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Five reasons to watch Mahoro:

  1. Matsuda Ryuhei
  2. Eita
  3. Matsuda Ryuhei + Eita
  5. Humor

Thankfully some kind souls are subbing this drama!!!!!!!  I didn’t quite know what to expect from Mahoro, but I’m definitely glad that I tried it out because it is absolutely hilarious and there’s tons of bromance!  Most people will probably want to watch this for the Eita + Matsuda Ryuhei combination, but the humor and the way the drama is filmed is like the cherry on top.  I also love the two main characters who are anything but your typical male leads in jdramas. 

“Mahoro sure is a half-***ed town!”

Tada (Eita) and Gyoten (Matsuda Ryuhei) are two guys who live in the boring town of Mahoro, which is described as a half-baked town.  I didn’t quite pick up on this, but thanks to the translator’s notes, the whole thing about Mahoro being a half-baked town is that it is meant to reflect the attitudes of Tada and Gyoten.   Tada runs a “benri-ya” which is a business that takes on all sorts of odd jobs.  Gyota is his freeloader friend who works with him but is not quite officially hired by Tada. 

Both Tada and Gyoten are quite similar because they both have a really mellow and laidback personality.  They are just chilling and drifting through life.  Probably the main difference is that Tada is the one that’s “in charge” and is more conscious about social graces whereas Gyoten is irresponsible and blunt.

Even though I’m an Eita fan, I also love Matsuda Ryuhei and I have to say that Matsuda’s character is my favorite!  Gyoten reminds me of sorta a mix between Akira (Nobuta wo Produce) and Morita (Honey & Clover) if that’s even possible.  I guess he is not as hyper and crazy as Morita, but not as cutesy as Akira?   Anyways Gyoten is really lazy, straight-forward, mischievous and almost kid-like at times.  For example, he calls out to Tada “look, look!” and then crashes a board over Tada’s head while laughing.  I don’t know why but I thought it was hilarious. 

Anyways, Tada & Gyoten’s bromance consists of roughhousing in the middle of a busy shopping district, play-fighting while they’re doing an odd job, and……


AHAHAHA.  A pro-wrestler hires Tada & Gyoten to fight him in his final match so that he can go out with a bang.  And here’s where the fun starts, it’s absolutely hilarious to see Tada & Gyoten in sparkly wrestling suits and pretending to be a pro-wrestling team.  Omg.  Anyways it seems like this pro-wrestling stunt will not encompass the entire plot of the drama.  Judging by the synopsis, the drama will focus on the various odd-jobs that Tada & Gyoten will encounter.

I just found out that this drama is actually a sequel to the 2011 movie, Mahoro Ekimae Tada Benriken which also starred Eita & Matsuda Ryuhei.  I found this a bit surprising because I’m used to having a movie as a sequel to a drama, not the other way around.  Now I really have to go watch the movie so that I don’t miss out on the characters’ back stories!!

Here’s the movie trailer:

Anyways overall this is a must-watch for me.  For those of you who don’t quite like dramas that are TOO slow and serious, but still want quality without the sappiness, Mahoro might be for you.  You may like this drama more if you like a sort of offbeat, quirky drama. 


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    • Hehe I hope you like it! The pacing feels a bit slow in the opening scene but trust me it picks up quickly later on in the episode. I mainly love the characters 😀

  • I ♥ the movie trailer! That is why I dont know if I’m willing to watch the drama. It feels like it’s the kind of story I like to watch in movies, but wonder how it’ll turn out in 10 episodes…
    Oh, I also wanted to share this comment about xxxHolic with you (I posted it on a friend’s blog)

    Hmm, I watched the 5 trailers recently added on WOWOW website and….err, I now fear the worst. How to say it kindly….well, it sorta looks cheap. In some plans, the make-up on Anne looks awful (think B movies) and I’m not speaking of the spooky sequences I’ve seen. I was about to say that I’m afraid Anne may not have “it” to play Yuko (I’ve seen some facial expressions that disappointed me in that it felt “acted”) but I’ll reserve that for when I see at least a whole episode. Show, prove me wrong!

    • Yeah I really wish I could watch the movie because i feel like I am sorta missing out on the backstory. I suppose that the episode format of a drama would suit the story though, since each episode could show different jobs that Gyoten/Tada do. But that can only go so far.

      DARN IT, I attempted to watch the trailers but it wouldn’t let me!! How can they screw it up but still have such gorgeous promo shots?!?! Anyways, I thought Anne was alright after I saw her in JOKER but she doesn’t really stand out enough to me to be a lead role. You would think that they would put the most eye-catching moments in the trailer, right? O_O

      • Gah, I don’t KNOOOOOOOW! There’s another video, with 5 minutes of the first episode. And I have to say (except that Sometani Shouta is LOVE) that the directing looks pretty deft. I can’t pinpoint it, but I think that what bugged me with the trailers was that we had a patchwork of weird scenes and it just didn’t clicked. Also, the actress playing the Jorougumo scares me, in a bad way. She reeks of a bad porn starlet.
        The little excerpt slowly introduces you to the story, and I enjoyed it. Mostly because we have Sometani, but even Anne isn’t bad. It’s just that I think she’s too frail to play the powerful and wild Yuko.

    • Ahaha I can still replay that scene in my head, it was so funny! At first I thought Gyoten would get shocked but then he didn’t so I was all, HM maybe I predicted it wrong. And then TADA GETS SHOCKED, OMG. I cracked up!

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