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Also known as: 300 Happy Days


What is up with me and my obsession with Chen Yi Rong dramas?!?!  Ever since I was spazzing over her 2011 drama Love Forward, it’s like I NEED a tw-drama to be obsessed with!  I am busy flailing over the promo pictures and previews for Chen Yi Rong’s upcoming drama “300 Days to Meet Happiness”. (Note: Also translated as 300 Happy Days / Meet Happiness for 300 Days) Actually there is pretty much nothing available in English about the drama (YET) so I do not know the whole synopsis.  But as you can tell by the promo poster, Chen Yi Rong plays a woman who gets pregnant and has 3 guys chasing after her.  

Take a look at the funny short preview.  The nurse asks who the father of the newborn baby is.  All three guys raise their hands and go “ME!!!!!!”  Lol!


In case you didn’t notice, Chen Yi Rong looks absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!  FINALLY, a drama that will really compliment how beautiful she is!  I feel like her most latest dramas Love Forward and Ai Ya Ai Ya I do just did not do her justice!  Oh, and did I mention that the male lead is Kingone!?  The other two supporting characters are played by Xie Kun Da and Zhuang Kai Xun (Cash Zhuang).


It looks like Meet Happiness for 300 Days has a strong cast and potential for a lot of humor.  I am greatly looking forward to this drama and hope it will meet up to my expectations!   I need something fresh from Taiwan!

Where to Watch: 300 Happy Days is English subbed on Viki.


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A move towards English subs for the U.S. Version of Zhen Huan Zhuan
Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi: Ep 2
  • This looks strangely familiar to me… I wonder if it’s a Taiwanese remake of Eugene’s drama (which got rather bad reviews I’ve heard) Single Mom and Three Dads…or maybe not if you look at the synopsis of that drama (which is an awful like the US films Three Men & a Baby except for the mom doesn’t abandon the baby on the guys’ doorstep). It does look funny and I’m a fan of Both Chen Yi Rong and Kingone (who rarely gets a male leading role that is not the perpetual 2nd male lead).

    • I’m not sure since I don’t know what the whole synopsis is yet, but it is possible. I am also looking forward to Kingone with a lead role because he’s always the 2nd lead!! He deserves to be the lead for once!

      • Ahahahas, yeahhh and always the second man to Rainie! 😛
        I hope so too, because he really is an amazing actor, its just that he has always been playing the second lead time and time again and this prevents him from further enhancing his acting skills.

        • I think he looks really good with Chen Yi Rong! I hope their chemistry will be good 😀 True he needs to get out of the 2nd-lead-zone already! Kinda reminds me of how I used to see Roy Qiu in 2nd lead roles in Invincible Shan Bao Mei & Easy Fortune Happy Life, but he became much more popular when he landed a lead role!

          • Ahahahas, hopefully they have as much chemistry as they look!

            LOL, yepps! It’s about time about!

            OMGGGGGGGG, if you didn’t mention it I would have never know Roy Qiu was in Easy Fortune Happy Life! OMGGGG, that’s shocking!

            • YES HE WAS! He’s the character Dong Jie, the really handsome gangster guy that is good at cooking and has an unrequited love for Chen Qiao En’s character! (Yeah…I was totally rooting for him..of course I was disappointed in the end.)

              • Omg, I am having a total mental blank! All I remember from that drama was that CQE was a herbalist who had a younger brother so young that he could be her son and a dog. And Blue wanted to marry her because his grandfather said he would give all his fortune to her.

                • Ok here’s what I remember about Dong Jie: Chen Qiao En’s character & her younger brother are in a park. They see this gangster guy (Dong Jie) getting beat up by a group of guys, so Chen Qiao En throws a stone at some of the guys (I swear..she threw stones..or maybe I’m remembering it wrong) and then helped heal Dong Jie or something.

                  Then they become friends and Dong Jie starts liking her while she is oblivious to it.

  • Awww, Kingone looks absolutely wonderful in this! Thank you for posting about this — I’m definitely going to check it out when it airs, as well as keep an eye out for news.

    As for Kunda’s hairstyle… uhhhhh…. I never thought he was that good-looking, even with normal hair, so this is just…. *trails off*

  • Hi…. Have you watched it yet? you can watch the whole series at sugoideas.. Please kindly let me know your thoughts should you have watched this. I too was a big fan of Chen Yi Rong after watching Love Forward. But then, I got disappointing when they paired her with Chris Wang in a movie which involves time travel. After watching view episodes, I just need to drop it.. 🙁

    • Hello I have watched up to episode 7 but I dropped it after that. I think it had a good concept in the beginning but it didn’t use it to its full potential. Eventually it started getting too draggy and also there was no chance for Ya Ting to be paired with any of the other 2 guys.

  • lol Watching parts of Dragon’s Gate (and loving Xiang Yu) has totally sucked me back into the Tammy Chen madness. I fell in love all over again (but didn’t manage to suffer through DG bc the two cops Mo Yu and Huai An really were terrible and I knew Xiang Yu/Xiao Dao would not end how I wanted it to…). Honestly I fell in love with Tammy when I saw Bao Dao Shao Nu Chen Gong Ji all those yrs ago, but I never felt anything for the dramas she was in so I couldn’t quite bring myself to follow her. Now though I feel like this has potential. Mostly. Hopefully.

    • Exactly!!!!! It’s like this weird Tammy Chen aura that just makes me want to watch all of her scenes! Anyways Happy 300 Days was ok, I ended up dropping it but now I started watching it again. I don’t watch the entire scenes anymore; instead I skip to all the scenes with the OT4, LOL.

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