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Although I hyped up the j-drama fall season of 2012, it turned out to just be…ok.  There were, of course, wonderful underrated gems like Hitorishizuka and Going My Home.  There was your above average yet not absolutely amazing dramas such as Osozaki no Himawari, Kekkon Shinai, and Sarutobi Sansei.  And yes, there was the crap that was not worth watching.  Won’t mention any titles there.   Anyways I am looking forward to a clean slate in the winter season.  Got any upcoming jdramas that I didn’t mention here?  Comment down below! 😉

I am most excited for…


Onna to Otoko no Nettai
Notable cast:
Fujiwara Norika, WATABE ATSURO

About: A lady journalist tracks down a dangerous lead but ends up getting entangled with him.
CM (updated to newest CM): 

Bottom line:  Oh man.  Watabe Atsuro in another dark drama.  By WOWOW.  This I have got to see. 


Notable cast: Watanabe Anne (Joker), Sometani Shota
About: Based off of the CLAMP manga xxxHolic.
Bottom line:  THIS GORGEOUS PROMO POSTER JUST BLEW MY MIND.  WOWOW FOR THE WIN.  I am kinda in shock that WOWOW is doing an xxxHolic live action!!!  I cannot wait for the trailer BWAHAHAHAHAA.

I am anticipating these dramas for the cast……..


Nakuna, Hara-chan
Notable cast: NAGASE TOMOYA!!!!
About: Erm the synopsis only confused me, I have no clue what it was saying.

Bottom line:  But it doesn’t matter if I didn’t get the synopsis because……NAGASE TOMOYA IS THE LEAD.  YES!!!!


Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi
Notable cast: Eita, Matsuda Ryuhei
About: Bromance.


Bottom line: Come on, it is EITA and MATSUDA RYUHEI.  AND BROMANCE.  However judging by the CM it is more of an off-beat sort of drama which may not appeal to some people.

I am interested in these dramas because of the synopsis…

Sharehouse no Koibito
Notable cast: Mizukawa Asami, OIZUMI YO (Haken no Hinkaku), Nakajima Yuto

About: The heroine who is down on her luck in her love life moves into a “sharehouse” with two other guys. One of them  has a failed marriage while the other is rather eccentric.  She falls for both of them.

Bottom line:  UMMM the synopsis sounds really AWESOME, I need this in my life!!  I am also excited to see Oizumi Yo (Haken no Hinkaku) because he is just hilarious.


Nageki no Bijo
Notable cast: Kurosawa Kazuko, Yada Akiko, Nakamura Shizuka, Yokoyama Megumi
About: A bitter woman who is an internet troll ends up living with three other gorgeous women.
Bottom line:  This sounds like it could be absolutely hilarious, plus the stills just look quirky and fun.  Probably not a must-watch but I will check it out just for fun.


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    • My bad, this is what happens when I use my phone. Anyway, how did I not know about the xxxholic live-action? That’s something I never thought would happen. I’m looking forward to Eita’s other drama, Saikou no Rikon, since the writer behind Soredemo penned it. Sharehouse no Koibito looks like fun too.

      • I know I hope the live action will be good! Oooo I heard about Saikou no Rikon but didn’t know it’s by the same writer as Soredemo! I will definitely check it out then!!!!!!

  • xxxholic. I cannot believe it. Since the manga was random and weird, I’m sure the drama will be interesting. I am curious if they will take out all the ties to Tsubasa Chronicles since that was it’s sister manga/anime. I’ll have to watch that drama just because my friend FINALLY got me to finish xxxholic the manga this year 😛
    I’d kinda like to see Cardcaptor as a live action now.

    • Hmm I’m thinking I should read the manga or something to prepare for the live action. But like you, I recognize the Tsubasa Chronicles ties. Omg can you even imagine a Tsubasa live action? I can’t O_O

      • I think it would be dang near impossible to do such a fantasy drama as Tsubasa Chronicles. Although, they did make a live action version of Inu Yasha… But no, I think that would be entirely too difficult, and I’m not too sure if people could get their heads wrapped around the whole clone issues CLAMP brings up 😛

        • True it would be way too difficult. Plus the plot is so confusing in the later chapters. T_T But if they ever did pull it off it would probably make a good movie.

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