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This is now my favorite episode!!!!!!!  Every single moment I was flailing over how AWESOME and PERFECT this episode is!!!!!!  I was mainly smiling throughout the whole episode because I was so happy to watch it.  But I was also tearing up at some parts and shocked at other parts.  I suppose this is the most emotional episode yet, which is why it really drove home for me.

Up until now I have been watching this drama in sorta-crappy resolution.  T___T  Somehow I didn’t realize that some kind soul had uploaded it in HD.  (raw version)  So now I am watching Doumeki and Watanuki in SPARKLY HD.  *w*

Anyways, YES our dear dear Doumeki dashes to the rescue, saves Watanuki, and gets to shoot MORE THAN ONE ARROW this time!!  GO DOUMEKI!  Actually as much of a Watanuki fan I am…………..I…I am finding myself leaning more and more towards Doumeki.  O_O  But I will talk about that more later on in the post..

Really, am I the only one that kinda likes Jorogumo more than Yuko?  I mean, I don’t like her messing with Doumeki/Watanuki/Himawari, but whenever she is on screen I am always interested by her awesome character?  Whereas now when Yuko is on screen, I’m just like “oh there she goes again, sadly looking on at the misfortunes of mankind and offering our OT3 a hand”.  Obviously the two of them cannot really be equally compared because they have such different personalities but I cannot help but be impressed by how awesome Jorogumo is. O_O

Anyways as you can tell, I think Jorogumo is quite the fascinating villain.  She has this sort of charm about her that makes me interested in her character.  They really did well with the casting because Adachi Yumi’s petite stature kinda helps show her spidery-ness.  (if that makes sense..) Also her smile and voice totally give me awesome-anime-villain-vibes. 

Yuko is still sorta hands-off in this episode with limited screen-time.  It’s in this episode that I feel more and more like she is a passive overseer.  By passive overseer, I mean that she observes the pain and suffering that people go through, but she cannot always intervene to help them.  There is always some sort of distance between herself and the people that she interacts with.  I got this feeling when she was sitting in on Himawari & Watanuki’s sad conversation.  She has this really solemn expression on her face that shows that she knows how painful this moment is,  but at the same time her expression is hardened as though she cannot let herself become too emotionally involved.

THIS SCENE IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.  So through this whole scene I was having really spazzy thoughts which I will insert here.  O_O  Watanuki wakes up to find himself in Yuko’s shop.  (Me: OMG OMG!  SO THIS IS HOW THEY GET HIM BACK TO YUKO!)  In comes Himawari, who then reveals her whole secret and how she has had this curse since she was a child.  (Me: WAIT HOW IS HIMAWARI IN THE SHOP?  COULD IT BE..)  She also says that Doumeki has been with her since she was a kid as he is the only one who can touch her or be around her without being negatively affected.  *cuts to Doumeki waiting outside in the hallway*  But even Doumeki has a limit to how much he can be around Himawari.   Me: (My dear Doumeki!!!!!!!!!!!) 

*pause* So right at this moment I was all spazzing over Doumeki’s undying loyalty towards Himawari, that he was by her side ever since she was a kid, etc etc.  Doumeki was sorta winning over Watanuki and then THIS HAPPENS..

Watanuki, despite his pain over his wounds & Jorogumo’s hurtful words, CRAWLS towards Himawari with tears in his eyes, and tells her it’s ok.  That as long as she smiles, that is what he will live for day by day, and that is what he is willing to die for.  That is happiness to him.  (Me: *tears up, goes back to Watanuki*) SUCH A MOVING MOMENT. 

Himawari really impressed me in this episode.  In episode 6 I was warming up to her character, but in this episode I like her way better.  Somehow I feel like Karen Miyazaki’s acting suddenly got way better, or maybe she just finally got a good chance to show her acting chops.  The best part is when she gives Watanuki a really gentle and sad smile before she leaves.  Himawari is really calm and controlled, but in such a way that you can tell she is trying her best to hold herself together.  Part of what freaks me out about her conversation with Watanuki is that it really seems like a farewell conversation.  Maybe it’s just me but I got those vibes.  🙁

And in case you’re wondering……..yes, Doumeki and Himawari both wish for Watanuki to be saved.  So they both have a price to pay.  I watched this raw so I couldn’t quite pick up on what the price was.  It was something about how Doumeki’s price is the amount of blood that Watanuki lost.  As for Himawari, it’s not said explicitly, but it implies that she now has the wound from Jorogumo’s needle.  A very hefty price indeed.

As you can tell I had a very serious dilemma between Doumeki and Watanuki.  I actually lean towards Doumeki because I am always a sucker for the character that silently stays by the girl’s side no matter what.  Plus he is a childhood friend.  And I loved the last scene when Doumeki looks so concerned for Himawari.  BUT GUESS WHAT?  I WILL SHIP ALL THREE OF THEM!  PROBLEM SOLVED!

The ending is a great cliffhanger, now Doumeki and Watanuki must go save Himawari!  AND WAIT…….IS THE NEXT EPISODE REALLY THE LAST ONE?  WHYYYYYYY???????



I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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  • wow! I really am excited with this latest episode. It seems this is the best so far, from your review I think a lot of revelations about our 3 main characters. I also agree with you about Yuko being a passive member, an observer even, of the events that she may or may not be able to alter. But there is one last episode to prove me wrong…. Very much looking forward to the last one! 🙂
    On Himawari, she actually look much better now.. hahaha Not really annoying anymore… thanks to her taking those ribbons off. I can focus on her face rather on her hair, which is only making her look XXXX

    • Yes I feel like this is where everything comes together. The conversation between Himawari & Watanuki was really touching too. And I feel like Doumeki got his chance to really shine in this episode as well!

      I know, suddenly Himawari is really pretty! I do kinda wonder though…why doesn’t she get to wear something other than her uniform more often in the drama. AND DOUMEKI. He should get to wear his traditional clothes more often. *w*

  • If I remember correctly I think it was Watanuki’s scars which was what made me start to love Himawari’s character in the manga, her sacrifice and her love for her friend.

      • In the original, her price was that she took on any scars that he would’ve otherwise received from his injuries. In this case, it looks like she might’ve received the wound itself too given how she’s in pain. Do note that Watanuki’s method of injury here and in the manga differ greatly even if the prices are the same.

  • I thought they couldn’t pull it off but they did. The second season of the anime ends at this point. So sad that this only has 8 episodes T_T But my brother told me there was going to be a movie. I don;t believe him but if anyone has any confirmation for the movie, please tell me! 🙂

    • There better be a movie! I am really hoping for one because really, 8 episodes is not enough!! Plus I am excited to see what they could do with a movie. They have already done so well with a drama, it would be great to see what they can accomplish with a movie production.

      • It’s a nice thought, but drama movies and specials hardly ever end well. As in, they basically recap the same occurrences of the last couple episodes with a higher budget, and absolutely no resolution. Here’s hoping these guys are able to really break that mold!

  • Yeah, Himawari’s willingness to take on his scars was very touching–especially since you have that stigma that comes with scars (esp. when it comes to women with scars for whatever reason). Miyazaki Karen’s acting has improved greatly with darker and heavier material. I disliked Himawari for most of this series, but am loving the girl now.

    And Domeki rushing to our Watanuki who is barely breathing and commanding him not to die…we all knew what would happen 😉 I was trying to figure out at first why Domeki looked like crap out in the hall, but yeah, donating *that* much blood will do it to yah.

    Yuko, Yuko. Anne does a good job of standing back with a carefully masked expression or one of sadness and concern. When she slaps Watanuki…it was very touching, but her character really does pale when put next to Adachi Yumi’s amazing portrayal of Jorogumo. It was excellent casting there and I totally agree with the spideriness of her petitness 😛

    I’m surprised you didn’t know about the HD raws. I’ve been watching this series from the beginning in full, HD glory 🙂

    • AHH MY DEAR DOUMEKI~~~ Yes now I get to see him in HD. I have no idea how I didn’t know about the HD raws. O_O I think I will even go back and rewatch in HD so I can hoard all my HD screencaps and relive the awesomeness of xxxholic.

      I kinda wanna see what Yuko would be like if she really lost her temper. I guess her slapping Watanuki was an instance of that but she was still really good at keeping herself under control.

  • DO YOU NOW SEE WHY I’VE BEEN SO FANGIRLY OVER THE OT3 ALL THIS TIME!? The drama’s made my love for them really bloom tenfold, their relationship with each other has been handled marvelously. I’m so glad we get to see Doumeki go into exorcist mode. Again, it was something that was dreadfully underutilized in the manga. I also really love how they show how he cares about both Watanuki and Himawari. That boy has got his hands full being the one keeping them all together.

    Aw man, I have to admit though, while I think this actually is also my favorite ep so because it was executed VERY well, it’s also one I have sooo many mixed feelings on XD. The scene of Himawari’s confession to Watanuki over her ability ranks up there as one of my most favorite scenes from the entire series, so the fact that it was altered makes me feel a little sad. Aside from a few changes in dialogue, the tone ended more somberly rather than hopeful. However, taking into account the ongoing plot, it makes sense that they change it the way they did. And in either case it’s still just as touching, knowing that Himawari is went into it thinking it to be the last time she’ll ever see Watanuki, only to be bewildered that he’d still want anything to do with her. Another thing that I’m slightly dissatisfied with is that we don’t get to see actually see Himawari with the scars, even a little, so the impact for me is a little less (even if we do see her pained)… but STILL, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Himawari paid the heavier price: Doumeki’s blood will regenerate, but Himawari will have the scars for the rest of her life.

    HOWEVER, while Himawari’s confession is the biggest centerpiece of the ep, and I had BIG TIME OT3 feels, my favorite part actually was Yuko confronting Watanuki about what his friends did for him. See, I always found Yuko fascinating for the fact that because of her job granting any wish that comes he way regardless of nasty consequences, she HAS to be emotionally repressed. It just shows how much she’s actually allowed herself grow to care about Watanuki, that she’d get upset enough to SLAP him for saying something so stupid. Getting to see Yuko’s emotions slip through despite her obvious efforts to control them was rather satisfying XD.

    • Ah good point there. I suppose Yuko’s Watanuki is even a bigger deal than I thought it was. Afterwards she looked like she was recomposing herself, almost like she is catching herself being too concerned over Watanuki. :'(

      I am guessing that maybe they made the Himawari scene not as hopeful so that the finale will have more impact. I wonder if maybe Doumeki will not be as strong in their final show down with Jorogumo since he has already lost a lot of blood. Also Watanuki is still recovering from his injuries!! Or maybe Yuko will help them a lot? HMM!!

      • Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. With Himawari still troubled over the ordeal, Jorogumo’s going to be more able to play mind games with her :(. Actually, in-story, I can chalk up the change in tone to also how Watanuki’s dialogue changed, and his change in dialogue itself can be related to the fact that the show to this point did not make Watanuki go through a certain piece of character development that he had in the manga by the time this story happened. It’s amazing what a world of difference it makes. Incidentally, judging from the preview, it looks they WILL be bringing up that piece of character development Watanuki lacks right now so hopefully it will all come together in the end. I’m really looking forward to it. Though I can’t believe it’s going to end so soon ;w;.

  • Yaaay! This episode was definitely awesome. I love your going back and forth between Watanuki and Doumeki. I don’t really feel the need to choose, because they are awesome in completely different ways, but that’s just me.

    I also love the Jorogumo, but I think Yuko still packs a punch. With supernatural beings of her power, there’s generally a catch, so there’s probably some caveat that she can’t interfere in certain ways. I think it actually adds depth to her character, that she may want to help, but literally can’t. It’s probably why she drinks so much.

    For this episode in particular, I thought she really made her short screen time count, because the scene where she slaps Watanuki is such an emotion deviation from her norm. I thought Anne did a wonderful job of conveying bitterness, concern, frustration and care really well- all while hardly moving her face.

    I am also really disappointed it’s ending soon. I guess if we want a more episodic interpretation, there’s always the anime, but I really wish this one could go on longer. They’re doing such a good job!

    • I agree, the slap screen was great. Yuko was so restrained yet so concerned over Watanuki. >_< Actually I think Yuko is the kind of character that won't lament about her troubles to anyone. She will just keep it all to herself in her mysterious sort of way.

  • I know it’s not right to compare an 8-episode drama with the actual manga but I can’t help it. I still find it much more emotional in the manga. In actuality, Watanuki fell from the window which made both Doumeki, Himawari and Shaoran paid the price for his life.

    There are a few things that I had hoped they would have taken into account in the drama:
    – Watanuki could move easily after being fatally injured seemed….illogical. [In the manga, he was practically drained and his consciousness kept drifting.]
    – Doumeki wasn’t “covered in blood” after paying his price.
    – Himawari’s hair in the manga was tied up and a portion of “her” scar could be seen implying the price that she paid.

    In the manga, Doumeki’s “bloody state” and Himawari’s subtle revelation of her scars were the “hints” of their prices and I found that more touching than spelling things in words. Nevertheless, it’s still a rather good drama for entertainment purposes and it’s impossible for the producers to bring in the Tsubasa Chronicle plot.

    • Hmm I also think it would’ve been more dramatic if Doumeki was covered in blood to imply that he gave his blood for Watanuki. But maybe I would’ve gotten confused and thought that Doumeki got wounded for Watanuki rather than giving his blood. They sorta hinted more at Himawari’s price but I agree, it could’ve been a bit more subtly revealed.

  • Hahaha, no, you are not the only person who likes Jorogumo better than Yuuko. In the anime/manga, I personally like Yuuko better, but in this series…Idk, I was just like, “OMG the actress is so freaking HOT and the casting was great and she did great as a spider spirit and ILOVEHERSOMUCH even though she’s supposed to be evil!!!” *coughs* So, um…yeah…obviously I’ve developed a lesbian crush for the actress. It was pretty sexy though XD

    Moving on to a more important topic…BROMANCE! *squeals* As you could probably tell, I’m a Doumeki/Watanuki shipper (don’t judge me!), but…I’ve no problem with OT3, cuz I can see why. I like how they involved Himawari more in all the action scenes, whereas in the manga she was just completely detached from everything spirit-related…which makes her slightly less likeable. But just slightly. Poor girl, I feel so bad for her. But yeah, the bromance part did also give me the feeeels. It just makes me so happy to see Doumeki so concerned for Watanuki.

    So, the actual plot…one thing I always have a problem with is Watanuki’s blindness (not literally). It was both in the manga and here, so it’s not just the TV series. I know I have no idea how it feels, so I really shouldn’t talk, but when Watanuki was like, “I’ll give my life!” I just wanted to say, “You idiot!” because…well, his best friends had just given up their blood and taken on his scars for him, and he’s just going to throw away his life?!! But I guess that’s necessary for him to emotionally develop, and he was really concerned about his friends, so I’m not complaining.

    Okay, I’ll stop ranting now. >.>

    • AHAHA I thought I was the only one with a girl crush on Jorogumo. Yes she is so hot!!!!! (I am a girl by the way.) I even had to put her on my blog background, that is how much I love her! I think it is awesome how she is so short but she has this kick-butt aura around her.

      I love Doumeki and Watanuki together and I wouldn’t mind if Himawari weren’t in between them. But oh well, I am willing to be content with the three of them together. I was also facepalming at Watanuki’s rashness, but if you think about it, it is very in-character for him. He is willing to do anything for Himawari, so he doesn’t understand the consequences of his sacrificial actions.

      • Yeah, I noticed the blog background ^_^ it made me very happy, and also a bit distracted whenever I’m commenting here XD

        Same here…in the xxxholic manga (no spoilers, I promise), Doumeki and Watanuki end up practically living together. They bicker like an old married couple, it’s adorable ^_^

        Yes, I suppose so…it is part of him growing up, and I appreciate that, but I still want to call him an idiot XD

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