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Admittedly, I would like to think that I am totally over Drama Go Go Go, but after I watched episode 24 it is clear that I AM NOT.  This drama is really going off into the deep end and I just have to rant about it.  T_T


First of all, why is Yun Kai so DREAMY~~   Yes, I have to spam you with all these Yun Kai shots because I couldn’t help but screencap all of his moments on screen.  He has totally mastered the way he cracks a charming smile.  Anyways, I like that Yun Kai is confident enough to ask Ming Ming out on a date very early on in their friendship.  He is not all wishy washy, nor does he just wait around for Ming Ming to warm up to him.  Unfortunately Ming Ming is accidentally leading him on!!!  Plus she is NOT helping when he asks her out on a date, and she ambiguously accepts it! (not that I really blame her, I mean who wouldn’t..) BUT STILL!  She is just making things more complicated!

I’m really surprised that I actually kinda like Pei Ni’s plot twist with her pregnancy.  I really like how she says that the child is HERS, not anyone else’s.  Why should she have to identify the father when the child is hers and hers alone?   But other than that I don’t really get her logic.  I just have no clue what she meant by her explanation to Eason.    T___T  Oh, and props to Henry for sticking up for Pei Ni.  I’d say that the two MEN in this show are Yun Kai & Henry.

As for Eason…this guy is just frustrating me more and more.  Sure it’s not his fault that Pei Ni is making it seem like he is the child’s father.  But then he goes around acting like he is the total victim in this all and expecting that Ming Ming & Henry shouldn’t jump to any conclusions.  I’d say Ming Ming has every right to be suspicious of Eason considering she & Eason have already had so many problems over Pei Ni before.  

On the other hand I do not know what is up with Ming Ming. She is just so confusing, always changing her mind about Eason that I can’t really blame him for being so bewildered by her behavior.  One minute she’s all “let’s be friends forever” (which, by the way, is such a horrible way to hurt Eason), the next she’s all “let’s try this again,” AND THEN she’s all “oh wait I like Shao Tian, BYE.”  

I lost all sympathy for Ming Ming when she uses Shao Tian just to break up with Eason.  She KNOWINGLY plans this whole thing out by inviting both Eason & Shao Tian over to her house.  Then she tells Eason that she actually likes Shao Tian and so she cannot be with him any longer.  I think that Shao Tian should’ve realized he was being used as Ming Ming was telling Eason this, but…HE’S SHAO TIAN.  He is a bit dense so he takes her words to heart and totally believes it!!!!!!!! AHHHHH.  And then after Eason leaves, Ming Ming tells him that she only said that because otherwise Eason wouldn’t leave.  *SHAO TIAN’S HEART SHATTERS INTO BITS* 

OMG, what in the world is Ming Ming thinking?  Does she really think that this is the only way to solve her problem?  She is just hurting herself and the people around her over and over!!!  And then she goes around moping like she is all sorry for hurting Shao Tian & breaking up with Eason.  BOOHOO, MING MING.  BOOHOO.  

Ming Ming really needs to get her act together.  The least she can do is stop denying her feelings for Eason.  Even though her using Shao Tian was cruel at least it was a real wake up call for him.  Now he has decided to let go of Ming Ming and can finally be put out of his misery.  I have no idea what Eason is gonna do at this point, but I think he really needs to clear things up with Henry & Ming Ming.


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  • Ahahahahs, yeahhh, I was kinda annoyed that Ming Ming knew that she couldn’t fully love Yun Kai yet she still stayed with him!

    LOL, yeahhh, finding out that Qiong Zhi mummy was Yun Kai’s junior totally made me laugh my socks off!

    • Yes she is just making it harder for herself by not setting her foot down and being decisive. I also thought the Qiong Zhi Mommy situation was funny because there was clearly a much larger age difference!!

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