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Saikou no Rikon just gets better and better. 

There are some heavy scenes in episodes 3-4, but that doesn’t mean that Saikou has lost its sense of humor.  It’s particularly funny seeing Mitsuo & Ryo’s funny interactions because Mitsuo is always shooting Ryo death glares while Ryo is just chilling.  No matter how much Mitsuo doesn’t want to be associated with Ryo, they are sorta in this awkward bromance.  Hehehehe.

Another funny part was in episode 3, when Yuka & Mitsuo start competing with each other through their facebook pictures.  They both take tons of ‘exciting pictures’ to show off how much fun they are having on their separate dates.   So immature, but so funny.  I really got a kick out of that 😀

“I don’t know what I’m trying to do, I have no goal, it never ends.  It just feels like I’m stringing together the days, or stacking them on one another.  It just continues on.”

Akari & Ryo still have a really complicated relationship.  Akari claims she is alright with Ryo’s philandering but she obviously is not.  She is trying so hard to suppress her feelings of hurt that she is just like a ticking time-bomb that is about to explode any minute.  I think she really wants to maintain her peaceful life with Ryo but she knows she is only lying to try to force herself to be happy. 

To make things worse, Ryo is hiding the fact that HE NEVER REGISTERED THEIR MARRIAGE.  HE STILL HAS THE FREAKING MARRIAGE REGISTRATION PAPERS!!!  Ryo is digging his own grave and he better watch his butt because there is only so much Akari can take.  I think he really does love Akari but his actions do not show it.  Overall Ryo is a sympathetic character but COME ON.  He’s gotta get his act together if he wants to keep Akari by his side. 

“It’s like a large rope that’s constantly being swung.  Everyone is jumping on the inside.  They tell me to join them.  I do, and immediately trip on the rope, stopping the swing.  I really don’t know what to do.  What…how should I say it?  I can’t do anything properly.  I just can’t do it properly. “

My favorite scene in episode 3 is when Mitsuo tells Akari about his feelings of shame.  This conversation happens after he realizes what a jerk he was to Akari back when they were dating.  He feels extremely guilty and begins to question himself.  This scene really got to me because

1) Eita’s acting is spot-on.  OMG.  The quivering in his voice, the expression on his face, everything is perfect! Also the background music & the cinematography just made it that much better, it is a really beautiful scene overall.

2) The dialogue is great.  Mitsuo talks figuratively about people jump-roping as a metaphor for his place in society. 

“You only love yourself!”

My other favorite scene is at the end of episode 4 when Yuka and Mitsuo have a big fight.  (sorry I didn’t get any screenshots of it..)  It is pretty awesome because of the way that Yuka slowly begins to lose it as she starts to ramble on and on about her love for Mitsuo and her heartbreak.  I love the moment when she throws Mitsuo’s bonsai plant on the floor.  Don’t know why but somehow that’s the moment when things really go down.  Yuka knows she is not Mitsuo’s #1 and therefore he doesn’t love her.  All of her hopes of having a normal family with Mitsuo are crushed.

Mitsuo only makes it worse by offering to get remarried and finally start a family.  I think his attempt to reconcile shows that he does want to restart with her but he is totally missing the point.  The part about having kids is not the main issue!!!!  Mitsuo doesn’t get that he needs to prove his love for Yuka and mend his selfish ways!  Also he still doesn’t understand that things just cannot go back to the way they were.  Anyways props to Ono Machiko for nailing this scene…it was very emotional to watch.

I especially enjoyed Yuka’s scenes because she has this sort of charm about her.  I guess I mainly like her character because of her cheerful outlook  on life.  And I admit it, I think I have a bias towards her in all of Mitsuo & Yuka’s conflicts because..I’m a girl and I’m rooting for the wife!  (or ex-wife)  Mitsuo is slowly maturing but he has a long way to go.   Now that he finally knows Yuka’s true feelings, he has the chance to change his ways and mend his relationship with her.  If he doesn’t then he really has no excuse to complain about their divorce.

I am painfully watching Ryo dig his grave.  He is sorta a loveable character, sorta like this helpless teddy bear that you just want to hug..or something like that O_O  And yet he is just making things worse for himself and for Akari!  I really want Mitsuo or even Yuka to give him advice on his love life.  Because he really needs it.  As for Akari she is actually my least-likeable character.  She is really sophisticated and I like her peaceful vibes but…I guess my problem is that she doesn’t represent GIRL POWER.  I am waiting for her to stand up to Ryo!!!


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  • I still haven’t watched ep.4, but episode 3 was really great! Eita is a national treasure for japan, a great actor. I was really moved by his performance in Soredemo Ikite Yuku. I don’t know what happened to him, but he’s at his best in delivering his acting performances. Maybe the last years with his real life problems gave him a depth in acting that he didn’t have before. I will follow him gladly in his future doramas.
    The “rope” speech was one of my favourite parts too.

    • Before Soredemo I thought of Eita as just another actor. After Soredemo I realized how great he is! I think he is also doing a good job of choosing good roles that will improve his acting.

      For some reason, I like Tada in Mahoro better than Mitsuo in Saikou. But I like Eita’s acting better in Saikou than I do in Mahoro. O_O

  • Did you finish watching this show? I love Saikou no rikon to pieces, even to this day still waiting for the sub to be completed :(. Though Mitsuo’s character is so quirky, there’s something about him that I warmed up to…but certainly, Yuka seems to be such a fun person to be around. I love her relationship with Mitsuo’s grandma and their obsession on wrestling, it’s just really funny!

    • Hi, yes I did! I just haven’t gotten around to writing about the rest of the drama yet T_T””

      I also like Mitsuo’s character by the end of the drama. Yuko is really endearing and sweet! And I even liked Ryo by the ending! Akari..not so much.

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