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All this while, I’ve been trying to figure out whether Osozaki no Himawari is a good, above average, or great drama.  Although I have enjoyed the previous episodes overall, I was sorta stuck between the good/above average view of Osozaki.  Only in eps 6-7 are my feelings of “I LOVE OSOZAKI NO HIMAWARI” confirmed.  I absolutely love it because of all its beautifully written and portrayed characters.

*Note: I will start referring to Dr. Nikaido as Kahori instead.

“I’m 28 and my life still hasn’t started.”

I don’t remember if I talked about this before, but Osozaki no Himawari is essentially about adults who are unhappy with their lives.  All the characters have past experiences that they are trying to cope with, and present struggles that they hide from everyone else around them.  These are all people who are stuck at some point in their lives, and are trying to find a way to move on with their lives . In a way watching Osozaki is..sorta like watching a part of myself because I’ve been at that point way too many times in my life.

^top left pic: BEAUTIFUL scenery all throughout the drama!

Oh, and JUNICHI!!!  My favorite character, aside from Jotaro and Nikaido and Ayaka and..ok I like all the characters.  Except maybe Hiroki’s character is a bit bland.  Anyways, I love Junichi’s struggle in eps 6-7.  He realizes that everything he’s done so far is futile; even Jotaro, an outsider, is more successful in the revitalization team than he is.  On top of that he finally makes a move on Sayori, (Kahori’s sister) his unrequited love, but then stops because he SEES HER WEDDING RING and is reminded that she’s a married woman.  OMG, that moment was so tense and sad!!

I’m slowly warming up to Sayori’s character, who is probably one of the most unsatisfied and unhappy characters of the drama.  She’s stuck in a stagnant unloving marriage with an unappreciative husband.  It must suck for her to realize all that she could’ve done if only she had took the opportunity–she could’ve moved away to Tokyo and gotten a career.  Or she could’ve married someone she actually loves, like JUNICHI.  But I began to sympathize with her when she confides in Kahori that she had never even considered a happiness apart from being married and having children.  Ever since she was a kid, she’s had that path towards happiness set out for her, and all she did was follow it.  How was she to know that marriage may not be true happiness?  How was she to know that she could’ve tried to find a different kind of fulfillment in life?  And what can she do when she realizes it but it feels like it’s too late?

One striking moment is when Haruna, who is about to go through with an arranged marriage, asks Sayori whether she’s happy.  Sayori replies “of course,” but you can just tell that she’s lying through her teeth, trying to act like everything is ok when she knows that her marriage is actually falling apart.  Then Haruna strikes home when she replies “sounds like a lie”.   AHHHHHH.  That part really got to me because of course, there are always moments when someone asks if you’re ok, and you just reply “of course” because you want to hide your pain.

^Did anyone realize that the actress for Ayaka was also the Iron-face teacher in My Boss My Hero!?!?!?  SHE HASN’T AGED A BIT.  In fact, she looks younger!

I’m also loving Ayaka’s character more and more.  The scene where she rejects Jotaro could’ve been your usual flat-out-rejection with no explanation, but instead it was PERFECTION.  Ayaka tears up as she turns to drive away, and then Jotaro realizes that she’s crying and that she has a huge weight on her shoulders.  Just the part where Ayaka tears up left an impact on me.  And then later on she breaks down while staring at a broken plate, as though she’s realizing just how shattered and broken she is. 

I think the thing with Osozaki is that it has very slow build-up.  It seems that episodes 6-7 are where all the build-up from the episodes 1-5 is finally released.  All the little hints at the characters’ secrets are finally revealed bit by bit.  And, just as we are getting to know the characters more with each episode, we are getting to see more of their vulnerability as the drama progresses. 

There was not as much humor in these episodes, but I’m all for this more serious mood.  It is mellow enough to not be too depressing, but melancholy and genuine enough to strike a chord in me.


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