Favorite Korean Actresses: Kim Ha Eun


Kim Ha Eun goes into my “favorite underrated actresses” category.  She is so amazing and yet she hasn’t had many major roles yet!  *pouts*  You may recognize her as the lead actress in the sageuk Conspiracy in the Court, which didn’t do well ratings-wise but still earned a loyal following amongst k-drama fans.  But shame on me, I still haven’t gotten around to watching Conspiracy in the Court. O_____O””  (I’m just not ready for a dark sageuk yet..)

Anyways, I first discovered Kim Ha Eun through her role as Seol Hwa (Sul Hwa) in Chuno.  I absolutely adored Seol Hwa, and in the process, began to adore Kim Ha Eun as well.  She managed to make her supporting character of Seol Hwa into a lively and cheerful, yet not too annoying, character.  Seol Hwa would always brighten up the screen and that is what impressed me most.  Kim Ha Eun just has that “it” factor, that spark of life that makes a difference.  I also loved her folk singing in Chuno, which was a really nice touch! 

Kim Ha Eun Scene in Chuno:


Aside from her roles in Conspiracy in the Court and Chuno, the rest of Kim Ha Eun’s works tend to go quietly unnoticed.  She has played supporting characters in Thorn Birds, Soldier (God of War), and just recently, Jang Ok Jung.  I think she was underutilized in Thorn Birds, but I rather enjoyed her short role as the servant Chun Sim in Soldier.  Even though Chun Sim is a villain, Kim Ha Eun portrays her as a flawed and human character.  I have only seen a bit of Kim Ha Eun in Jang Ok Jung, but I am hoping that she will work her magic in that drama as well!


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  • OMG Kim Ha-eun! <3

    I LOVE her since Chuno too 🙂 She's the better actress there and just like you said, she has the power to make her character likable. She makes me root for her in JOJ, to the point of crying for her character. Ah, I blame how the character is written and also KHE! I'm watching CITC and so far, it's amazing. I have to limit myself to one episode per day, just to savor the watching experience 😀

    She's one of the actresses that seem to be made for sageuk. If only she's getting more roles…that would be great! Great for her, great for her fans like us too 😉

    Now I'm intrigued to check out Thorn Birds and God of War, just to see her. hehe

    • *high five* Yay another Kim Ha Eun fan!!! I agree, she is just great in sageuks.

      I admit it…I scanned through Jang Ok Jung to look for the Kim Ha Eun scenes after I found out she was in it O_O I am so biased though, if I did watch JOJ in its entirety I would probably end up rooting for her character. T___T

      Thorn Birds isn’t even worth watching, even for KHE’s character. That drama was so melodramatic and unrealistic, I have no idea why I watched it. Her performance in Soldier was great, although it was a very short role.

    • Yes! I’ve been looking for a mention of her in ages, I fell in love with all her songs in Chuno (particularly the one about the butterfly and the flower), and I was wondering if there was anywhere I could find the audio but I haven’t managed to find any, even on YouTube, yet. 🙁

  • Seriously, she was the only good thing about Chuno, IMO. Too bad she hasn’t really had a breakout role yet, but sageuks are in this year so maybe she’ll land the right role soon. Now I might have to check out JOJ just to see her.

    • That and I got to gaze at Dae Gil! 😛 But yes, she was my favorite character in Chuno and that is pretty noteworthy considering how many characters were in that drama O_O

  • CHUNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
    You got me started XD And yes that folk ballad with the haunting heartbreaking ancient instrument will forever kill me when I hear it. So so sad omg.
    How’s conspiracy in the court? I’ve always wanted to see it but havent been able to get around to it!

  • I’m so happy to read about other fans recognizing Kim Ha Eun for her acting. I first saw her in Chuno and like so many of you, I just loved her portrayal. I’ve seen her in Conspiracy of the Court, Thornbirds and the first 8 chapters of Jang Ok Jung. The last one I only skipped to the parts where KHE appears. She really embodies the characters that she plays. For those who aren’t sure if they should watch Thornbirds, I would recommend it just because KHE’s character is so funny. KHE has such versatility. She can pull it off with style no matter if she has to play an innocent queen who fawns over her king, a sassy and overconfident actress, or an assassin. I really hope more directors start to appreciate her and give her meatier roles. Twice now, I think she’s outshone the lead female actors in two different dramas, and that is kind of frustrating. KHE is so underrated.

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