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I’d say these two episodes are monumental because Shao Tian AND Pei Ni both confess!  Hooray for quick second-lead confessions!  However I also feel like Ming Ming & Eason’s relationship is getting more and more draggy by the minute.

Unfortunately I feel like Ming Ming & Eason’s relationship issues are only dragging down the mood of the drama.  There is a way to make a drama both melancholy and humorous at the same time, but I feel like Drama Go Go Go is sorta missing the mark.  At times throughout eps14-15, you can tell they are trying to bring back the cute humorous moments, but then it quickly shifts back to a depressing mood.  Sure, Ming Ming has the right to be sad, but the thing that gets on my nerves is that she mopes around all the time even though she was the one that broke up with Eason.  T___T  Seriously, hearing her brood over how she and Eason aren’t meant to be, seeing her yearningly gaze at Eason from afar, and seeing her reject Eason’s attempts to reconcile OVER AND OVER gets a bit tiring.

The problem isn’t necessarily the break-up, which is an understandable twist, but it’s more HOW they broke up.  At first I thought Eason was to blame, but now I’m thinking that Ming Ming is more of the problem.  I get that the break-up could be justified by her desire to save her dignity, but I also feel like she’s just making excuses so that she doesn’t have to face reality.  I mean, she hardly gave Eason any warning that a break-up was looming around the corner because she never told him about her discontentment or suspicions.  I just feel like her motive for breaking up is based on misconceptions.  Either that, or she’s attempting to do this for Eason’s own good.  Don’t get me wrong, I still adore Ming Ming, but at times I just get frustrated with her because she is clearly in denial of her feelings.  Thankfully Eason is persistent enough to keep on pursuing her and letting her know how much he still loves her.  He is such a sweetie.

“I, Tong Shao Tian, like Wang Ming Ming.”

Anyways, the second leads are really picking up the slack.  Thankfully both Pei Ni & Shao Tian are not the type to back down when they realize their feelings for the person they love.  Shao Tian, true to his word, boldly and casually confesses to Ming Ming like they’re just having a normal conversation.  AHAHA.  One thing I love about Shao Tian is how straightforward and earnest he is. :3   Of course Ming Ming still views him as her lil bro, but I’m wondering if her view of him will change now that she’s aware of his feelings for her.  I think he is really an important part of her life, but she doesn’t acknowledge it especially since she doesn’t want to get his hopes up.

“This time, I don’t want to act anymore.”

Last but not least, Pei Ni is continually impressing me more and more.  She is both an admirable and sympathetic character in that she is brave enough to confess her feelings although she knows she will never be in Eason’s heart.  It’s sad when she confesses because you can see the look in her eyes that says she knows very well just how much Eason likes Ming Ming, but she just can’t let him go.  This is the one time she has a chance at happiness, and yet her opportunity is already taken away because the one man she loves already loves someone else.  Of course, this does sorta get into a cliched love triangle, but I still feel pretty bad for Pei Ni because she knows she won’t get what she wants from the get-go.  An outsider would probably view Pei Ni as mroe successful than Ming Ming, but Pei Ni herself knows that Ming Ming is the luckiest woman in the world.

Although I’m frustrated by Ming Ming, I’m glad that Shao Tian & Pei Ni are getting their chance to shine.  However it’s clear that neither of them have any chance with Ming Ming & Eason, which is rather disappointing.  I really wish that Drama Go Go Go would do things a bit differently and let the second leads at least have a chance to find a place in the main leads’ hearts. 


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