Favorite Japanese Actors: Matsuda Ryuhei


I am now a huge Matsuda Ryuhei fan, so I just HAD to spam you all with a Matsuda Ryuhei post!

All of you probably know Matsuda Shota but…DO YOU KNOW MATSUDA RYUHEI??  Guess what, Matsuda Ryuhei is Shota’s older bro!  I know, it’s mind boggling, the first time I heard about it long long ago, I was so surprised!  Even though they do look like they are brothers, somehow I never connected the dots until I found out about it.  O_O Anyways, Matsuda Shota is a pretty popular actor.  Matsuda Ryuhei, on the other hand, is so unappreciated and underestimated!!!!


Anyways, Matsuda Ryuhei actually isn’t in that many dramas, which is probably why many jdrama fans don’t focus on him as much.  Instead he mainly stars in Japanese films, which of course, are harder to find for fans overseas!  Most people probably are not that familiar with him, except for maybe his role in the live action movie Nana.  That’s right, he played Ren in the first Nana movie!  RECOGNIZE HIM NOW?

The first time I saw Matsuda Ryuhei was in the drama Ashita no Kita Yoshio.  He caught my eye but afterwards I never really followed his acting career since he wasn’t in many dramas.  Now, years later, I rediscovered him once again in Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi.  I was really impressed by his acting and I absolutely loved his character of Gyoten.  He also had great chemistry with Eita which, of course, was a plus.  And even though he didn’t have as much screentime as Eita’s character, he still made his character really endearing and fun.  So now just that one awesome role has forever converted me into a Matsuda Ryuhei fan, BWAHAHAHA!

Anyways, I’m looking forward to checking out some more of Matsuda’s movies, especially his upcoming “Detective in the Bar”.  I also hope that maybe he will take on some more drama roles in the future!


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Anticipated j-movie: Detective in the Bar
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  • I absolutely love him as an actor. I think I prefer him over his brother actually.
    Since you don’t seem to have followed his acting career much, I can tell you that his movies: “Taboo”, “Koi no Mon”, “Ahiru to Kamo no coin locker”, “Nightmare Detective 1&2” are definitely worth watching. Supposedly, “Koi suru madori” is also very good but I haven’t had the chance to check for myself yet.

    • Yes even though I like Matsuda Shota I have to say…I like Ryuhei better. O_O

      Thanks for the recommendations, I’m excited to watch some of his movies! *needs more Matsuda Ryuhei*

  • Loved Matsuda Ryuhei since Nana and absolutely wished for a long time that he’d do more dramas. There’s something about his sad eyes that look sexy to me. Ryuhei used to model for Uniqlo which made me ecstatic everytime i visit a branch seeing his posters full blown pastered around walls, pillars and escalators everywhere.

  • I’m Shota-biased, but admittedly haven’t watched as much with Ryuhei. I actually thought Ryuhei was the more popular one – isn’t doing films generally considered more high profile than doramas?

    I actually think both are underappreciated, compared to some other, lesser actors!

    • Even though Shota is also underappreciated I think he has a larger fan-base amongst jdrama fans. He is the more well-known one in the jdrama world especially because of his role in Liar Game, etc. Maybe Ryuhei is more known in the film industry? (I have no idea, btw)

      • I’ve realised I haven’t actually watched anything with Ryuhei yet – but I’m sure I heard about him before I did about Shota. It’s just that a whole lot of Ryuhei’s films have made it onto my Trailer Weekly posts (which are basically my personal to-watch list 🙂 ) – checking his filmography, there are at least 5 or 6 that I know I have featured. Tada’s Do-It-All House is one I want to see rather badly, but it’s hard to track down. I can’t watch Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi until I have seen that though, since it’s the dorama is the sequel…

  • I actually knew Matsuda Ryuhei first and then his brother lol, he’s absolutely one of my favorite Japanese actors, and his movie called “Aoi Haru/ Blue Spring” is what made me fall in love with him, i really recommend almost every work he’s done ’cause he doesn’t really disappoint as an actor, plus he’s gorgeous to look at haha ^^~

  • Great post! Ryuhei Matsuda is 100 times better than Shota. Name any Shota movie, it would be no match to his older brother – even the confusing Nightmare Detective is way better than Ikigami or A Crowd of Three. Dramas can be challenging in terms of an actor’s career, but the ultimate gauge remains the big screen.

    Plus the fact that some of the best Japanese directors have cast Ryuhei in their movies – 9 Souls, Blue Spring, Big Bang Love Juvenile A, and Taboo. The kind of depth, intensity and integrity that Ryuhei have shown through the years in incomparable. Even Eita is no match.

    • I’m curious, do you think Eita would eventually switch over to just acting in movies and not in dramas anymore? Or do you think he is not at that stage yet?

      • I have to say Eita has chosen a different career path than Ryuhei. Mr. Matsuda preferred movies – he has made more than 35 movies while Eita did about 25 but he has almost the same number of TV dramas as well. Ryuhei did less than 5 TV dramas until now. Ryuhei is even younger by 1 year! 🙂
        Eita’s character/personality, I think, is more leaning towards drama – he is always cast as the leading man in a good number of recent dramas and has won many awards too, but he is also being cast in movies by such directors as Takashi Miike (he did Harakiri: Death of a Samurai) and Toshiaki Toyoda (Monsters Club). His acting resume is almost balanced between movies and dramas, while Ryuhei has ignored TV dramatic roles so far.
        I can now understand why many drama addicts are not familiar with Ryuhei since he has done less than his younger brother who did a lot.

        • Whoa I didn’t know Eita is one year older O_O I thought Ryuhei was older for some reason! That is true, I feel like Eita is more known for his acting in dramas rather than movies.

          • Eita seems pretty comfy in the dorama world. It might be hard to fully break into film, I could see him in some lighter films – I don’t mean lower-quality with this, but more quirky comedy fare than some of the heavy-hitting art films that Ryuhei has done. I’m not sure he has as big of a range, even though he’s good. But there are a lot of actors in Japan, and many that are film-only or film-mostly. He’s competing with the likes of Shun and Tsumabuki (who both have a very wide range), and younger ones like Sometani, who, well, is in a class of his own.

            Should point out that I haven’t seen Monster Club yet (missed it at a festival last year because the stupid film poster mislead me to think it was a horror film!).

    • It’s just a mere role choice, Shota might be as good as his big bro but the path he chose limits him from more thespian works. Well, no one knows though, but I believe both are talented and way more better than most of more popular the so-called actors out there

      • Admittedly I am totally biased towards Ryuhei but yes I also think Shota is also very talented & of course has lots of potential. I guess I prefer Ryuhei’s role choices as they give him more challenges.

  • I knew him since Gohatto, but I fell for him since Nana!
    Afterwards, I’m trying to collect all of his movie.
    My favorite so far is Blue Spring, but I also love when he played comedy in Otaku’s Love.
    His acting is SUPERB and I love the way he always chooses a quirky character and out of the box movie!!
    Ryuhei Matsuda – sama Ganbatte!!

  • Hi! Also a big fan of Matsuda Ryuhei. If you watched Mahoro series, you should also watch Amachan where he played a talent manager of a girl who wants to be an idol. You’ll love him there even more and you will see how great of an actor he is because there’s a huge difference between Gyouten and MizuTaku in those dramas. Amachan is almost 156 episodes, if you want to start the drama with Ryuhei, start with episode 43 or 50. When it comes to movies, he’s perfect in Gohatto but since he always seems to play the quiet and mysterious character, try watching Kanikosen and Hagetaka. You’ll see the different side of him.

    • OOOO thank you for the recommendation, I haven’t heard of Amachan before! I will check it out when I have time! More Matsuda Ryuhei is always better 😛 And I am curious to see the other kinds of characters he can play besides the mysterious type.

      • by the way, amachan is available on Drama.net while I downloaded Kanikosen on asiatorrents.me. Have you seen the Mahoro film or you watched the series first? The film was awesome. You’ll realize how sad their characters, espcially Gyouten. In the series, he’s the calm, slacker and funny character but in the movie, you’ll realize how sad he is. SPOILER ALERT: He’s a sperm donor, hehehe.

        PS, sorry for the spoiler but I can’t help it. I just watched it the other day and I’m still super sad because of his character.

        Keep loving and obsessing Ryuhei! I want more of this dude. 😛

        • I haven’t seen the Mahoro movie I wanted to but dont’ know where to find it. T_T” I really want to know their back stories and OOO you are making me curious about Gyoten!!!! I love Gyoten omg

          • You should watch it! If only I can send you the video or send you my laptop (cause I have downloaded 5 of his movies) I WILL. 😀 but if you can download, go to asiatorrents.me.

  • wow… found so many Ryuhei fans gather here 😀
    i love Ryuhei, he is amazing actor. one of my friend recommend me to watch Gohatto, kinda suprised to know what genre it was XD! but i gave it a try, since there’s so many great actor there. after that i google all about Ryuhei, making me more addicted to Ryuhei. so hard to find some of his movie, even his fanpage on FB. wish someone made one ^^;
    Ryuhei play in one of Indonesian Movie : The Raid 2 : Berandal. saw the trailer …sugoi! finally i can watch his movie on the local cinema 🙂 zannen, i can’t stalk him while he was shooting in Jakarta XD. will be out next year.
    right now still watching Ama-chan.. really addicted now, not just Ryuhei but the whole story and scenery ♥

  • Ah! Finally i found another Ryuhei Matsuda fans! it’s very nice to see you 🙂
    I first noticed Ryuhei when he played as Ren in Nana. And I liked him at the first sight! He’s so cool and also hot in Nana, also he reminds me of my favorite -rock artist. Then I watched The Raid 2 and realized he was acted there too!
    after that I became his fans.. he’s always so cool and calm, he looks like expressionless but charming, hahaha.. I can’t even describe it into words.
    then I searched for his movies. Now i’m still collecting his movies. Anyway, have you watched Showa Kayo Daizenshuu or Karaoke Terror? He’s singing in that movie.
    Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7XwH5wSp7s
    this song is addicting – lol

    Here’s the movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T055Kki_FNk
    it has 8 parts
    and here’s the making of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYL5zr16njQ

    it’s my favorite movie now…

    ah and before I forgot, Ryuhei speaks English in The Raid 2 movie! his English is quite good 😀

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