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Before we get to all the crap that the Empress does to Zhen Huan, let’s talk about the..happier stuff.  First of all, I REALLY liked the way that LZH resolved the Jing Xi x Eunuch Su issue.  Eunuch Su is actually a really sweet and earnest guy that makes you want to root for him.  He is just lonely as a eunuch and simply wants someone to be by his side.  I love the scene when the Emperor pardons Eunuch Su and he comes back to serve him.  Eunuch Su thanks the Emperor from the bottom of his heart for letting him be happy with Jing Xi.  As for Jing Xi, initially she was using Eunuch Su, and I think (not sure if I’m remembering this wrong) there is also a part when Eunuch Su acknowledges that he knew of her intentions from the get-go.  But I think she too needs someone to be with and she is no longer just using Eunuch Su.  Anyways I think Jing Xi x Eunuch Su are one of the only couples that gets a happy ending so………..O______O

Zhen Huan is also promoted to the rank of Gui Fei, so now she is officially the #2 power in the harem.  However that is pretty much in name-only since literally EVERYONE knows that she’s the real ruler, not the Empress.  KEKEKEKE.  Even the Empress knows that she is on a sinking ship because she is losing power fast and her two minions–Ling Rong & Promise Qi–are not of much help either.  Seriously the Empress should’ve done better recruiting for her entourage because clearly her followers don’t do nothing.


^poor Huan Bi 🙁  And beautiful pics of Ling Rong’s ice skating!

Ling Rong has a beautiful ice skating scene that really gives her a chance to shine.  Even though Ling Rong no longer has any redemptive quality in my book (you will see why in episode 64) I couldn’t help but admire her in this scene.  She is doing her best to attract the emperor’s attention even without her strongest weapon–her voice.  Obviously this scene must’ve used a stunt double, but there are difficult parts where Tao Xin Ran (Ling Rong’s actress) has to get the direction of her red cloth going in just the right way.


While we’re on the topic of 17th, OMGGGGGGGG.  WHAT IS HE THINKING!?!?!?!?  I get that he misses Zhen Huan and will love her for the rest of his life and all, but he is just putting her in more danger every time he gets near her!  Whenever 17th talks with Zhen Huan, I’m all, GO AWAY 17TH!!! LEAVE HER ALONEEE!!  He is digging his own grave and endangering Zhen Huan while he’s at it.  (<<true fact, just watch in the later episodes)  Why in the world does he think it’s safe to talk to her OUTSIDE where anyone could be listening in!?!? (*COUGH* Ning Gui Ren!)  Why in the world does he go out of his way to address her in front of EVERYBODY???  Doesn’t he think, HMMM maybe this will compromise Zhen Huan’s composure and she MIGHT give away a tell-tale clue in her facial expression?  Or, GEE, several SMART and vicious people are out to get Zhen Huan and will stop at nothing to bring her down?  DID HE THINK ABOUT THAT?


My most favorite scene in these few episodes is definitely the one with Jing Fei & Zhen Huan!  Zhen Huan and Jing Fei have a very candid talk about the Jing Xi issue.  Jing Fei REALLY shone in this scene, I love all the dialogue and the way Jing Fei expresses her feelings of loneliness and hope to Zhen Huan.  She tears up and tells Zhen Huan that she is favored by the emperor and cannot understand the feelings of being an older unfavored concubine.  Only her adopted daughter gave her back the joy in her life that she once lacked.  AND!!!!!!!!  I love the part when Zhen Huan offers her hand to Jing Fei and entrusts her daughter into her care.  :'(((((  Such a moving moment.


Oh time for the serious stuff.  Promise Qi accuses Zhen Huan of cheating with…………DR. WEN!?!?!!?!?!?  My first reaction is: LOLOLOLOLOL SHE TOTALLY GOT IT WRONG!  My second reaction is: OMG POOR DR. WEN.  I think that Dr. Wen is one of the most pitiful *GUY* characters in this drama, he is always used by Zhen Huan and here he is, implicated heavily because of her own cheating with 17th.  Also you will see later on that he just gets more and more miserable as time goes on. (for clarification, I don’t think Dr. Wen is the most pitiful character of the whole drama.  But in terms of the guy characters, I sympathize for him a lot, probably because I like him way more than 17th or the emperor.)

Anyways long story short, Promise Qi’s case against Zhen Huan slowly crumbles away as all of her so-called “witnesses” are found to be unreliable.  So…….Promise Qi = OUT.  The thing that really disappointed me is that she didn’t rat out the empress!  I mean, she knows she’s gonna die anyways, so she might as well take down the empress too right??  Or maybe she hopes that the empress will at least spare her family in return for her silent sacrifice?

The other real biggie in this scene is when they do a “blood test” to test the legitimacy of Zhen Huan’s baby boy.  Apparently they believed that the blood of the child & parent will mix.  The Empress rigs up the test so that the blood of Dr. Wen and the baby mix.  The most saddening part is when the emperor immediately accuses Zhen Huan of being unfaithful to him.  I love the look on Zhen Huan’s face as she tears up and slowly shakes her head in response.  Even though technically she did cheat on the emperor, I feel like that one expression on her face was real.  She was probably still channeling all of her disappointment in the emperor, with that one moment.  Almost like reliving that feeling of what it’s like to be distrusted by the emperor.  Later on she is clearly turning on the water works to get the emperor on her side, but I feel like this moment was genuine.


The most AWESOME moment is when the Empress orders the guards to punish Zhen Huan & Dr. Wen, and then Zhen Huan yells right back, “WHO DARES???”  OMG WHAT AN EPIC MOMENT!!!!!!!!!!!  Anyways the emperor knows that the empress is at fault for rigging the test.  I think it’s really funny whenever the empress pulls the “remember my sister?” crap on the emperor for like the 100th time.  Sorry empress but that’s not gonna cut it anymore.  I don’t like the way the emperor handled this whole issue but props to him for saying that Empress Chun Yuan wouldn’t even want the empress as her sister.

Last but not least, I had to include Ning Gui Ren!  She is so awesome, I wish she had more screentime in the drama. T______T  She is more interesting than the other minor characters because she does things that no other concubine would dare to do.  Instead of creating elaborate schemes, she’s just like screw it, I’m gonna take out a knife and threaten Zhen Huan!  Or, I’m gonna train all of my wild cats to attack Zhen Huan!  Also her interactions with the emperor are really fun to watch.  Like when the entire harem is in the middle of hearing the case against Zhen Huan, Ning Gui Ren just stands up and goes “oh emperor, I’m gonna go now.”  Him: “Ok.”  Or when she walks straight over to the emperor’s side without kneeling in front of him to greet him formally.  Hehehehe.


I know it is kinda weird that I cut off this review at episode 63 even though the situation does continue on into episode 64.  My reason is that I don’t want to talk about Mei Zhuang’s fate just yet.  T____T

Anyways I started using a new collage maker, let me know what you think of the new collage format!

Ling Rong’s Ice Skating Scene


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  • ” I seriously think that Dr. Wen is one of the most pitiful characters in this drama, he is always used by Zhen Huan and here he is, implicated heavily because of her own cheating with 17th. ”

    I think the opposite, really? Is Dr. Wen the most miserable person there is? Zhen Huan was constantly targeted by other concubines that seeks to kill her and/or her children. She also had a miscarriage, and gave birth at quite a young age, had her daughter taken away. She may be favored by the emperor, but she’s still miserable. Sun Li is a great actress playing as Zhen Huan, having a composed facade outside that allows the audience to be entrenched in this idea that she’s alright. I think it is much deeper than that, seen in the few final episodes Zhen Huan reveals everything. Sorry if I spoiled anything.

    By the way I don’t really think it was cheating seeing that Zhen Huan was an abandoned consort, meaning that the Emperor does not want her anymore so I don’t think it counts (THEY WERE SEPARATED FOR 3 YEARS). Zhen Huan had a relationship with 17th, she had forgotten about her past grievances with the Emperor. Now, she is back with the emperor for a personal motive, but she did not even make close contact with 17th since then.

    It is the Emperor who is selfish, thinking that he can have as much concubines as he want and expects them to love only him no matter what he does. I guess being an emperor makes you have everything, but true love shouldn’t be one of those expectations.

    TLDR; Everything about Zhen Huan gives me the sobs, the subtlest things even.

    • I think I should clarify that I did not mean Dr. Wen was THE most pitiful character. But I was thinking more along the lines of, amongst the male characters, Dr. Wen is one of the most pitiful ones. When we get to the most pitiful female character, that is a whole different story.

      Sure by modern definition, Zhen Huan wasn’t cheating because she was not seeing the emperor at the time she was with 17th. Unfortunately I believe that by society’s definition at that time, Zhen Huan would’ve been considered to be cheating. As a concubine, abandoned or not, she is expected to be the emperor’s only. I agree the emperor is being selfish but remember he is a product of his times.

  • Same ranting anon here again, as I remembered 17th was originally interested in Zhen Huan and I believe it was during when Zhen Huan was absolutely in love with the Emperor and she gave 17th the scoffs. 17th started liking Zhen Huan first. So please don’t ever put all the “cheating” on Zhen Huan.

    • I don’t think all the ‘blame’ is on Zhen Huan. But the choice to get with 17th was up to her. She knew of the possible consequences of her actions and she chose to be with him all the same.

  • I’ve silently been reading your Legend of Zhen Huan recaps and thought I’d emerge from lurking now. And I love the new collage maker.

  • I think 17th’s character is more dry in this drama… Most of his actions seem to be motivated not by emotion but as a vehicle to create a new development… and thus he comes off as stupid or senseless sometimes… -_-;;

      • You mentioned wishing Promise Qi would betray the Empress but you forget that, at this point, from Promise Qi’s perspective, the Empress has only “helped” her and Zhen Huan is the only one who has truly harmed her, though that harm was mainly accomplished through Promise Qi’s own unruliness and stupidity… Just goes to show that stupid, rude, unapologetic, and un-self-reflective people are a definite out in the harem… hmm… sometimes I wish life was more like that -_-;;;

        Also, Promise Qi isn’t dead yet… she’s only banished to the Cold Palace at this point… She probably went hoping the Empress would save her again and find a way to pardon her or that the Empress would find a way to knock down Zhen Huan…

        I guess if Zhen Huan was smarter she would go to Promise Qi and reveal the secret behind her “fragrant agate necklace”… and THEN maybe Promise Qi would betray the Empress… but that also assumes that Promise Qi isn’t stupid and can be reasoned with and will actually listen and believe…

        But the Empress isn’t dumb so she probably did something and found a way to confiscate the necklace before Promise Qi went to the Cold Palace… you don’t see Promise Qi wearing it when she appears next and without the necklace, Zhen Huan can’t prove anything… so meh…

        • I also speculated that perhaps she is staying silent for the sake of her family. I don’t think Promise Qi is totally foolish but she was way too bold and arrogant. She did this because she has to prove her worth after the Empress helped her. I feel like most of the concubines already know how manipulative the Empress can be but maybe Promise Qi doesn’t? O_O

          HMM I forgot about the necklace. You’re right, the empress probably had some back-up plan so that no one could prove it!

  • I’m so happy to find a blog covering this drama. The lack of internet buzz for this is almost criminal! Thanks for the great posts and yummy pics! Those head pieces are just too beautiful

    What I like about LofZH is that no one is wholly good or bad. We just have many many shades of grey, how to interrupt each character is up to the audience. Which makes for a very dynamic drama. ^^

    I do wish the men of the series had more acting gravitas, since all the women are total bad asses. I find it interesting how technically the world of Zhen Huan is a man’s world, but really it’s the women whose hands are guiding the series of events in their lives – from the plotting of the Empress, to the ever changing loyalties of the concubines, and so too Zhen Huan consciously choosing her path every step of the way.

  • awww thanks heisui ^^

    I think I dug through every Zhen Huan site on google, all those beautiful photos made it worth it.

    Yes! There is a photobook. I think it’s part of the DVD set. Gorgeous isn’t it?

    • I was wondering if there was a photobook because it would be such a waste not to have one! That’s why I was so excited to find them on your tumblr, hehe!

  • I love mei zhuang and dr wen. they are match made in heaven, kind, smart, loving….(ok minus that in reality they are cheating). if only they meet sooner, maybe they will end up married and happy. mei zhuang is the only woman who could end dr wen infatuation for zhenhuan.
    I’m sorry for Qi pin for her tragic ending…but she sow what she was plant. And could you believe emperor punish Qi pin and her family because he has crush with zhenhuan little sister? GET REAL!!!

    • I thought the emperor was actually waiting for Qi Pin to slip up because he wanted to get rid of her family. Something to do with politics and such.

      • I agree with you. It reminds me with somelines from Bu Bu Jing Xin. when ruoxi narrates the time when her sister, ruolan, could laugh so enchantingly because she was in love. different with girls from forbidden city whom never know the feeling of true love.
        Don’t you think it’s sad if being used by people we love and trust?

        • That is so true, that is why it must’ve hurt so much for Zhen Huan when she found out she was a replacement for Empress Chun Yuan. I suppose it also hurt for Dr. Wen when he saw Zhen Huan marry the emperor, and later fall in love with 17th.

          • aiya… I think the emperor did fall for Zhen Huan back in the day. When she just entered the palace. And poor Dr. Wen…. he should have found somebody that truly loved him and somebody who is NOT one of the emperor’s consorts…

            • Well I’m glad Dr. Wen at least moved on from Zhen Huan..but yeah his love does not have a happy ending. X_x also Zhen Huan could’ve gotten out of entering the palace if she had accepted his proposal in the very beginning. O_o but then again if she had done that she would’ve never met 17th. both Dr. Wen and Zhen Huan got to find their loves but both of those loves were ‘forbidden’.

  • Thank you so much for your reviews. Did you not review past episode 63? I ask because I cannot find any of your reviews for this drama past that episode. I watched this drama up to episode 37, but the subtitles are so bad on, that it just became too difficult to understand what was going on, so I gave up watching. I’ve been reading your amazing recaps to see what happens in the drama from that point on. Thank you again.

    • Hello, yes I haven’t reviewed the episodes past ep63 yet. It takes me a while to get around to writing my posts. >_<

      Yeah the DVD subs are pretty bad but I was really desperate, LOL!

  • I just had to say something about ep 62 and 63. first of all how awesome is it that Zhen Huan is totally cool and collected when promise Qi and her confederates are making accusations against her. I know someone else may have lost it totally. I have always respected how Zhen Huan always listens to other people laying out the cards they have before she says anything.

    Also, these episodes really underscore how fake the empress is. i have to give props to the actress that plays the empress she manages to portray the empress trying to look genuine but totally showing she’s a fakey faker that fakes. Ooh there is this one moment I love where she gives this sigh of relief, I think it’s when Promise Qi decided to take the fall for her. There was something so ironic about her evil mastermind fretting while Zhen Huan the accused is all cool and collected. But then can you blame her for fretting when so many consorts are on Zhen Huan’s side. Initially she did not even need to defend herself because the some of the other consorts were doing it for her.

    • I liked to see the change in Zhen Huan after she heard that Qi Pin was accusing her of having an affair..with Dr. Wen. At first she tensed up because she thought Qi Pin might know about 17th, but once she found out it was Dr. Wen, she relaxed. Yeah I wouldn’t have held up as well as Zhen Huan either. T_T This part really put the empress in a tough situation, lucky for her that Qi didn’t reveal that the empress was involved in it. I bet the emperor was suspicious of the empress though.

      • Yes he did. That’s why he basically stripped her of her duties under the disguise of wanting her to care for her health. I think that was the only time she genuinely cried.

  • I watched in the next part about Qi Pin’s fate. But I don’t know what made the Emperor to punish her family? Someone was saying about ZH’s sister. Because the last I watch, Qi Pin was only banished to the Cold Palace. The next time, she was running through the rain to beg Emperor for her family. What happened in the middle?

    • After the emperor punished Qi Pin, he decided to use this opportunity to also get rid of her family because her dad (who was a political official) got in his way or something. He was going to spare Qi Pin’s life but instead she begged for her family and was killed by the guards.

      • Thanks. Sorry if I bother you with the questions.

        About Qi Pin’s fate. The Empress called her useless while in the beginning she said that they should unite being Manchu woman. Fucha, Qi Pin dan the Empress were the only Manchu woman while the others were Han. ZH too was reborn as Manchu woman of Niuhuru clan.

          • Hehe. You’re about the only person I could talk about this drama.

            I agree that there are many confusing parts. For example, why they never showed the fifth prince and his mother? There were third, fourth and sixth prince but never fifth prince.

            Although in history, the fifth prince wasn’t interested in power struggle and liked to pretend to be crazy and feminine to escape the rivalry.

          • OMG this drama was so so good. It’s been years since I pulled all nighters like I did for this one. I love Sun Li she is such a good actress and beautiful too. It was sad overall, I guess that after all the conflicts in the end she could not let the 17th know they had 2 offsprings.

      • Qi Pin’s father was the colleague of Zhen Huan’s father, and he framed Zhen Huan’s dad and lied to the emperor. As a result, Zhen Huan’s family was exiled as criminals and lost everything they owned. So When Zhen Huan came back to the court, she wanted to restore her family name and get rid of Qi Pin’s family.

  • Hello hello….

    I can’t remember exactly cos it was some time back that I watched…but if I remember correctly, Qi Pin got her father to frame Zhen Huan’s father way earlier. This was the one where there was a poet who wrote anti-government poetry and some of these poems were found in Zhen Huan’s father’s library. Then when some other officials found out that the poems were planted in the library by Qi Pin’s father, it was told to the emperor during one of the court sessions. The emperor could have used this and some other political moves to punish Qi Pin’s father (either prison or death). Then when she ran to him and begged him for mercy, he didn’t want to have anything to do with her (which means she had to go back to the Cold Palace). However she was kicking up a big fuss and making it difficult for the guards to bring her back so there was a struggle of some sorts. Then cos it was raining, Eunuch Su sort of told them that they can do whatever they wanted (in terms of beating her up) and all they had to ensure was they didn’t make too much of a noise so that the emperor won’t be disturbed. He ended it off by spitting on the ground (I think this was his own way of revenge cos when Qi Pin first came into the palace, she scolded him or looked down on him or mentioned something about castrated men being useless etc).

    As for the 5th prince, he was a sickly child. This was somewhere near the 1st few episodes when it was told that empress Chun Yuan’s son (1st prince) died during child birth and current empress Yi Xiu’s son (2nd prince) died of illness when young. 3rd prince was later written off as the emperor’s son and sent to his uncle when he tried his hands in politics to help his 8th uncle who contended for the throne with the current emperor and failed miserably (set up by the 4th prince who was given huge hints by Zhen Huan).

    So technically there was only 4th prince and 6th prince in line for the throne…cos who would bother about a sickly prince (who could potentially die any time)?

    Hope this helps somewhat.

    • Thanks for the detail about why Eunuch Su spit on the ground at Qi Pin. I thought it was just out of general disdain for her since I didn’t remember her offending him in the past. Maybe that is also why Eunuch Su was so harsh and let the guards beat her to death. o_o I also didn’t know about 5th prince but that does make sense why he was not a candidate for the throne.

  • Thank goodness for your LZH posts, heisui. Lurker here, enjoying your synopses and commentary for some weeks now, as I make my steady way through LZH in the original Mandarin, occasionally checking the English-subtitled Viki vids during more literary/complex passages of dialogue. Just finished ep. 60 and have three questions if/when you have time to answer!

    1) You mention in above post that Ning Gui Ren trained the horde of cats to attack ZH from the rooftops, but I thought that whole incident had been ZH’s own devising (alluded to when she spoke to Dr. Wen) so that she’d be seen to delivery “early” rather than right on time?

    2) Is the feline cause of Fucha’s miscarriage ever discovered to have been An Ling Rong’s doing (through her scent training of that very CGI cat)?

    3) My first C-drama was 武媚娘传奇 (Wu Mei Niang Chuan Qi / The Empress of China starring Fan Bingbing). Did you ever watch that? How do you think it compares to LZH?

    Thanks so much & happy new year to you!

    • Hi, thanks for your comment.
      1. Ning Gui Ren was an animal trainer. She saw that ZH was scared of cats when ZH first visited her. So I doubt that ZH devised the plot because she hated cats.
      2. Yes, they later discover that Ling Rong was behind the miscarriage. I think they found the container that she used to lure the cat out.
      3. I watched some parts of Empress of China, but didn’t watch the whole thing. I think the costumes were realllly extravagant!

      • Ah, 1) that makes sense about Ning Gui Ren! 2) LR evading detection has been this series’ greatest test of my patience so far, so thanks for reassuring me there’s justice to come (though I guess given tragically ambiguous characters like Hua Fei there’s retribution but not necessarily justice in the court). 3) LZH is of so much higher caliber than Empress of China, though the latter is pretty entertaining, too, in its costumes and even in its plot absurdities, ha ha. Thanks again for replying even during the holiday season AND despite my being so late to the LZH conversation. Continued best of luck with your truly helpful blog and happy 2017!

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