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I love how the relationships between the characters are constantly changing from episode to episode.  Even though these changes are occurring extremely rapidly, I like that they are not all in-your-face, instead they are often subtly hinted at.  And really, no matter how much I love to stare at Jiro & Lin Geng Xin, I have got to give the props to Ruby, she is phenomenal.

Actually I was beginning to fade out in episodes 6-7.  If you need a refresher, pretty much what happens is that Eason wins over Ming Ming’s mom.  And dramatic scenes on the beach with Ming Ming ominously saying that they should never part.  And for the clincher, Eason goes on a long broody session by running away, leaving behind a good-bye letter, swimming in the ocean while thinking about life, etc.  This is when Drama Go Go Go started to slow down a bit because it was all about Eason’s pity party that we have seen before.  Of course we can all sympathize with his feelings of failure and hopelessness but..I just wish he would wait to see how he did in the drama ratings before jumping to conclusions that he’s a loser. 

Anyways I guess I shouldn’t complain about this because it is all part of Eason’s character development, and he is after all, younger & more immature than Ming Ming.  But do not fear.  All of my gripes about episode 7 were quickly replaced by my love of episode 8!  FINALLY the tides turn and Eason regains his popularity!  I’m much more satisfied now because I wanted him to prove to everyone that his role as Feng Meng is invaluable to the drama.  And of course it definitely makes the drama plotline more interesting now that Eason is a big star. 

And yes, all of you who had unmoving confidence in Eason’s undeniable love for Ming Ming, I WAS WRONG.  I AM FINALLY CONVINCED THAT EASON IS TRULY IN LOVE WITH HER!! o/o/o/  It is so cute when Eason wakes up before Ming Ming, and then he pretends to be asleep!  It is also great to see what an impact both of them make on each other, simply by giving each other their company & support.  At times their maturity really strikes me, because it seems they are already past the romantic love stage, and into the companion-love stage.

Eason: “Don’t change for me.”

Ming Ming: “It’s too late.  I’ve already changed a lot.”

But really, what it all comes down to is…………RUBY.  OMG.  Without her, I highly doubt I would be this invested in the Eason x Ming Ming pairing.  The quote that really gets me is when Ming Ming says that she’s already changed.  And I love it even more because we can really see that she has changed, not in a drastic way, but in a more realistic and gradual way.  Ming Ming is becoming more and more beautiful, not because of her less-curly hairdo or her slightly more feminine wardrobe, or her love-life.  She’s more beautiful simply because she’s happier and she’s more confident with herself. 

Ruby’s acting is absolutely superb throughout these few episodes.  There are so many moments when normally I wouldn’t have been very moved but Ruby’s interpretation of Ming Ming just sells me every time.  Somehow Ruby just really completes the scene, even though Jiro is a strong actor as well. 

Another monumental development in episode 8 is……..THE BROMANCE!!!!!!!  YES IT IS FINALLY HERE!!!  Shao Tian begrudgingly accepts Eason’s love for Ming Ming, although he doesn’t necessarily trust Eason just yet.  I like that he is willing to compromise a bit and make concessions for Ming Ming’s sake.  He knows just how much she likes Eason, so he will try to give in a bit.  I think the best part is when Eason offers Shao Tian a fist pump, and Shao Tian gives in!  He even offers to give Eason a ride to see his Jie!  AWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and is it just me, or is Shao Tian/LGX even hotter in these episodes or what?!?!? 

Ok something very strange is happening.  I am………actually really liking Pei Ni’s character now. O________________O  I never thought it could happen but Pei Ni is really growing on me now that we can see more of her genuine self.  Pei Ni is that sort of character that represents a woman’s struggles against the expectations of society–we get to see her vulnerability, in that she feels trapped by her circumstances, and is forced to put on a mask for the sake of survival.  And probably one of the best scenes is when Pei Ni realizes that she and Eason really are not all that different…in fact, she’s just like Eason. 

Of course in ep8, after Eason becomes popular, I questioned Pei Ni’s kindness towards him.  I wondered whether she is only making friends with him because of his status.  But now that I think about it, there are signs before then that she was beginning to warm up to him.  Also she feels she can actually connect to his experiences because they are so alike.  So I don’t think she’s just trying to get close to him with ulterior motives.  And I highly doubt that Eason will be swayed by Pei Ni because he is so faithful to Ming Ming.

I love the direction that Drama Go Go Go is going in.  Eason’s rise to stardom will finally shake Ming Ming & Eason’s confidence in each other, which will only make them grow closer in the end.  Even though it will be painful, it is essential for their relationship to grow.  I think my favorite scene in ep8 is when Eason has this look of fear that Ming Ming is changing just to accommodate his stardom.  It is a sad moment because it’s like he’s realizing that things will never be the same if he chooses to advance his career.

I want to see Pei Ni become a true rival for Ming Ming…at this point she is not even close to Ming Ming’s charming charisma and innocence, so I hope that her character development will improve and make her a more well-rounded character.


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Drama Go Go Go: Eps 3-5
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