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I just wrote up an anticipated jdrama post for Matsuda Shota’s new TBS drama Sennyuu Tantei Tokumei……which then led me to finding yet ANOTHER upcoming TBS jdrama, TAKE FIVE.  AND IT’S STARRING KARASAWA TOSHIAKI!!!!!

This drama is about “Take Five,” a group of thieves that reunites after they retired from the…thievery trade..for 20 years.  Karasawa Toshiaki will play one of the thieves who randomly receives a stolen painting from a mysterious stranger.  This leads him to band together with his fellow thieves once again. 

“There are thieves of justice!”


The trailer is really funny, it’s not that often that a preview has me laughing out loud but this one did.  For some reason the combination of the funky music, the funny narration, and the random scenes made me laugh.  Or maybe it’s just because I’m on a high now that I know Karasawa Toshiaki is the lead.  HEHEHEHE.  It looks like there will be a lot of humor, romance, and some action!  I am looking forward to it! 


^A funny moment in the preview, when Karasawa Toshiaki’s character has to hide in a cabinet with another guy…and then he goes “You…could you be…” *he trails off*  AHAHA does this mean I can also expect BROMANCE?? 


And yes, there are also some younger faces here as well!  For any Matsuzaka Tori fans (Asuko March), he is also starring in this drama as part of the TAKE FIVE team!

[And random shout-out to PEAKO, my fellow Karasawa Toshiaki fan……if you’re here…..]

*Update*  TAKE FIVE: Eps 1-4
Watched the beginning episodes of TAKE FIVE.  The first episode was a blast but from there everything went downhill.  The fun part about ep1 is the humor and the bromance between Karasawa & Matsuzaka.  It is cheesy but entertaining.  But from episode 2 and on it just got too cheesy for me.  T__T  Also Matsuzaka’s character becomes this troll that won’t stop talking about how he’s a thief IN FRONT OF A POLICE DETECTIVE.  *FACEPALM*


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Anticipated jdrama: Sennyuu Tantei Tokage with Matsuda Shota
xxxHOLiC: Ep 8 (Finale)
  • here i am! watched the 1st ep, when karasawa-san is drunk omg he’s damn freaking adorable!!! *fangirl mode*

    am i the only one who thinks matsuyuki-san (lead actress) has a bittergourd face? : (no offence)

    • PEAKO!! Haha I was wondering if you would somehow appear and respond to my shout-out! Omg peako, I wish Karasawa was MY professor…. 😛

      Don’t worry you’re not the only one, she does have that kind of face. T_T

  • oh my i dun think i can pass the module if he’s my prof.. ahahahaa! have u watched the 1st ep?

    the slogan of the drama is “can we steal love?” , and i was thinking “you alr stole mine” >////< (run away)

    • Haha well if he were my professor I would definitely go to class! 😉 That is a cute slogan, I guess it hints that maybe Karasawa’s character & the leading actress will get together?

      I watched the first few scenes of ep1 but I am gonna finish watching it soon. I rather doubt it will get subbed so I guess I will try watching it raw!

      • but i doubt they will be together in the end, he noes who she is but she doesnt noe who he is, and the past going on between the 2 of them, so….. D: i really dun like her bittergourd face, so OBJECTION >:(

        hmmm i saw someone on d-addicts said they will sub this drama?

        ahahahaa yes i will go to class but i tink i will fail the exam, how could u concentrate on doing ur paper when he’s just infront of u >////<

          • awww ep3 what prof did was OMFG.. MELT FANGIRL MELT!!!! T_T (marry me pls)

            story is just.. i dunno, im not really into story anymore, karasawa-san keeps me going >_<
            mayb the next climax is ep5, where kuroki meisa will cameo.. 🙂

            • I haven’t seen episodes 2-3 yet! I must watch them!

              I also think that the plot isn’t great, and the heist itself is totally unrealistic. I mainly enjoyed the bromance between Karasawa & Tori’s characters >:D

  • omg i laughed so hard while watching ep04!!! drunk karasawa FTW 😛

    i like inagaki goro more than matsuzaka tori in this show.. haruto is just one arrogant chap.. irritating :

    • I am so behind, I haven’t even gotten to ep4 yet T_T

      I don’t really like Tori’s character’s arrogance. At first Inagaki Goro’s character but in ep2 I liked him more. His personality is funny.

      • YES! iwatsuki is a very interesting character~
        haruto is just plain irritating, i officially kinda anti him after watching ep3, (whats with the snatching of walkie-talkie, thats so rude). and since he likes to expose himself so much in front of the police, good luck to him -_- thats just stupid..

          • ep 3 is even more stupid, he talks to sasahara via walkie-talkie.. -_-
            and our dear prof got marked by sasahara becoz of his act, great <_<

  • Hello there Heisui
    I’m looking around for posts about the episode 8 of Take Five so I landed to your blog ahahh
    I don’t know if you keep on watching Take Five but if you do and by any chance watched the 8th episode and Team Five what do you think of them?
    I actually watched this drama for Team Five so far ahaha because I’m a big fan of the theatrical troupe it self and even 2 of the Stars are my no1 favourites, so I’m looking around for opinions 🙂

    I’m terrified of how people from west will see this theatre troupe (since it is not a well known culture and most of the times very misunderstood too)

    sorry for interrupting ^^

    • Hey actually I stopped watching around episode 4 or so. >_<" I really loved episode 1 but from then onwards, I wasn't really feeling the drama. Karasawa Toshiaki is still <3 <3 <3 though!

      • aa is that so ^^;
        I also skipped some episodes and I just watched the 8th to see my stars hehehe
        Karasawa san is a nice actor

  • I finished the drama but I gotta say the ending was a little corny. LOL~ Anyway, I can’t believe I have been fanshipping Karasawa-san the whole time even though he’s an ojiisan!! <3

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