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Lots of great moments in Mahoro.  Initially I recommended it for bromance & humor, but now I recommend it for those who like introspective human dramas.

At some point in Mahoro, I think you’ll begin to realize that it is way more than just bromance & humor. I  know I really played that up in my reviews of episodes 1-2, but now I know that I totally missed the mark.  Mahoro is not about shipping Tada & Gyoten, it’s not about the weird odd-jobs they do, but rather it is about the PEOPLE that Gyoten & Tada encounter.  I guess what I’m trying to say is, Mahoro is not scared to show you things as they are.  It’s not scared to go places that might even make you feel a bit uncomfortable.  I like that the drama doesn’t sugarcoat anything and simply shows people as they are–flawed human beings.  It exposes the dark sides of the characters but also makes sure to show their good sides.  Pretty much none of the people that Tada & Gyoten encounter are people you would consider to be ‘admirable’ or ‘respectable’ but the drama always counters this by showing their redeeming quality and vulnerability. 

I’m not gonna cover what happens in all of these episodes, but there are plenty of intense moments.  Episode 4 (the wax-figure episode) was really uncomfortable at times but I also think it had the highest emotional impact in the ending.  The scene when the son SPITS in his mom’s wax-figure’s face is so intense.  And then after a long silence, the son breaks down sobbing uncontrollably.  Such an emotional and raw moment that Gyoten & Tada just silently stand there because they’ve come to an understanding of the son’s pain.  Later on Gyoten mentions that it is possible that the son might’ve been the one that set the fire that his mom died in.  That part really got me because that didn’t occur to me before. 

Of course, let’s not forget that there are still a lot of humorous scenes in the drama.  I find it funny when there are references to Tada & Gyoten’s bromance, like when Tada stays the night somewhere else, and Gyoten asks if he is cheating in him.  Or when they both go to a lingerie store and all the girls are staring at him.  Another hilarious moment is when Tada tells one of his female customers that Gyoten is gay, so it is ok if he stays at her house to protect her from her stalker.  Gyoten: “I’m a hard gay!”  The funny thing is that she takes them seriously and later on asks Gyoten if he and Tada are an item.  AHAHAHAHA.

Other funny moments relate to Gyoten’s utter laziness.  I like the scene when he is lazing around in the back of the pick-up truck while Tada is hard at work.  Tada comes back and asks him why he’s not helping.  Gyoten goes that it is better that he is being openly lazy rather than sneaking around.  OMG, I love Gyoten!  And it is always funny whenever he takes out his taser, I cracked up both times it happened!


Mahoro will tug at your heartstrings but not in a way that is cheesy or cliched.  Overall I am really enjoying its pace and all of the short episodic arcs.  As for the hint that maybe the Benri-ya will close… I wonder if they will really have this plot twist or if they are just trolling us! :O

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