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Any Matsuda Shota fans out there?  You are in luck because he is starring in a new jdrama that is coming out on April 18th!

At first the synopsis of this drama sounds really stale.  It is about an ex-police detective named Tokage that begins working as a private detective, but he is so brilliant that the police wants him back.  Sounds like your typical detective jdrama that, unfortunately, usually ends up being really cheesy and unrealistic.  However the title also means “Undercover Agent Tokage” so I am wondering if Tokage will actually go undercover?  That would be way more interesting.  AND I found out that the lead is Matsuda Shota!  That got me interested enough to check out the teasers for the drama, and I was quite surprised.  They are actually pretty upbeat and quirky.  I was also surprised to find that the heroine will be played by Renbutsu Misako–she was the lead actress in Nanase Futatabi but has not had any big lead roles since then.

1-minute Preview:

15-seconds teaser:

It seems like Matsuda Shota’s character’s catch line will be “I’m not interested.”  It sounds way funnier in the teasers, like when Renbutsu Misako’s character is trying to introduce herself, but he simply answers “I’M NOT INTERESTED” and then shuts the curtains in her face.  AHAHA.  Anyways I’m not expecting a lot from this drama, but I do dare to hope that just maybe it will turn out to be something worth watching.  (Yeah I am having withdrawals now that Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi, xxxHOLic, AND Saikou no Rikon are OVER.)


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  • Yes yes yes. I am game for anything he’s in, although I will admit he doesn’t get nearly as good projects/roles as I would like him to – I’ll be watching this one for him, not because I’m interested in these kind of detective dramas.

    There are a few films of Matsuda’s that I still need to see, but generally his filmography is smaller than I would expect (and want) it to be. He’s not appreciated enough, despite the fact that he’s got such amazing screen presence (Love Shuffle, anyone?). I could say the same in terms of too-little-appreciation about Ayano Gou, who finally got a role worth his while in the most boringly titled dorama ever (Public Affairs Office in the Sky). (They have a sort of similar vibe, which is why I mention Ayano.)

    • Yes I feel like he is usually the second lead in most dramas. I do wish he could get more unique roles that will let him show off his acting chops. I did enjoy him in Don Quixote though. o_o

      About Ayano Gou, I loveeee him for his role in Saikou no Rikon! He was awesome! But……whyyy did he end up starring with Gakki? T____T I watched a short trailer for their drama and it was oh so awkward. I did not sense any chemistry between the two of them. And I have nothing against Gakki, but to think that he goes from starring with Maki Yoko (Saikou no Rikon) starring with Gakki. Big difference there.

      • I enjoyed Matsuda in Don Quixote as well, and enjoyed the drama generally, but didn’t loooove it. Nagareboshi I did love, but Matsuda’s role wasn’t too interesting (not his fault).

        I didn’t like Ayano’s character in Saikou no Rikon all that much… can’t abide cheating jerks (which is not say that Ayano didn’t play him well) and Maki Yoko’s character… well, I just don’t get her (I’ve watched up to ep 8… though I’ll confess I watched bits of the unsubbed final episode without liking it too much).

        I don’t know about the chemistry in Public Affairs Office in the Sky yet, but the first episode… oh boy, I wanted to hug Ayano’s character like every five minute because his pain just got more and more tangible by the second. Especially the last ten minutes, where he just breaks down, bit by bit, over the course of three different scenes. I didn’t expect that much emotional punch in the opening episode. I’ve no idea what to expect now as pretty much everything that has been revealed in synopses was presented in episode one. There will be more of Ayano dealing with his pain and overcoming it, which is at the moment what I’m most interested in – I can see him shine in what hopefully will be a complex and fabulous role.

        • Well actually as the drama progresses, Ayano Go’s character becomes more and more loveable and changes his ways. He is actually really sweet! I also didn’t like Maki Yoko’s character but she had good chemistry with Eita.

          HMMMM so is Public Affairs a good drama so far? You are making me curious, maybe I will check it out just to see Ayano Go’s acting!

          • I’m not convinced about changing his ways… but to me cheating is pretty unforgivable. I just don’t see how Maki’s character could trust him after all that, and, without trust, how they could have a healthy relationship.

            Public Affairs is good so far, precisely because Ayano’s character has a very interesting (heartbreaking (T_T)) story as his dream is truly lost. Aragaki’s story is less so, but I think with her character it’ll very much be about learning to empathise with others rather than selfishly finding a scoop!

            • Ok I will try not to spoil anything but yes, the ending with Akari & Ryo felt rushed and I wasn’t sure why Akari was able to accept Ryo. >_< I suppose their story line was less developed since they were the supporting characters. :'(

              Ah you are tempting me now….I will try it out for Ayano Go *W*

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