Drama Go Go Go: Why I Stopped Watching (Ep 25+)

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Unfortunately I have dropped Drama Go Go Go.  I loved the fresh start it had in the first 10 episodes or so, but after that it became more and more draggy.  I didn’t have enough patience to see it through ’til the end.  >_<

**NOTE** Please note that the purpose of the post isn’t to discourage you from watching DGGG, nor is it to criticize the drama overly harshly.  I am trying to give closure to the dramas that I am no longer reviewing.


Ming Ming is a really endearing character with a big heart and a really sweet disposition.  It is hard not to like her because she is just so NICE, and she is not a push-over either!  And there is some great character growth as she becomes more confident in herself and in her work.  It is great seeing Ming Ming change thanks to Eason’s influence.  But once we get into episodes 20 and onward, Ming Ming goes around and around in circles because she is way too wishy washy.  I do not expect her to blindly go into a long-term relationship with Eason, but then again we all know she is just in denial of her feelings for Eason.  She ends up hurting the people around her and sacrificing her own career all because of Eason.


I was rather bitter over Lin Geng Xin’s character Shao Tian not getting enough love in this drama!  It just didn’t do LGX justice!  I don’t ship Shao Tian with Ming Ming anymore because I know, he is destined to be the little bro and it is fine that way.  But I still feel like he wasn’t really given a fair chance.  And actually it would’ve been better if Shao Tian wasn’t a love interest in the first place.  He could’ve remained the protective little bro while Yun Kai could’ve been a potential romantic interest for Ming Ming.

As for Eason, he was cute but he was too perfect.  I wanted to see more character depth from Eason.  Perhaps a stronger dilemma between his public image and his private life.  Or even a wavering between his love for Ming Ming and his friendship with Pei Ni.  Some sort of conflict that would question his values even more.


It got to the point where, after Yun Kai showed up, I stayed on with DGGG just for him.  Once Yun Kai was introduced into the drama, it was like my whole perspective shifted, suddenly I couldn’t even root for Shao Tian or Eason anymore because there was just that big of a difference between them and Yun Kai. O_O  He totally blows away the competition of Shao Tian & Eason.  I mean, seriously, he is like PRINCE CHARMING and he is a great match for Ming Ming!  But I knew it would only end in tears and I didn’t want to see his heart get broken by Ming Ming. >_<”

I guess I would say, “Nice try.”  The show has a lot of heart, especially in the beginning, but it ends up falling apart since it dragged things out in the second half.  It would’ve been better if:

  1. The drama was shorter. It would force out the unnecessary scenes
  2. Less focus on the drama-within-the-drama.
  3. Shao Tian/Eason/Yun Kai were equal grounds, and even if Shao Tian wasn’t even a love interest at all.
  4. More character development from Eason.
  5. Less wishy-washiness from Ming Ming.

That being said, I was still impressed by Ruby’s great acting as Ming Ming, she totally nailed the role.


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