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First of all let me spam you all with these awesome GIF’s of Kotoko’s FIRST KISS.  (All credit is linked to each GIF.)

“I’m going to stop loving you.”

Actually I was searching up these GIF’s while I was in the library.  I started smiling and giggling at all the GIF’s…so I had to close the webpage so that I wouldn’t start laughing out loud. T_T  I guess my excitement over episode 5 still hasn’t died down yet.  I am so refraining myself from ranting even more about episode 5 right now.  T___T””


Anyways, you can find my episode 5 review on Drama Fever, linked below.  Feel free to direct your comments on this episode over on my actual post, I can still reply there as well. 😉


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Itazura na Kiss: GIF’s from the Behind the Scenes
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  • I loved this episode as well. My favourite part was actually the whole first ten-fifteen minutes – yes, Kotoko waving Naoki-dressed-as-a-girl photo was awesome (and she didn’t bluff, she actually showed the picture to everyone!), as was Naoki’s kiss, but the opening 3rd of the episode beat all of that: it shows what a wonderful person Kotoko is, that she’s the best kind of friend to have. The way she cheers Kin-chan on is just very sweet and caring, and quite mature – because she’s also honest and doesn’t lead him on when he asks her if she will fall for him in the future. I don’t think she said one wrong word in that conversation!

    I really, really, really liked that Kotoko.

    I think Naoko got scared someone else would snatch Kotoko away – rightly so, because she is totally the soul of the party (notice that she’s the one the proposes for class A and F to celebrate together).

    The photo in front of the house scene was hilarious – when he puts his arm around her and she freaks out. Hahahahaha. Plus Naoki’s smile. He so does like her!

    Fingers crossed ep. 6 will be just as good – love rivals of the “I’m-better-than-you-kind” are something I can’t stand, so I hope they don’t make it too annoying or drag it out very long. (Or that Kotoko shows her girl power again.)

    • hehehe I also think Naoki is now realizing that Kin might have a chance! Or is he jealous that he is getting less attention from Kotoko? 😛

      I know I really hope the arrival of the love rival won’t make things too..melodramatic.

    • Yes yes! I loooooved that Kotoko was unlike every other drama heroine ever, and straight up told Kin what she was feeling. I like that the idea of the story is shallow in some ways, but all the slice-of-life interactions feel real, and the characters have dimension.

      I haven’t seen any versions, but I agree that Kotoko would be sad if she didn’t end up with Naoki, but she would totally get over it, rather than plotting revenge or whatever. I love that they show her as imperfect and a little petty, but still a true friend before she’s anyone’s love interest. I wish they’d shown more of the Kin/Kotoko interactions throughout the beginning of the drama, rather than trotting him out suddenly.

  • “Is it just me though, or do I want Kotoko to wipe that smirk off of his face!?!?!?”

    (Sorry for double-commenting)… still wanted to say, NO, you are not the only one! I was half-hoping that Kin-chan would snatch that first kiss from Kotoko – which would suck for Kotoko, but it would have served Naoki right!

    I read somewhere (on tumblr I think), one reason why Kotoko is such an awesome heroine – and better than the other Mischievous Kiss girls (Ariel, etc.) – is that even if she never ended up with Naoki, she would be be perfectly alright. Because she is a power girl, perfectly fine on her own, she doesn’t need to be rescued or defined through someone’s else existence. I totally agree with that & it reminds me of some manga heroines I love (Ninako from Strobe Edge, Haruna from Koukou Debut).

    • Hmm I’m not sure if I think Kotoko would be totally fine with it. But I think she would move past it if that really did happen. Maybe the way to put that to the test is to see if she can bear to move out from the Irie family’s house! (They are hinting at it in the preview!)

  • ahhhh!!!! i keep squealing through episode love love this episode..kinchan also show chemistry with kotoko in here and we can see how obvious jealous irie reaction is same wirh you..i heard this drama will be 16 episode long..seems like they will end up marry in the future!!!

    • I’m not sure how far they will go with this live action. o_o If they are gonna go up to the marriage part then I suppose they do need more episodes.

  • what in the what?? a Japanese remake of the japanese manga :0 okay I have definitely not followed jdrama for a while. aww this brings back memories of iswak with Ariel and joe <3 it's about time Japan does an updated version of their own story haha. this looks better than playful kiss

    • I know, it is very confusing eh? It is a great live action though!!! I wasn’t expecting much at first, but I was really impressed once I got into it!

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