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Drama Go Go Go has definitely mellowed out a lot in eps 9-12, but it still goes back to its humorous roots in ep13.  The second leads also get the chance to get more of the spotlight!

Ming Ming is very mature, and willing to support Eason from afar.  It’s really sweet when she does things like accompanying him on his bike ride home…even though it is a small gesture, it shows just how much she cares for him.  She wants him to succeed more than anyone.  But it feels really bittersweet seeing all of Eason & Ming Ming’s happy scenes together because I know that their happiness wasn’t gonna last.  Even though they are both very understanding & supportive of each other already, Eason’s stardom changes everything up.  Now we get more into the touchy stuff, like Eason’s having to deny he has a girlfriend, his relationships with his coworkers, and Ming Ming having to accommodate to his needs.  It felt like we already got over those issues before, but apparently they still haven’t gone away.  The negative feelings between Ming Ming/Qiong Zhi Mom/Eason will only build up and eventually explode.

The sad part is when Ming Ming realizes that Pei Ni & Eason are closer than she thinks.  I loveee Ruby’s acting in the scene when Pei Ni confides in Ming Ming about Eason’s taking care of her, etc.  You can just see the dazed look on Ming Ming’s face when she starts putting all the pieces together.  Like suddenly, Eason is not the shining knight in white armor that she thought he was.  Ming Ming trusted Eason and poured out her whole heart to him, and yet now she has to dare to wonder..could Eason be lying to her?

“At that moment, the whole world was empty.  Everything that was sweet, bitter, the laughs, tears..the memories that belonged to both of us are now empty.”

And just to make it worse, Ming Ming finds the old letter that Eason wrote long ago, when he wanted to confess his initial motives towards her.  We don’t know if Ming Ming thinks it’s a recent letter, or if she realizes that it’s the letter Eason mentioned a long time ago (when she found him hiding in the country, he asks if she read the letter, but then covers it up when she doesn’t know what he’s talking about).  But either way, it hurts her just the same.  Actually, before I really wanted her to find out the truth so that she wouldn’t be so gullible, but now I feel really bad since she’s taking the hit so hard.  It was heartbreaking hearing her begging Eason to let her go just so she could have a little bit of her dignity left. 🙁

In Eason’s defense, even though he lets her go at first, he ends up running after her & eventually explains his true feelings to her.  But still, Eason pretty much created these misunderstandings himself.  He should’ve been honest about his first intentions when he & Ming Ming started seriously dating.  He also could’ve told her the truth about Pei Ni’s situation.  Unfortunately he ended up digging his own hole deeper and deeper.  Also, there’s no way Ming Ming’s trust in Eason can be restored in such a short time.  He already lost her trust, so now he needs to build it up again and prove his love for her.

“Is there a cut-off age for happiness?”

On to the second leads!  I’m liking Pei Ni more and more, which is a relief because whenever she’s on the screen I actually enjoy it now! It’s great seeing her redefining her goals in life, thanks to Eason’s advice.  Even though she’s a big-name star and seems like she has her life set out for her, Pei Ni shows us that even she can “restart” her life with a clean slate.  And of course, Pei Ni is falling hard for Eason.  It’s funny whenever she’s clearly trying to figure out what Eason thinks about relationships, love, etc.  But it’s also a relief to see a second lead that is ready to pursue her love.  Pei Ni is not an annoying bold girl who chases her man to the ends of the earth no matter what the consequences are.  Nor is she the kind of second lead that watches her love from afar while hoping the best for his life.  Instead she’s confident enough in herself to go out there and confront her love.

I like how she & Eason have a lot in common, like them both being nameless talents that became big stars, etc. etc.  It’s like they have some sort of affinity together in all their scenes, just because they can relate so much to each other.  Actually I kinda hope that Pei Ni & Eason will get together for a while, just to see where things lead them.  Of course I know Eason & Ming Ming will be together in the end, but I just feel that it’s impossible for Eason & Ming Ming to keep pining for each other throughout the rest of the drama.  It’d be better for them to get over each other first, and then get back together later on.


Oh, and SHAO TIAN.  This guy is hilarious.  I think it’s so funny when he tries to write an entire script himself because his mom (Ming Ming’s scriptwriter teacher) and Ming Ming won’t write the script for a second season of their show.  It’s also funny just seeing him bickering with Ming Ming, getting scolded like he’s a kid, and just being adorable in general.

Anyways I think Shao Tian is beginning to get an inkling of his true feelings for Ming Ming, but he doesn’t fully understand them yet.  Maybe he is just extremely loyal and protective (omg he’s like a guard dog O_O) so he thinks he’s just being a good friend/”younger bro”.  But I love the scene when Shao Tian runs after Ming Ming and video tapes her, and then we see the way she looks through the camera.  It’s like you can see the way Ming Ming looks to Shao Tian–a beautiful and admirable lady in his eyes.

I’ve enjoyed these 5 episodes of DGGG even though they have been a bit of a downer.  However they were much easier to watch than say, the episode when Eason runs away because he’s convinced he’s a failure, which was really slow.  It’s sad to see Ming Ming so down and defeated, but I’d say the break-up was necessary for more plot development in the story.  Ming Ming & Eason can’t be together forever, they have to go their separate ways so they can realize how much they mean to each other.

Thankfully episode 13 has a lot of humor which lightens things up a bit.


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