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It’s been a while since I’ve last updated, but I’ve been itching to talk about Saikou no Rikon!  I’m happy to say that Saikou no Rikon is my instant favorite of this winter jdrama season, and most definitely a must-watch.

Saikou no Rikon means “The Worst Divorce”.  Based on its title you can already get the gist of it, right?  Actually Saikou no Rikon is really funny and quirky because of the way it approaches divorce & the love square in the story.  Eita, the main character, plays Mitsuo, a very straight-laced OCD kind of guy who always complains about how horrible marriage is.  He’s married to Yuka (Ono Machiko–Gaiji Keisatsu, Magma), his exact opposite, who is cheerful and friendly but is unsatisfied with Mitsuo.  Their marriage is sorta lukewarm and mainly consists of bickering and complaining about each other’s every single fault.  They divorce on what seems to be a whim right in the beginning of the drama. O_O  Props to Saikou for not dragging the divorce on and on for several episodes, like most dramas would’ve done.  Anyways, it turns out that the divorce is based on much more than just their oil-and-water personalities…

Eita’s character is no knight in shining armor.  Mitsuo is really flawed, and at times annoying, but that is actually way better than your usual 1D characters.  Yes he can be annoying, but the way his character is written makes him very interesting and funny.  He’s a self-centered and narrow-minded guy who can only see things from his own perspective.  Ironically he is the only one who has yet to realize his own faults and is oblivious to the way other people perceive him.  This is probably his biggest flaw which also contributes to the divorce, as Yuka believes that he will never understand her, nor will he ever change.

On another note, the humor in Saikou no Rikon is a bit more on the dry quirky side (not sure how else to describe it..) and is much more subtle than a typical rom-com.  I guess it’s the little things that really make the drama, like when Mitsuo randomly throws it his back, when he stalks his old crush while trying not to look creepy, or when he texts Yuka “Is my bonsai plant ok?” after an earthquake.  (<<this all sounds random but you’ll get it if you saw the first couple episodes ;))

Oh, and for the other OTP??  Maki Yoko, whom I just recently saw in Osozaki no Himawari, plays Akari, Mitsuo’s ex-girlfriend from way back in the day.  She’s a refined and elegant character who is sorta married to a philanderer named Ryo (Ayano Go).  Ryo is clearly not committed to his relationship with Akari, but Akari loves him so much that she’s ok with that.  Of course when Mitsuo comes back into the picture, he starts sticking his nose in her business because he is overly concerned for her and also fantasizes over the possibility of getting back together with her.


So far we have yet to see much of Akari & Ryo’s characters since it is only up to the 2nd episode.  But I’m very excited for their characters because of the casting and the excellent script for the drama.  Maki Yoko & Ono Machiko are both great leading ladies so far.  In case you don’t recognize Ayano Go, he was in Cleopatra na Onnatachi and he’s SO HANDSOME!!!  This drama does not do him justice, (so far) they really need to get his hair out of his eyes.  Anyways, Eita has a rather…frumpy (HEH..NO OTHER WORD TO DESCRIBE IT..) look…but WHATEVER.  The most recent Eita drama I saw is Lucky Seven, in which he was young and cool looking but really..I felt like his talent was underutilized in that drama.  I’d much prefer this drama where Eita can really do his stuff even if he doesn’t look as hot.


On another note, go watch the awesome ending song!  Every episode, the ending is a bit different with a few tweaks to each scene.  Somehow the ending is really sophisticated/dorky/sexy/funny all at the same time. 


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