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Drama Go Go Go is still inching along, slowly but surely.  I’m mainly frustrated with the current love square situation because I feel like everyone is just going around and around in circles and never really progressing any further from where they began.  BUT I’m very excited for Hu Bing’s character YUN KAI!

Ming Ming continues to be all wishy washy, trying to talk herself into the whole ‘I like Eason but I’m not gonna be with him’ thing. I just really want to tell her to step it up and appreciate what she has.  In one scene, Pei Ni tells Ming Ming flat out that she’s envious of her relationship with Eason.  DARN RIGHT, MING MING!!!!!!  STOP MOPING AND CLAIM EASON BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE STEALS HIM!!!  For example, there’s this one scene when Ming Ming sees Pei Ni kiss Eason.  Then Ming Ming goes away all sad and thinks to herself about how just earlier she was so happy being with Eason, but then the thing with Pei Ni ruined her happiness in an instant.  I’m all……what do you expect Ming Ming!?!?!?  Does she really think no one else is gonna claim Eason when she starts pushing him away from her?

Anyways, bless Eason’s heart.   I don’t think Ming Ming & Eason are ready for marriage…and their getting married at this point in Eason’s life would be rather unrealistic.  But Eason’s proposal proves that he is seriously thinking about Ming Ming, and I believe he would choose her over his career.  I guess Eason’s main flaw is that he is too idealistic and he needs to figure out how to balance his personal life with his work.

I am sorta over Pei Ni now.  I thought she was awesome because of her girl power but now she’s being too pushy.  I guess I can’t blame her too much though (yet) because she is still trying to hold onto the hope that she can make Eason like her eventually, and it’s hard for her to let go of her feelings so quickly.

“Even if it’s just reliance, it’s alright.  As long as Jie understands my heart, it’s ok.”

As for Shao Tian, I think his character is just better off as some comic relief.  He can really lighten up a scene but he can also frustrate me A LOT.  I think his feelings for Ming Ming are understandable if you consider them as a kid’s crush. O_O  I don’t think it’s that unusual for a younger guy to secretly crush on an older more mature woman, if she is sort of his ‘idol’.  In this case, I feel like Shao Tian is just crushing on Ming Ming because she’s like his idol, or he is just mistaking his brotherly duties for romantic love.  Either way, I know he’s not right for Ming Ming because he doesn’t understand the consequences of his feelings.  It’s great that he expresses his love for her without holding back, but he is also hurting Ming Ming in the process.  I did feel pretty bad for him when his mom flipped out at him just because he likes Ming Ming though.

So, why am I still watching DGGG even after all of my complaints?  Well…..similar to what a fellow blogger, misscupcakees over at A FairyTale World, said…I think neither Eason nor Shao Tian are right for Ming Ming. O_______O  I know that Ming Ming will end up with Eason in the end (because they are the main OTP) but I just feel like he is not fully suitable for her.  Eason still has a ton of growing up to do, and even if Ming Ming gets together with Eason there is no guarantee that she can have his full undivided attention consistently.  Having a relationship with a celebrity will require great sacrifice, especially on Ming Ming’s part.  And not to point out the age difference issue but…age actually does matter to a certain extent. 

I think that during this time of uncertainty, Ming Ming just needs a reliable and stable man.  So what is my answer?!?!?!  YUN KAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’M SORRY EASON & SHAO TIAN!!!!!  *JUMPS SHIP*  After seeing…literally like 3 scenes with Yun Kai I have been fully converted into a YUN KAI FAN!  So far he and Ming Ming are just acquaintances but I’m looking forward to seeing their future scenes together.  He’s stable, mature, and both kind and straight forward.  WIN-WIN SITUATION!  Really, if I were Ming Ming I would choose him.  Sure she could take the risk with Eason, but sometimes a woman just wants stability in her life….and Yun Kai is a good option!  *wink wink*


Oh, and lastly I just want to say that Henry (Eason’s friend in H.E.) is adorable.  It is so cute that he is trying to become more accomplished in his work so that he can confess to Pei Ni. 

Yun Kai’s entrance is really late but I’m willing to accept his character to break up the mediocrity.  I guess he is sort of a “wild card” character that can save us from this never-ending love square.  Probably at this point, Ming Ming and Eason really just need to take a break from each other.  Ming Ming needs to mend some friendships and find more fulfillment in her work.  She needs to gain confidence on her own without Eason.  Also I think Eason needs to experience what his new life will be like as a full-fledged star, and whether he can truly commit to Ming Ming despite his work.


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A rumored U.S. version of The Legend of Zhen Huan?
Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi: Ep 1
  • ****SPOILER****
    I was hoping someone would take away Eason, preferably to a deserted island, maybe stick Pei Ni on there and her baby daddy…okay pretty much all the cast except Ming Ming and Yun Kai. Yep I said it, I’m off the Shao Tian boat, I finally understood Ming Ming wasn’t going to go complete jailbait, but dang! Yun Kai, is like the hottest thing standing right next to you! How can you not have feelings for him??! He was so nice to her even up until the end, always there looking after her mom and they made such a cute pair. I hate the fact that Ming Ming is so caught up in the Eason crap that she ‘accidentally’ leads him on.

    I honestly cannot and have not been able to ship Ming Ming and Eason throughout the entire run of this drama. I think you’re right about Eason needing to actual get a feel for what it’s really like having a full fledged job, that and he could do without romance in his life for once. The ending was such a meh~ Here’s to hoping I get to see Hu Bing do the actual main lead romancing next time 🙂

    • Yun Kai, is like the hottest thing standing right next to you! How can you not have feelings for him??!

      EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN SHE NOT GO FOR YUN KAI? *does not compute* Yeah Ming Ming is giving very mixed signals to everyone which just annoys me. The least she can do is be more clear about her feelings so that the THREE GUYS who are pursuing her will not get so hurt in the process. O_O But Shao Tian, that guy just does not get it anyways…

      Yes I am all for Hu Bing as a lead!!!!!!! I would watch his drama just for him!!!!!!

      • I think Shao Tian is still pretty much a baby, more so compared to Ming Ming. It’s more first love feelings he has, so in the long run he probably wouldn’t last. However, I do love their friendship, he’s like that go to best friend, who will whine right up until the end, but because he’s such a goody two shoes, he’ll do it for the fact that he still cares, and I think that’s what makes him the most endearing. You know like the way, girls always complain they want a gay guy for their best friend, he’s like that but straight.

        What I find more surprising is that Hu Bing, hasn’t had more lead roles, at his age. I would never have thought him to be in his 40’s, I really do hope someone in dramaland catches on, and casts him for main lead, he’s simply swoon worthy!

        Lol I know, not 1, not 2 but 3 guys after Ming Ming. She’s dorky and sweet, but at the age of 30, I wish she had more of a backbone. I found her sweet in the way she still lives in her dream, and believes that someday prince charming is going to sweep her away…but really, she saw that in Eason? I still can’t fathom what exactly connects them…eh maybe it’s just me.

        • I just want Shao Tian to stay the cute younger brother/BFF. AHAHA yeah it is kinda like you said, he is that unconditional friend that will nag at you and tell you the hard truth…but he still cares a lot. In his own way.

          Yeah how does Hu Bing not have more roles!?!? He is so charming! And LOL at the “really, she saw that in Eason?” I guess the only explanation is that she was a big fan of him beforehand…otherwise I don’t know how Eason = knight in shining armor.

          • If only her mom would have knocked some sense into her regarding Eason. Lol her mom was adorable, actually Yang Li Yin is awesome! She’s like super mom when it comes to mom’s in TW dramas. Hell I think if there was ever a tough call it would be between her and Lin Mei Xiu, for the best moms ever 😀

            Alas Ming Ming ended up with Eason…on the other hand, I do hope Jiro decides to stay a little low from now on, he has way~~~ too many dramas airing. I think I’ve found him in something every season. It’s annoying and he ALWAYS gets the girl. He was cute while getting second lead, I don’t think I quite fancy him the same way as main.

            • I’m not watching any of his other dramas at the moment so I didn’t realize he is in multiple ones this season. But just recently I found out there is another KO One season or something? O_O

              • Lol neither am I, but I have seen his name crop up way too many times. I think he did a total of 3 productions in 2012, and he’s got another one called ‘Fabulous Boys’ coming up as well. Yep another KO, meh, his acting is so so, I don’t really see his screen presence. Oh well, he’s got to make the most of what he has left.

  • Yun Kai is super sexy! Out of all three love lines he is the hottest. *Drool* Ming Ming needs to grow a backbone and learn to love herself before she pursues any relationship. Seriously 30 years old and she is so immature.

    • YES I totally agree with you. *team Yun Kai!*

      Very true, at this point if Ming Ming gets into another relationship I feel like she’ll only be trying to compensate for her unhappiness.

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