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I decided to put a Ling Rong picture for the featured image since she is the most talented singer out of all of the concubines!  In case you haven’t noticed, most of the songs from the Legend of Zhen Huan’s soundtrack that are available online are not that good quality, and it is kinda hard to find the songs with English titles.  Thankfully a kind soul uploaded the entire soundtrack in pretty good quality!

^Here is the playlist, a full 15 songs!  The first few songs will probably make you think that you’ve heard those all before…move on further into the playlist for the songs that are less common!  


One thing I realized after listening to the whole soundtrack is that the songs for LZH are actually very solid.  I do think that the drama is in need of some more variety for the instrumental tracks, simply because there is only so much you can do with 15 songs for a 76-episode drama.  It got to the point where I could pretty much predict which song would come on during which scene (ALWAYS the same sad song for the sad scenes, heheh).  But overall it’s a wonderful soundtrack, there is great detail for every song and I love the main melody!

  1. Yao Bei Na – Bodhisattva (Female Version)
    • One of the theme songs.
  2. Liu Huan – Flying Pheonix
    • The ending theme song.
  3. Yao Bei Na – Picking Lotus Seeds
    • One of Ling Rong’s songs.  Anyone remember when this one is sung?
  4. Yao Bei Na – The Golden Threaded Robe
    • Another one of Ling Rong’s songs.  Love this one!
  5. Jing Hong Dance
    • Is this when Zhen Huan dances for the emperor, with Ling Rong singing and Mei Zhuang playing the zither?  I’m pretty sure it’s one of Ling Rong’s songs, not sure when it’s sung though.
  6. Liu Huan – Bodhisattva (Male Version)
    • The male version of the first song.  Not as charming but I don’t think it’s all that bad…some people think it’s horrible O_O
  7. Yao Bei Na – Girl’s Calamity
    • The opening theme song.  Absolutely beautiful.
  8. Sovereign Descends
    • I believe this song is played when Zhen Huan reenters the palace!  An epic scene!
  9.   Awake And Alone
    • I think this song is played when Zhen Huan & the emperor first meet in the garden.  It’s a song of innocence.
  10. Pour Out One’s Heart By The River
    • How’s that for a beautiful title, eh?  A wistful, yearning song.  I think it’s normally played during Zhen Huan’s depressing monologues.
  11. Die with Husband
    • As you can tell by the title, NOT a happy song.  Actually I don’t quite remember when this song was played but it is bringing back memories of Hua Fei???
  12. Girls First Join the Palace
    • As you can tell by the title, this is when Zhen Huan, Mei Zhuang, and Ling Rong all enter the palace for the first time. 
  13. Windy & Snowy Wild
    • An incredibly sad wistful song that is often played during the sad scenes.  One of my favorites!  I think one particular time it was played was during 17th & Zhen Huan’s final scene together?
  14. Daughter’s Droplets of Tears
    • That one song where the singer just sadly hums the melody.  Another great sad song that goes hand in hand with #13.
  15. Connected by heart
    • I believe this song was also played with 17th and Zhen Huan, and also maybe during one of the big celebrations that the emperor had with the harem.  It is a happier song.

What do you think of the soundtrack?  Any favorite songs or favorite scenes that the songs were played in?  I think they are all great for the many scenes in LZH!

[Note: Please correct the English titles if they are wrong!]


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