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I really enjoyed these last few episodes because we finally get to see the characters experiencing their lives in full bloom.  We find that maybe having a life in ‘full bloom’ doesn’t mean success, marriage, or a steady job.  Instead it’s more about having people that you care about, a sense of fulfillment and belonging, and the assurance that you’re doing your best to move forward even if it’s just one step at a time.

All of the 6 main character arcs are wrapped up quite nicely in the end.  It’s an uplifting ending, but not too overly happy or cheesy.  The main characters all get an emotional scene where they spill out their deepest darkest secrets, worries, and hopes for the future.  Ayaka reveals that she can’t get over her former lover’s death, but because of her new friends, she’s able to move on.  Haruna finally abandons her good-for-nothing married lover and decides to take control of her own life.  Hiroki gets a happy ending with his alcoholic father and, thanks to Kahori, is motivated enough to advance his career.  Sayori tries to reconcile with her husband, and puts her old feelings for Junichi aside.  Oh, and my favorite Junichi lets go of his family shop, but also accepts a new direction in life.

I suppose you could say that these characters’ endings are more about them being able to let go of their past and move on towards the future.  And of course, it’s all with the help of each other.

Kahori & Juntaro continue their bosom friends relationship.  Really I think it would’ve been fine if they had just stayed besties because they have this sort of chemistry that makes them seem like platonic friends.  Anyways both of them help each other to realize that they have to appreciate what they have now, but they also can’t give up on their goals in life.  In the end, Kahori decides to pursue research in Tokyo rather than staying on as the hospital doctor in Shimanto.  I was surprised by this decision because I really thought Kahori would stay in Shimanto and live happily ever after.  But I suppose it’s more realistic since there’s no way everyone can stay in Shimanto forever.

Oh, and by the way, the very last scene is of Jotaro dorkily giving Kahori a sunflower and then planting a kiss on her.  So I guess we can say that they are officially together.  I’m glad that the drama didn’t dwell on their relationship, nor did it try to force in the usual romantic cliches.  Instead it’s better to just show that they are off to a new start together and leave it at that.

Last but not least, our dear Jotaro begins to find the answers to the questions he’s been asking since episode 1.  He decides to stay in Shimanto for good, and teams up with Junichi to become rice field farmers.  (maybe it sounds like a bit of a stretch but..it doesn’t sound like it in the drama o_o)  He also helps the rest of his friends cope with their past by encouraging them to look forward.


The ending was both satisfactory and sorta open-ended.  I was seriously expecting a “5 years later” scene at the end but THERE WAS NONE!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH.  I don’t know if a second season would just drag it on too long, but the least they can do is GIVE US AN SP.  I still feel this need to see what happens next. T___T

On a side note, most of the fans probably watched Osozaki for Ikuta Toma, but if you think about it, the cast itself is actually really strong.  I especially enjoyed Kashii Yu and Kiritani Kenta’s acting aside from Toma’s.  The supporting characters were all written well and all of their storylines were mixed in with every episode, which is much more interesting than having your usual episodic character arc.  Everything came together at the end which made it a pleasure to watch.

My favorite characters in order:

  1. Junichi
  2. Jotaro
  3. Ayaka
  4. Kahori
  5. Sayori
  6. Haruna
  7. Hiroki


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
The Legend of Zhen Huan: Eps 45-52
Saikou no Rikon: Eps 1-2
  • Thanks for reviewing the drama…so good to know we both enjoyed it. I also was surprised at how much I enjoyed watching this. There are so many moments that strike a chord with me. Very good writing. This drama is better than a lot of movies playing right now, because it has so much depth and complicated feelings. At first, I almost stopped watching the drama because everyone’s character was involved in some kind of complicated, messed up relationship. But then slowly the knots untied, no more dating married men, no more shacking up with strangers… and it was beautiful to watch. It was like a moral/ethics lesson, but done in a very natural, unpreachy way. I LOVED the ending, how their romance blossomed quite unexpectedly. Does this drama reminds you of the animated movie, “Omohide Poro Poro” ? There are a lot of similarities, I think. Anyways, I also relate very strongly with this drama, as a late-blooming flower myself. I am also the same age as the characters, late twenties, also looking for my passion and dream career. So this drama came right at the perfect time.

    • Hey A, so glad you were satisfied with Osozaki! I agree, the drama was like a god-send at just the right time because I could relate to a lot of what the characters were going through. It made me feel a bit more optimistic and hopeful for the future. And it definitely brightened up my days whenever I watched it.

      I haven’t seen Omohide but maybe I will check it out now that you mention it.

  • Hi, comment here to join the group of “Heavy related story life with characters in Osozaki”, hahahaha. I’m in my middle twenties as well, and find that watched this drama is truly touching and revealing. I guess most people in these ages have a similar wondering in their hearts, “What I’m doing right now?”, “Is this life is fulfilling?”, “Am I Happy with my life?”, and the drama strikes very well with the deep message, conveyed in a very enjoyable and natural plot and story line.

    Thank you for your effort to review this beautiful drama, I hope from your writing, a lot more people will watch Osozaki, and be as inspired as possible.

    • EXACTLY I relate so much to the questions the characters all ask themselves. It made me think about my own life and it made me see myself in some of the characters.

      Glad you enjoyed the drama!

  • Hi I started watching Asian dramas a year ago and love your site. And while there are loads of drama sites, especially for K-dramas, it gives a different perspective to read Asian blogs on dramas. i just finished reading Late Blooming Sunflower and naturally read all your reviews! I think it was pleasant, could have been better. But I find that even if its is middling, J-dramas are soothing and make you think. And are somehow realistic-as you say even the rice farming! Also this was a seriously good ad for Shimanto, lol!

    My favourites were Junichi and Sayori. I think they really did justice to their characters. Just the two of them would have made them for a lovely, contemplative movie. I liked all the others too, especially Kashii Yu.

    Will surely be checking back, especially for J-dramas which are barely reviewed on the Net.

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