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I actually dropped SOP Queen a long time ago, but I’m picking it back up because I really need a cute rom-com to brighten up my day.  I was worried that SOP Queen would get draggy in the later half, but up until episode 13 it is still fresh and fun.  I would definitely recommend episode 13 because Ming Dao’s character is a riot!

Yes, it is ALL ABOUT TANG JUN.  Seriously, if SOP Queen didn’t have Tang Jun/Zhang Han, I probably would not have picked it up again.  Even after months of not even watching SOP Queen, I still love Tang Jun all the same.  How he can be so handsome and adorable at the same time, I do not know.  But Tang Jun is always just so much fun to watch and I can’t help but root for him and take tons of screenshots whenever he’s on the screen.  (Well, not like he has much competition..Zi Qi is out of the picture!)  It’s cute to see him always grinning to himself when he’s with Xiao Jie.

Tang Jun decides to take on the role of Xiao Jie’s protector and close friend despite his romantic feelings for her.  He is still in the platonic friend zone with Xiao Jie.  I actually think he is more of that knight-in-shining-armor guy than Zi Qi is just because he always appears at Xiao Jie’s lowest moments.  Normally I would get really frustrated with this kind of character that is resolved to just ‘watch over’ his unrequited love.  But somehow Tang Jun’s being Xiao Jie’s protector is actually really…sweet. O_____O””  Maybe it’s because I know that he must end up with Xiao Jie, that I’m not annoyed with him for not making a move, whereas I would be extremely frustrated with him if he were the 2nd lead.

Xiao Jie is also a pleasure to watch because she is always becoming a stronger person.  Props to her for having the courage to break off her engagement with Zi Qi for the sake of finding her own happiness.  I also like that the main reason she breaks up with Zi Qi isn’t his relationship with Bai Bing.  Although that’s a big factor in her decision, it is more about her desire to have a more realistic love.  She doesn’t need the ‘ideal man’ to be happy, she just needs a man who she can be herself with.

Anyways, one of my major gripes with SOP Queen is Zi Qi & Bai Bing’s relationship/characters.  OMG.  JUST GET BACK TOGETHER ALREADY AND LEAVE XIAO JIE ALONE!!!!  Zi Qi is really immature and is clearly outshone by Tang Jun.  If Xiao Jie hadn’t broken off the engagement, I seriously think he would’ve gone through with the marriage and think that it was ok.  But, at least I can stand Zi Qi….the person who I CANNOT STAND IS…BAI BING.  I understand she’s trying to protect her love but the way she goes about it is just annoying.  Every time she comes on screen, I just go “…not this again..” because I KNOW she’s just gonna start trolling everyone.

So if you are watching SOP Queen I’d strongly advise you to look at Bai Bing in a more comical way.  Just don’t take her seriously!  Whenever she starts trolling, I just laugh because she is clearly the third wheel and just makes the situation really awkward.  On another random note, I do not know what the stylists are thinking for Bai Bing’s character.  She is supposed to be this drop-dead gorgeous model but at times I think otherwise.  The main scene that sticks out in my head is when she wears a white feather mini-dress and black knee high boots to a formal party and starts strutting around like she thinks she’s all that.  CLEARLY something went wrong with that outfit because it did not flatter her at all. T___T

My favorite episode out of eps8-13 is by far episode 13 because of Ming Dao!!!!!! He plays the character of Adam Bell (< oh what a creative name) who is Tang Jun’s bestie.  A long time ago I did not understand why Ming Dao is so popular, but now I know.  He is just SO CHARMING and funny!!!!  He also has a very cute bromance with Tang Jun. 😀 I actually wish he was also part of the love square but in this case he plays the role of the peace-maker who brings Tang Jun & Xiao Jie back together.  Too bad he is not one of the major characters because he is so hilarious!

So I reread my previous review of episodes 4-7 because it has been so long since I’ve watched SOP Queen that I really needed a refresher.  Back then I was totally spazzing out over the drama..but then for some reason…….I just stopped watching. O_O  I don’t know why, I just didn’t feel that need to keep on watching.  As I said in my introduction, I was really scared that it would be good in the first half but start to drag in the second half.  However after watching episode 13 I’m pretty glad that I kept watching.a


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  • “A long time ago I did not understand why Ming Dao is so popular, but now I know.” Haha, same here! I remember looking for shows to see, and saw his picture on wikidrama, and thought – this is the Ming Dao everyone loves? Really? It took a lot of convincing (from myself LOL) to actually see PTF, and the rest is history :P. He is so charming and delightful in all his roles, and damn convincing. I’m particularly a fan of his role in YY3+1 – the show got really messy – but his chemistry with Qiao En, his character, and the love story was to die for. What the characters had to go though to finally get their happy ending was so endearing. Sorry – So off topic!

    But I loved his scenes in SOP, and kinda hoped Adam had a bigger role. But MD couldn’t as he was shooting for Happiness of an Angel that time – where Qiao En has a short appearance as well.

    I loved Adam and Tang Jun’s bromance, its so cute! But yea, SOP goes downhill after this episode. It focuses too much on the office politics instead of developing the love story, which was a bit of a fail. I really ended up liking Zi Qi eventually, especially in the last episode. Bai Bing is so so so annoying, but I can’t help but admire Coco Jiang. She is seriously flawless, in terms of looks and has like perfect skin. Overall, it wasn’t too bad, although I liked the first half of this show way better!

    • I wonder how the Ming Dao/LSS drama will be. I am not sure about their chemistry together..

      Ok thanks for the heads up. I had a feeling it would get more into the workplace issues. T_T Maybe I will just skip ahead to the ending. I feel like Coco Jiang is pretty but at times her wardrobe in SOP Queen just does not do her justice.

      • I’m actually looking forward to that, only because the sets and the mood seems really soothing – it gives me a little bit of Autumn’s Concerto vibe, which if it is even half as good, I’d be beyond satisfied. I hope it comes out soon, although I agree, I’m a little iffy on the chemistry. I saw the adds and they look a little cold together? Or is that just me?

        And yea… it gets really draggy. Coco Jiang has this delicate feel to her, like she’s made of porcelain. Maybe that’s just me… But yea I agree, I think they’ve done really well with Qiao En, but they could’ve done a lot better for CJ. But maybe the point is to have the main lead more attractive? Although the characters they play makes me hate BB even if she were Miss Universe.

        • Yeah my main concern is the chemistry & whether LSS can pull it off. I watched the trailer and I felt like Ming Dao’s stage presence was really overshadowing LSS’.

          Hmmm I thought she does not quite look delicate. Maybe because her character is more of a strong-willed one. I agree even if she was dressed well I wouldn’t like her any better. But at least it would make her status as a top model more convincing, haha.

        • MD kinda overshadows everyone in most shows he stars in. I remember watching the promos for ZWY. The shows’ story actually focuses on the female lead, but I feel MD is pretty dominant in his screen presence there too. Although I doubt thats intentional on the side of the producers/editors or himself. LOL, I’m still trying to figure out if its good to have a stage presence like that. Its like QE has in Swordsman, don’t you think? I feel like she overshadows Wallace to much, when he’s such a good actor himself. But their chemistry was really good!

          But hmm… I hope it doesn’t affect their chemistry in the show. I also feel LSS’s character may be a little tame and soft, whereas MD’s seems to be more like the arrogant prince. So that may have a bit of an effect too.

          And haha, I’ve seen CJ in more delicate and fragile roles in the past, and this is the first I’ve seen her as ‘evil’ or more around annoying-second female lead. Her roles before have been of a sweet, understanding woman, etc. Hence probably my interpretation.

          • Actually I’m not watching Swordsman, what do you think of it? I love Wallace by the way *w*

            Hmmm well since we’re on the topic of CQE….have you seen Beauties of the Emperor? With CQE AND MD? I wonder how their chemistry is.

          • I hate the effects in Swordsman; it actually kills my eye! I’m a big fan of action movies, so its a little disturbing to concentrate when all I can see is obvious fake backdrop, etc. LOL! But I personally love the chemistry between QE-W; the show? Not so much. The whole man-woman mess is a little bitter on my taste.

            And yes! I am seeing that right now, its being subbed in dramafever. I really am loving that one, on the other hand. Its fast paced and doesn’t drag much. But there’s a psycho second female lead; although the second male lead is really nice and makes you actually ship him with QE’s character. You should definitely give it a try! Hopefully, you’ll like it too.

            • Yeah I wasn’t very impressed with Swordsman’s action. I liked the action scenes in Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei much better. >:3

              HMM maybe I will try out Beauties of the Emperor then. I really need a new period cdrama to watch, haha!

          • I actually haven’t seen that one. I tend to watch period shows only when I hear good reviews. Like BBJX – that was pretty epic.

            And LOL, you should, and hopefully if you like it, maybe you can even recap/review it sometimes. I think there’s a definite lack of bloggers when it comes to C-dramas. Even a show like BBJX has SOAB doesn’t generate too many blogger’s interest compared to idol shows. Which is such a pity!

            • Yup if I enjoy it I shall write about it! If you need any c-drama blogger recommendations, you can take a look at my blogroll where I have some fellow bloggers listed!

              Actually I don’t think Yi Zhi Mei would be classified as a period show. Although it is ‘back in the day’ it is more of an adventure/action genre. I mainly enjoyed it because I was shipping Wallace & LSS. 😉

          • Haha, I look forward to that then, if it happens. And, really? I’ll have a look, maybe I can find a few reviews on some period shows.

            Yi Zhi Mei? I haven’t heard of that one. I was referring to Schemes of a Beauty with Ruby Lin – which I thought was pretty good =) And LSS and Wallace?? *runs off to check it out*. I’m so up for it, if I end up liking a few episodes, because I love both the actors. And I’m sure their chemistry rocked too!

            • Yup Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei ships LSS and Wallace!!! There is a certain story arc in the drama that focuses more on that OTP.

              I haven’t watched Schemes of a Beauty but I feel like I REALLY SHOULD! I just haven’t got around to it. T_T

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