. So maybe Xiang Xi is the biological father?

      • It would make sense. Do you think Xiang Xi would really let Zhen Hua be the father if he were the bio dad? He’s a bit of bully after all…

        As for the name, I did wonder about that, but they might have just played rock paper scissors…

        I like the premise a lot, but some bits are just too unrealistic for me so I don’t think I’ll watch… TW dramas & me somehow don’t go together all the well :-/

  • Ah…I went and watched the first four episodes after reading this. It’s pretty funny, and Wen Di is sooo adorable! I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m really irritated by Xiang Xi’s behaviour towards Jing Zhu. I like Zhen Hua a lot more. I really dislike arrogant, cocky guys in TWdramas, but the female leads always fall in love with them!!

    • Xiang Xi didn’t seem as arrogant as I thought he’d be, but I’ve only seen episode 1 so I don’t know how he is in the next episodes. But yeah, Zhen Hua is definitely my favorite!!!!!

  • I love Zhen Hua!! I hope you keep doing recaps for this because this series seems so refreshing and adorable. I’m actually finding the bromance is even more fascinating than the ones with the female love interests haha. The little girl is amazing, i think she can be the taiwanese ashida mana

  • Yeah, it would be insane to assume TW would make a drama about an actual GAY couple raising a child. They haven’t even had a proper romantic drama featuring a gay OTP…did they?

    Still this looks incredibly cute and it helps that both “fathers” are so charismatic and hot. WANT! *off to hunt subs*

    • I don’t think they have. I think they sometimes have a side character that is a stereotypical ‘girly guy’. But I don’t think they ever seriously addressed it as an OTP O_O Then again, I’m not sure.

  • Thanks for the wonderful review! I started watching soon after I read it. My daughter (same age as Wen Di) saw a few minutes with Wen Di, Papi & Daddy and started watching with me. Now she asks when we can watch Two Fathers together. It’s a lovely light hearted show.

  • u speak up for my mind :))
    , i read some uproar about this movie is about homosexual and the plot is so much like from other countries ( america, korean,,,) drama, but after half first episode, i am alr in love with it
    Its abs true, this series is amazing, funny, and worth every mins to watch

  • I finished this drama with no subs and I absolutely loved it and watched it everyday when it aired. I liked how it was always funny and actually Wen Di’s name has both Xiang Xi and Zhen Hua in her name because Tang Wen Di so Tang comes from Xiang Xi and Wen comes from Zhen Hua.

  • Zhen Hua’ can balance btw work and household chores. And he can do the character very well. He is adorable. Bravo for Zhen Hua. It is funny that some ppl thought them as gay couple. They are good friends who are struggling to give the little girl the best environment to grow up. And yes, the bromance is amazing. Like what u said : Every scene of it is gold. I totally agree with you. I watch it over and over again 🙂

  • This looks like a TW reboot of the old American TV series “My Two Dads”. However, I like that the parenting started from scratch and not when the daughter was an adolescent as it does in M2Ds. This looks like I will like it just as much as I did M2Ds.

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