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I was going to wait to watch a couple more episodes before writing up my next review, but OMG.  Ep21 made me extremely happy because there were tons of Yun Kai scenes.  BWAHAHAHA.

Yun Kai: “I’m here, you kids don’t have to worry.”

Eason: “He’s a kid, I’m not.”

Yes, I think it’s pretty well-established now that Shao Tian AND Eason are kids.  Eason may think he’s not a kid because he is ‘older’ than Shao Tian but…truth is..he’s not much different.  I think it’s hilarious when Ming Ming has a dream in which Yun Kai calls Eason & Shao Tian “kids”.  Then the two of them object, but Yun Kai simply replies:

Looking at you two, if you’re not kids then what are you?

WORD.  I’d have to say that Yun Kai totally changes up the game because he really puts things into perspective.  Even though he is not as much of a major character, it’s like ever since he’s appeared in DGGG, I suddenly realize just how childish Eason & Shao Tian are.  I already knew they were kids, but somehow Yun Kai only highlights their immaturity even more. 

Anyways, I get why Ming Ming is pretty much running away from Shao Tian/Eason.  The poor girl can’t even get a second to herself anymore!  Shao Tian & Eason think that they are showing their love and concern for her by chasing her to the ends of the earth, but it’s only making things worse!  And even when they “back off” by secretly stalking watching over her, they are not giving her the space she needs.  They are just pushing Ming Ming more and more into a corner and trying to force her to make up her mind. 

I really want Eason’s character to be developed more because even up until episode 21, I feel like he’s too perfect. (aside from his immaturity) I am tired of seeing him tirelessly chasing after Ming Ming, explaining his actions to her, confessing multiple times, OVER AND OVER. Everything up until now made Eason into the kind of guy that will never give up on Ming Ming, will never look at another woman, and will not choose himself over Ming Ming.  Not that I’m complaining he’s earnest and good-hearted, because he is our hero after all, but he just does not have a deep inner conflict that really challenges everything he stands for. 

Ming Ming: “I’m very very tired.  I don’t have the strength anymore.”

Eason: “I don’t understand what you mean.”

Ming Ming: “What I mean is, there’s something that I’ve had for a long time.  I can return it (the ring) to you.” 

Moving on, I REALLY liked the concept of Ming Ming just being tired of all the relationship issues and wanting to let go of the weight that she has on her shoulders.  Props to the writer for the great scene when Ming Ming returns her engagement ring to Eason. 

On the other hand, Ming Ming still confuses me.  Does she want to break up with Eason because she is tired and can’t take it anymore, or is it because of the whole Pei Ni issue?  Was her seeing Eason & Pei Ni’s kiss the trigger for her to realize that she really can’t go on like this any longer?  I DON’T KNOW.  And there is a scene when she talks about why she fell in love with Eason, and I’m all, CLEARLY YOU ARE STILL IN LOVE WITH HIM.  She also talks about how they ended up breaking up in this regretful tone as though she is the victim, and I’m all, WAIT.  YOU WERE THE ONE THAT BROKE UP WITH HIM………..

AND THEN.  I DON’T KNOW WHAT SHE IS THINKING WITH YUN KAI.  OMG.  Ming Ming herself says that she needs a stable mature man but she doesn’t take the opportunity to become better friends with Yun Kai.  For example, after the two of them camp together for the night, Ming Ming LEAVES A NOTE saying “thanks, bye” and leaves early.  Me: LEAVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thankfully she leaves her phone in his car (note to self: leave something in the car so you have to meet again) so they have yet another fateful meeting.  Even though they have a falling out, I think they have really good chemistry especially since Ming Ming can open up to him so easily.  It is also interesting that her motivation to write a better drama comes not from Eason or Shao Tian, but from Yun Kai, who is practically a stranger to her. 

Anyways Yun Kai is definitely swoon-worthy.  He is part of the only saving grace at this point in DGGG, and he was definitely the highlight of episode 21 for me.  I had a huge smile on my face during all of his scenes.   >_<  I mean, he tells Ming Ming TAKE MY HAND AND GO TREE-CLIMBING WITH ME to gaze at the stars!  Me: YES!!!!!!!!!! Seriously if YUN KAI told me that this is FATE on the third time I met him, I would so be like YES.  YES IT IS. 

I think the main issue with the drama is the writing.  I am a bit nit-picky about Jiro’s acting but I can overlook that.  All we really need is a better script that will develop Eason’s character and not make Ming Ming’s character so contradictory.  We also need a more consistent tone to the drama–do we want a melodrama or are we going for a rom-com?  It seems like the writer is attempting to have both serious moments & the cute funny moments but I just feel like it is just dragging things on and on.


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  • Haha!! Soo agree!! The writing of the drama got soo draggy around the end but i just couldn’t stop watching it, just when i was about to give up i saw Yun Kai and then i just continued…. Anyways, i love Jiro’s acting!! There’s nothing wrong with it *pouts* It’s just that Eason is pretty thick skinned and slightly crazy and unable to get the meaning of “breakup’ and ‘rejection’, i know this is to show that he is sweet and whatnot, but it gets pretty annoying, and does no justice to the plot that just seems to get draggier. But thumbs up for Yun Kai!! Sooo swoonworthy!! And i agree that he is the only saving grace at this point of DGGG.

    • I know, I probably would’ve dropped it if Yun Kai didn’t swoop in to save the day! I feel like he broke up the monotony a bit.

      Maybe I am just picky but sometimes I feel like Jiro’s acting is a bit forced. >_< I have nothing against Jiro though! Yes maybe it is also because of his character that is just ALWAYS so loyal and persistent that I'm like, HM, you are too good to be true!

      • Well i kinda finished DGGG already so i know what happens…. 😉 But that would have spiced the storyline up a bit. But with Yun Kai’s appearance, all of a sudden i felt the urge (and need) to jump otp ships (not that i was really shipping Eason and Ming Ming during the end of the drama…. -.-). I completely lost interest in Eason and Ming Ming as soon as a mature man came into the scene. I was so sick of watching Eason and Shao Tian being cute idiots, as this led to the drama doing crazy roundabouts. I desperately needed everyone to move on. I felt like i had been watching nothing ever since the first ‘breakup’. But yeaaah. I’m going overboard now….. Just some of my thoughts i wanted to share. 🙂

        • Exactly they just really need to move on and put this behind them. I would prefer a “2 years later” fast forward or something so we won’t have to see Shao Tian & Eason doing the same old same old. I agree now that Yun Kai is on the scene I can’t help but root for him.

          • Wow, that was fast!! Haha. I soo agree. We could have skipped all the scenes in between and still have a satisfiable ending. Urgh. And i followed DGGG as soon as they started filming!! I was soo happy when it aired but then thoroughly disappointing…..

            • Yes it would’ve been better if they simply had fewer episodes and cut out the unnecessary parts. I think part of my problem with c-dramas like this is that they tend to have way too many episodes so it gets draggy..

  • Ye. It originally was intended to have 30 eps but then ultimately go cut down to 28 (more than enough IMO), so this led to an unconnected ending…… Oh well, at least the first half was good. 🙂

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