A move towards English subs for the U.S. Version of Zhen Huan Zhuan

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*breathes sigh of relief* Please let it be true!


For any of you who haven’t heard of the rumored U.S. version of the Legend of Zhen Huan, you can get up to speed by reading my initial post here Please note though, that it is mainly me freaking out about it. >_<

Anyways I was very skeptical of the U.S. version not only because of its shortened length, but also because of the possibility of English dubbing over the Mandarin dubbing. *shudders*  If they really MUST shorten the drama, ok.  But shortening the drama AND dubbing over it would be like two fatal blows in a row.  The least they can do is preserve the original language so that things do not get hopelessly lost in translation in English dubbing.  Thankfully, according to this very short article here, apparently they are deciding in favor of English subtitles. 


YES.  I WILL TAKE IT.  At least I can watch..parts…of LZH with good quality subs, right?  Of course I’m still extremely skeptical of this whole U.S. version issue but it is an encouraging sign that English subs are being considered.  So, what do you think?  Does this improve your expectations of the new version in any way, or does it still sound like a bad idea?

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  • I still think it’s a bad idea but I can settle for the English subs. Don’t get me wrong; I’m super happy for LZH being acknowledge by the Americans but cutting it short is a disappointment. I may not watch it if they decided to release in the U.S. because I still prefer the whole enchiladas(76 episodes). I hope the Americans can appreciate LZH.

    Heisui: Are you watching LZH in HD?

  • Dubbing is not so much of a problem to me since there are examples of times when it is done right and, most importantly, the message is preserved. To me, the shortening part is the killer.

    In my opinion, there are two different populations in the U.S. There are those that are more willing to watch foreign dramas and that population is usually more willing to accept subtitles and dubbing and tolerate long length.

    There’s also the other population that just won’t tolerate things that are foreign made. In my opinion, no matter how much you dub, shorten, or modify the product, this population’s appreciation will only be minimal and it usually isn’t worth the pains of going to such lengths. Also, going to such lengths usually ruins something in the show, which these people usually zone in on as to why their impression of the show was bad since they aren’t willing to do further background research.

    • I think dubbing would’ve been a bad move because there are so many complex translations.

      It may be too simplistic to separate the US viewing audience into two categories. There are other factors besides the willingness to read subtitles & watch foreign TV shows. There are actually a lot of American drama fans (me being one of them, hehe), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will want to watch a Chinese period drama. That just might not be their thing, or they prefer kdramas/jdramas, etc.

      Also if you think about movies like the Last Emperor or Memoirs of a Geisha that were in English, a lot of people actually said they would’ve preferred it if it were in Chinese/Japanese with English subs.

      • Dunno… I was generalizing based on the people I know and somehow, people I know usually fall into one or the other category… Either that or I have really high standards in terms of immersing yourself in something foreign and looking up background information if your interest is piqued and lots of people just don’t meet my standards for willingness and acceptance… DX…. Now that I think about it… might be the latter. If I find something that piques my interest and I have time, I tend to go on a hunting spree where I look up any and all information I can about the subject online…

        But yeah… Guess it depends on who you speak to and the area you live in. Lots of people I know are pretty die-hard against acceptance and think that dubbing is good… but then they usually only glean surface-depth from the actual production as opposed to fully immersing themselves … according to my definition I guess… >.<

        I'm not 100% for dubbing. I'm just saying it's fine with me since if they dub, they usually also sub as well along the way and both are available in the DVD release. With this thought, I guess that's why I'm more concerned about length since that seems like a real killer to me. I'm just pointing out that, though there are limits to how far dubbing can go, there are times when I can appreciate what is done and the message is kept largely intact. If that's what it takes to draw in "surface audiences," so be it. Maybe my standards are set too high but more viewership is a start to wider acceptance, I guess… More profits from American companies from the viewership could encourage them to explore more foreign productions… That said, there are also limits to subbing since some people don't read quickly and adding too many footnotes, etc. can be distracting, especially for something like LZH. I guess it really depends on the person.

        • Hm, if it were released in an international DVD it would be nice to have the option for dubbing/subs. Although that would take way more resources to do both O_O

          Anyways it is a complex issue and of course it depends on each person’s preferences.

  • On another note, it seems like the Chinese internet is more amused at the moment about how Japan will be translating Zhen Huan Zhuan. There’s rumors that it’s going there next.

    • Lol, I love how they scripted this news! It’s so funny!
      I don’t think japanese subs’ going to be that bad. Many ancient j-dramas turned out fine with Chinese subs. They might need to add some translation notes, but overall, it shouldn’t deviate from the Chinese meaning too much.
      Translating Chinese to English, on the other hand, will be harder to match the original meaning. I might give it a try anyways, just to see what the quality is like.

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