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Picking up where I left off in my last post, Zhen Huan successfully disproves her alleged affair with Dr. Wen.  I also thought it was smart how she uses the situation to her advantage by gaining control of the harem, discrediting the empress, and taking out Qi Pin.  Sadly enough, it is exactly the empress’ attempt to bring down Zhen Huan that ends up setting her own demise into motion.  Even though Zhen Huan settles this whole scandal, the repercussions of it will last through the drama.

Of course Qi Pin is absolutely doomed because she tried to slander Zhen Huan.  (now she is Promise Qi but I will call her Qi Pin still)  Honestly at first I was all “ha sucks for you” because I thought she was a really annoying and foolish character.  But then her tragic ending changed my perspective on her character..even though she is immature and foolish she truly cares for her family’s wellbeing.  The emperor spares Qi Pin’s life but shows no mercy to her family.  Qi Pin’s final scene is when she begs the emperor to spare her family, but then gets beaten to death by the emperor’s guards.  Note that this is right outside of the emperor’s study, and he and Zhen Huan just turn their head the other way.  That scene really made me realize that it is no small matter for a concubine to fall out of favor, even for an annoying character like Qi Pin.  I felt really bad for her especially when Eunuch Su SPIT while watching her die.  Plus the empress comments “that’s what happens to useless people in the harem” when she sees Qi Pin’s body being taken away.  So Qi Pin died alone with no dignity or honor whatsoever.  What a tragic ending. 🙁


“I have never regretted all that I had done. The years I spent in this palace, until I have met you, it was all meaningless. Meeting you was the happiest day of my life and I can finally rest.. I am so tired.. but I am happy that I can lie on your shoulder like this, finally… and rest…”

^Credit to Point2Entertainment for translation

So why do I HATE LING RONG’S GUTS?  SHE FREAKING CAUSES MEI ZHUANG’S DEATH!!!!!!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As I was saying, bad things keep on happening one after another after Zhen Huan’s scandal.  First Dr. Wen feels so bad over this whole situation that he CASTRATES HIMSELF.  THEN Ling Rong purposely sends her maid to inform Mei Zhuang about Zhen Huan’s situation so that Mei Zhuang went to see what was going on.  And it just so happens that right when Mei Zhuang walks in, she hears that Dr. Wen castrated himself.  She is shocked by the news (because she loves Dr. Wen!) and goes into labor…and dies.

Mei Zhuang’s final scene is really sad but also very touching.  The scene mainly focuses on Dr. Wen and Mei Zhuang because it is the last time for the two lovers to be together. I think Mei Zhuang died happy because she was with the two people that she loved the most, the two people that cared about her and made her life worthwhile.  Surprisingly there is no long conversation with Zhen Huan.  I was kinda hoping that Mei Zhuang would give Zhen Huan some meaningful last words that would help her have the will to live on without her.  But I think there was no long emotional conversation between these two because they had this implicit understanding that Mei Zhuang needed to talk candidly with Dr. Wen in her final moment.  Also it had to do with Sun Li’s great portrayal of Zhen Huan.  Zhen Huan is just silently listening to Dr. Wen & Mei Zhuang’s conversation, as though she is not even processing Mei Zhuang’s death yet.  The look of realization when she hears that Mei Zhuang’s baby is Dr. Wen is great.  And finally when Mei Zhuang passes away, Zhen Huan begins to sob unbearably as she walks away.  🙁


Before Mei Zhuang’s death, Zhen Huan SLAPS Ling Rong and warns her that if anything happens to Mei Zhuang she will be nasty.  So, after Mei Zhuang’s death?  It is revenge-mode for Zhen Huan.  It is kinda awesome seeing Zhen Huan going on the offensive, making jabs at Ling Rong without batting an eyelash.  I think it’s because it’s Ling Rong that I am fine with Zhen Huan getting even with her.  I just do not understand Ling Rong’s mindset…like after Mei Zhuang dies, Ling Rong sadly drinks while telling Mei Zhuang not to blame her because it was Zhen Huan who caused all of this.  UM…WHAT?  Also I don’t get why she even bothers to put up a friendly act with Zhen Huan because Zhen Huan’s not buying it anymore.  T_T


^Huan Bi looks so pretty!

After Mei Zhuang’s death, Qi Pin’s death, Dr. Wen’s depression, and Ling Rong’s problem, things go into relatively happy happy mode again.  Huan Bi manages to get married to 17th!!!!!!  Even though I feel bad for Zhen Huan having to see her best friend being married off to 17th, I have to say………..HUAN BI, YOU GO GIRL!  It is high time she gets her chance at happiness!

So 17th ‘accidentally’ drops his little satchel which just so happens to hold Zhen Huan’s paper cut-out.  It is uncertain whether it really was an accident or whether Huan Bi made it happen.  I think Huan Bi sorta did plan it out but it is also 17th who accidentally drops the satchel on his own.  Anyways Huan Bi takes advantage of the situation by claiming that the cut-out is of her, not of Zhen Huan.  This saves Zhen Huan and 17th from yet another alleged affair, while also allowing Huan Bi to confess her love for 17th.  Hitting two birds with one stone, eh?

And yet AGAIN 17th messes it up!!!!!!!!!!!!  He tells the emperor that he can’t marry Huan Bi because he has someone else in his heart who is his one true wife.  AHHHHHH WHAT IS HE THINKING!?!?   I get that he wants to be loyal to Zhen Huan but he is only making him sound even MORE suspicious.  After Huan Bi tells her story, everyone is all “gee that sounds reasonable” but then 17th goes, “no I can’t marry her I love someone else”.  I do not see how he doesn’t understand that he is making himself sound even more suspicious since he is discrediting Huan Bi’s whole story.  T_T  Maybe it is because he is sorta impulsive by nature in the first place.  Anyways 17th fails and gets married off to Huan Bi.  Sorry but I thought it served him right. >_>


As for the other happy-happy, Zhen Huan’s little sister Yu Rao gets married off to the emperor’s younger bro.  I was not that interested in this story arc because I had no emotional investment in it and I failed to see the purpose of Yu Rao’s character.  It almost felt like her story arc was just a filler story to kill time.  Other than that, the only purpose I can think of for Yu Rao is to show that the emperor actually has a heart!!! *GASP*  Even though he was creeping on Yu Rao he at least had the willingness to let his younger bro be happy with her instead.

On a side note, since when did Ning Gui Ren become so close with Zhen Huan?  At this point she doesn’t know that Zhen Huan is the mother of 17th’s kids yet, so that can’t be it.  Maybe Ning Gui Ren has accepted Zhen Huan’s relationship with 17th?  Either that, or she is united with Zhen Huan because they are both unhappy in the harem and they love 17th.  There is a great moment when she and Zhen Huan sadly watch Huan Bi going away to get married.  You can just see in their eyes how much they wish they could be Huan Bi.  :'(


These episodes were not very fun because of all the drama that followed after Zhen Huan’s scandal.  But even though I felt like the two marriages of Huan Bi & Yu Rao were a bit draggy, they also showed how Zhen Huan can help other people be happy.  Zhen Huan did not want 17th to marry another woman, but she truly wished for Huan Bi to be happy and gracefully stepped aside.  She also looked out for Yu Rao to make sure that at she would not end up like her.

After Mei Zhuang’s Death


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    • Heheheh a love triangle! 😛 If you think about it seriously though I do think Ling Rong was kinda jealous of Mei Zhuang & Zhen Huan’s close friendship.

      • I would agree that there is some jealousy but I would still argue that Ling Rong is still largely a pitiful character. Most of what she does is either for survival or for her family.

  • Don’t be too hard on Ling Rong. She’s actually one of my favorite characters… from a survival standpoint.

    If you really look at her and get into her shoes, it’s easy to see why she’s so jealous. Everybody else can live more comfortably than her simply because of things handed out through birth and circumstance like beauty, family standing, friends and connections in the palace, or reliable and decent people in your family that you can rely on. As for her, she lacks all of these in the beginning and life becomes VERY difficult since she’s always sandwiched. Also, it becomes quickly apparent that she will never truly have any of these since she hardly has anything that she can work with to weasel out a living.

    She says some words later on that are REALLY true. If she didn’t do all she did, she probably would have been dead long ago. Also, I don’t think she does these things because she wants to but more because she has to in order to survive. In a perfect world she would probably be able to better tolerate some of her perceived small slights and get along well with Zhen Huan but being friends with Mei Zhuang and Zhen Huan doesn’t necessarily mean you can rely on them for everything or that they can protect you from everything. She had to learn to fend for herself if she wanted to live long. Looking at the picture this way, was Zhen Huan putting that flower in her hair in the beginning her fortune or a curse?

    About what Ling Rong said after Mei Zhuang’s death, I think it may have been more of a translation problem or something maybe since it made sense to me… evil sense but still made sense. She was talking to Mei Zhuang but kinda how she remembered Mei Zhuang being, since Zhen Huan never let Mei Zhuang in on how evil Ling Rong was turning. Therefore, given that Mei Zhuang was largely ignorant of Ling Rong’s dark side, it makes sense to say that Zhen Huan’s whole paternity test issue caused Mei Zhuang’s death. It caused it inadvertently but still caused it. That’s why she said, “Remember, Sister Mei, when you get to the underworld, remember to tell them that it was Zhen Huan who caused your demise.”

    • It is kinda hard to describe it. I feel bad for her (including during her ending) but I also hate her guts. T_T I feel like she would’ve fared much better if only she had stuck with Zhen Huan, but then again if she had done that then she probably wouldn’t have survived after Zhen Huan left the palace. But also being with the empress = no chance of having a child (that will survive, that is) and having to help the empress with her schemes.

      Yeah maybe it was because of the sucky subs that I didn’t get the full meaning of Ling Rong’s drunken words to Mei Zhuang. But I don’t think Mei Zhuang was in the dark…remember when Ling Rong visited her when she was pregnant, and then Mei Zhuang hinted at the emperor that she didn’t want Ling Rong around her? Also she warns Zhen Huan about Ling Rong before she dies.

      • That’s true. Mei Zhuang wasn’t completely in the dark but she didn’t completely see Ling Rong as the vicious and calculating person she was turning into…. >.<

  • I think Ling Rong’s personality also help drove her to her downfall. Her environment turned her into a self-pitying person with a very low self-esteem. She doesn’t believe anyone will help her out of goodwill, so when ZH and MZ befriended her, she doubted their intentions. When ZH tried to help her gain favour with the Emperor, LR only thought ZH was using her to boost her own standing. She’s very sensitive and also holds long grudges for minor things. In the book, she fell in love with ZH’s brother before entering the harem, but ZH told her it’s not possible. She held this grudge against ZH ever since. That’s why she so readily switched to the Empress side and attack ZH.

    • It’s true her personality is like that… but don’t we all have a little Ling Rong inside of us? Also, people who hold grudges like she does are sadly common in society… >.< I see her as more of a lesson about such behavior.

      • Yeah, it’s true there are a lot of people like her in society. I admit I have a little Ling Rong in me too, since I read things a little too much sometimes. I think the difference between a common person and Ling Rong is the intention for harm and the power to act upon those intentions.

    • I think Ling Rong really misunderstood Mei Zhuang & Zhen Huan, which led to her festering grudge and resentment. I think that if only she had gotten past her misconceptions with MZ & ZH maybe they could’ve remained friends. Ling Rong is very limited by her status but at times it feels like she is only creating a glass ceiling for herself through her self-pity. Anyways, thanks for pointing out the difference in the novel!

  • I think the fact that you can interpret one single character in so many ways and identify yourself with it, is one of the many signs that LZH is one drama of quality haha. Personally, I could sympathize with LR more and understand where her insecurities and inferiority complexes came from , but I do agree that at certains scenes, at certain moments I could just strangle her and couldn’t believe her extent of distrust towards people and her bottomless pit of self-pity, o.O However, that doesn’t take the fact way that for me, she is freakily real ( her character, her history, her actions, her ordinary, ‘faceless’ position in society, her very awareness that she is but a face in a surrounding full of other more beautiful, talented and certainly of a higher status girls her age, her desperate desperation of wanting to be at least acknowledged as a human being when she finally climbed up on that social echelon,..) even more so than all the other characters and that she truly stands as a case of a person you could end up like ( if you are so caught up with your own misfortune and self-pity) but you don’t ever want to end up like her o.O

    • Omg thanks so much! I love the ones with the pictures of the actresses! Some of them I could recognize right away, but others I had to really look at to guess who it was. O_O Some of them look so different from their characters!

      And thanks for the BTS thread, I love all of the BTS pictures!!!!

  • Yeah that really sums up my thoughts about LZH airing on a American TV-station, does anyone have more info about it? Because tbh, not really looking forward of seeing it happening….>.<

  • I don’t really know why but Huan Bi irks me off >< She must accept that 17th only loves Zhen Huan and maybe find a better man ya know?? Instead of marrying him where 17th feels forced and I don't think she'll be very happy either.. Unless.. She's an Overly Attached Girlfriend !! lmao.

    • Well now that you mention it, yeah Huan Bi totally should’ve just found a better man. I don’t get why everyone was so smitten with 17th. T___T I think Huan Bi would’ve been paired well with 17th’s helper who was around the same age as her. On the other hand though, I view Huan Bi as someone who tried her hand at happiness without letting her status limit her.

  • I don’t like Lingrong also.. but it’s not that I hate her.
    Just as you guys said 🙂 She has a very real character, especially when considered the situation all concubines during ancient chinese times had to face. She really did have her own necessity even though it might not be that strong.
    I’m still watching ep40s, but since i read summaries, I know pretty much all about it lol. But that doesn’t ruin anything at all! I still fully enjoy the series thanks to gorgeous costumes and amazing acting. 😀
    I was searching for ZH’s stuff when i came across this 🙂 I really enjoy reading your review. Gives me many more ways to look from. I did expect you to put more about Dr.Wen and MeiZhuang though, I have to say. (It’s just that I seriously like them two being together lol) Just curious… Does Dr.Wen actually love MZ or was it just because he pitied her and because he had a child with her?
    and YES!! I love how ZH’s eyes widened when she knew the child was Dr.Wen’s. Don’t know if it’s weird, but i was laughing! lol.
    So good knowing someone loves ZHZ too. Now it’s not even translated into my language yet. (I have to watch it with english sub, which is not my first language 🙂 ) So NO ONE i know watches ZHZ :/
    And, of course, I have hard times understanding some of the conversations too. I doubt if i’d fully understand even when it’s translated into my language. There usually are meaningful meanings hidden in those conversations. haha. So you’re not alone ;D

    //Just a visitor passing by 🙂

    • Yes, Ling Rong was strong in her own way. She ended up with no one on her side (not even the empress is very trustworthy) and so she had to survive on her own. I didn’t really mention Dr. Wen much because I wasn’t too into his character. I thought it was sweet that he & Mei Zhuang got together..but like you I was also kinda iffy on whether or not he actually loved her. O_O

      Yeah even though I watched it with subtitles, I missed out on a lot of little details & hidden meanings. There is just so much packed into the dialogue!!!

    • um I know this is nearly 1 year late so ._. yes I think Dr Wen loved Meizhuang because in the same/next episode, he was seriously depressed by her death and was like rambling about how he regretted not having known his feelings for her when she was still alive T^T (I really ship them together lol)
      on a side note, I really like your LofZH reviews, thanks a lot! ^~^

  • I’m happy for Huan Bi but at the same time I think she should have found someone who appreciated her more. I like Zhen Huan and 17th together but when they’re together they’re really so selfish in their love for each other. Even in the part right after Huan Bi is betrothed to 17th, 17th said to ZH right in front of HB : “I only want you.” Geez …that’s like a stab in the heart and this is only one of many instances :/ I feel sad for HB cuz if I were her I would feel like a leftover that nobody wants and is literally pitied to the point where she has to scheme in order to be married to the one she loves…..but I mean if she’s willing to look past all of that to be with 17th idk if that speaks more about her generous heart or her utter patheticness…..

    • I agree, Huan Bi could’ve gotten someone who actually loved her. *spoiler* Her ending is also sad in that she dies for a man who didn’t fully love her back.

  • I know I’m late to the party, but I just watched LZH and I’m now reading through your site about it. The reason Ning Gui Ren is close with Zhen Huan now is because the night that she pulled the knife on her she saw the bracelet that 17th gave her and knows that he would never give it to anyone unless that person was his true love. So she can’t bring herself to hurt the woman he loves because that would hurt him. From that moment on, she’s on Zhen Huan’s side to protect the woman that 17th loves. I think they also feel a kinship as the two women who love 17th. At least that’s how I understood it when I was watching.

    Thanks for the time and effort you put into this site. I absolutely love it!

  • I just wanna say that the acting in this drama is something else. Sun Li is one of the best actresses I have ever watched on screen. So is the actress who plays Empress Ulanara. Truly impressed by all the actors. Kudos, and would definitely recommend this drama to anyone, cheers!

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