A Korean Version of Shinohara Ryoko’s Haken no Hinkaku?!?

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So…….normally it would be no surprise to have another k-drama remake of a j-drama.  It has been done before multiple times.  But after I heard that there is a K-DRAMA VERSION OF HAKEN NO HINKAKU IN THE MAKING…..I WAS IN UTTER SHOCK.  OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

Why you may ask?  Welllll I am a huge fan of Shinohara Ryoko, who starred as the awesome Oomae Haruko in the original Haken no Hinkaku.  This drama  is also one of my favorite j-dramas of Shinohara Ryoko’s.  So when I heard that there would be a k-drama version I freaked out.  Like, I had to take deep breaths to calm my racing heart. O____O (I am not exaggerating!) I know that I should not be expecting a perfect carbon copy of Haken no Hinkaku, but a small voice deep down inside whispers “DON’T SCREW IT UP!!!!!!!!” 


The Korean version is called “God of the Workplace” while other titles are “The Queen of the Office” or “Office God”.  I think I like the sound of “The Queen of the Office” much better.  Casting-wise, Kim Hye Soo is taking on the lead role as the heroine Oomae Haruko.  (obviously the names for the characters are different in the Korean version, but I will be referring to the Japanese names now)  I am hoping that she will be just as charming as Shinohara Ryoko was as Oomae Haruko.  In the previews, she does catch a bullet WITH HER BARE HANDS so she is kick-butt like Oomae Haruko!

Oh Ji Ho is the male lead as Shouji.  In the jdrama, Oizumi Yo played Shouji and was a total riot.  He was such an endearing character, sorta a troll and yet still a good guy at heart.  The main problem I see with Oh Ji Ho as the lead is that I feel the drama will focus more on romance rather than comedy.  Haken no Hinkaku is a comedy but it is not a rom-com.  I feel like God of the Workplace will probably turn it into a rom-com so that they can ship Oh Ji Ho’s character with Kim Hye Soo’s.  On a side note, I feel like most people will be concerned over how Oh Ji Ho’s perm does not suit his beautiful face. O_O


So, yea or nay?  Do you expect much from this drama and what direction do you think it’ll go in?


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Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi: Eps 8-11
xxxHOLiC: Ep 5
  • Oh i didn’t know God of The Workplace is kdrama remake of Haken No Hinkaku. Shinohara Ryoko is absolutely my fav j-actress and i’ve been missing her for years since she got pregnant. Shall give God of The Workplace a try, just hope its not as bad as Jin’s remake.

    • I skimmed through the first couple episodes of the Korean version. Surprisingly it is trying to keep some of the stories that the jdrama had, but it still feels off for some reason.

  • BREAKING NEWS !!! Korean Reunification can take a back seat to the Obsession of Watching 직자의신 – the newest Korean drama guaranteed to shock, inspire, and traumatize you into involuntary laughters , ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    Not since Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times, have I seen a equally poignant, touching and provoking movie/drama portraying a little guy fighting the system (in Chaplin’s case it was the industrialization process).

    Only this time, instead of The War of The Roses (a great film in its own right with Michael Douglas, Kathyleen Turner and Denny Devito starring), it is now the Great War between the contract workers and the permanent workers struggling for supremacy in the computer age – the director’s version of Karl Max’s dialectical materialism in the Korean society.

    In this case, the very handsome and funny 오지호 is equivalent to the “Queen of Mean”(Leona Helmsley) in the male form terrorizing and bullying all the new recruits in his company in the name of streamlining and efficiency.

    Except that, in this drama, he has met his match when he is pitted against the Queen of Office – a certain Ms Kim (the stone-faced and awe- inspiring 김혜수) , who is the unlikely professional contract worker underdog foe and nemesis, rising to the occasions and becoming a superwoman whenever she is challenged by the system.

    The whole drama ( No, I haven’t finished watching it yet ) is filled with many hilarious, slapstick comedic scenes , and with numerous classic, iconic one-liners and superb acting , especially on the part of the heroine …………… All I can say is this ” 돌아와요, 미스김 ” !!!! Aja, Aja, Fighting ! :@P

    PS: Some memorable and classic one-liners ( This one is actually a one liner followed by an explanation) : ” Who are Korea’s top three thieves ? – ”

    “(Version one, in front of a marketing presentation) First is (the famous male star)Cha Chsu, the thief of women’s heart. Second is Yeon Jung Hoon, the thief who stole the actress Han Ga In . And lastly, crabs marinated in soy sauce – the thieves of rice.”

    “(An even funnier version two, spoken in front of a crowd of 아줌마 by Ms Kim) First is the husband who stole your heart. Second are the children, who robbed you of your slender figure. Third are the soy sauced crabs, which will rob you of your rice. ” ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ So funny , yet so sad for the female audience ……………박수 !!!!!

    PS.PS.Actually, I like it much better than the Japanese version – it is much more dramatic, over-the-top and entertaining than the Japanese version which is shorter (less character development), more yelling (because of the Japanese language) and more like preaching (because of the culture).On the other hand, the Japanese version is more factual and easier to follow as a story line which is better for background checking before I view the Korean version.

    Sorry, if I step on any toes 🙂 I am kind of partial to Kdramas, so take that into account.Anyway thanks for the Japanese version and the Japanese writer. Otherwise, there won’t be a K-version. :OP

    • I didn’t really understand the jokes you mentioned but maybe that’s because I haven’t seen the drama. T_T I’m glad you’re enjoying the Queen of the Office! I only skimmed through some of the raws so I haven’t gotten a good feel for the drama yet.

      I think the only thing I would disagree with is that a shorter drama length can still have adequate character development. I mean, I kinda wanted a second season of the jdrama version but actually the first season was more than enough. Also I thought that kdramas tend to have more yelling O_O But then again it may depend on the drama.

  • Hi HeiSui san:

    Thanks for your kind and thoughtful comments.I have a confession to make – I used to watch a lot of Japanese dramas because they were the best. But , I kind of stopped when the Korean drama had came along. Not because I don’t like Japanese dramas anymore, but because I have only so much time and have to be more selective. Anyway, I am happy to have found your blog and another Asian drama enthusiast. All the best to you !

    My gifts to you – some other funny or interesting lines from the Korean version:

    “Somehow, we all think that we’re someone special like a Christmas tree. But then we quickly realize that we’re only one of the many light bulbs decorating the tree – another quote from the drama.”

    “There are two male factions in our company. There is Jang’s Three Macho-teers and there is Mu’s Three Meek-a-teers.” – another classic quote………..:0)

    “And my conclusion is that – it was like an encounter with a fly that happens to land on my lips for a fleeting moment. There’s no need to get angry, upset or happy about……..” – Referring to an unwanted kiss given by the antagonistic 오지호 .(This is script writing at it’s best ! ^¥^)

    “As to Mr Cabbage Patch Head……………in your previous life……………you travelled across vast expanses of land………………….(Genghis Khan???)……………………(with great anticipation from everyone in the office)………………..You were a fly ! (Great laughters from the crowd !)………..And I…..(moving her hands away from his in a disgusted way) …………..should wash my hands (and walking away) ” – Speaking while doing a palm reading session on 오지호’s hands. ( 전생에 파리있읍니다 – hahaha LMAO , this is pure gold !!! :@P )

    See how they developed the “fly” to a full blown funny scene 🙂 whereas in the Japanese version it was just a one quick sentence in passing(if you are not very good with Japanese, you would have missed the humour of it !)
    I hope I haven’t given too much away, I don’t want to be the spoiler of the show……………hehehe :OP

    • Yeah it is hard to choose which dramas to watch, when there are so many good ones! 😉

      Lol so they changed “curly curly perm” to “mr. cabbage head”? HEHEHEH. Wow I even remember the scene about the fly in the jdrama. O_O Interesting to see how they adapted it.

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