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With all of the heavier dramas that I’m watching right now, I am very eager to change up the mood with Drama Go Go Go!!  Five episodes in and it is still going strong with a solid script, a charming cast, and a very addicting plot.

^top left pic: I’m sure we’d all have the same reaction to Jiro..

First of all, I know I talked about how I was frustrated with Ming Ming in my first post, but really…who can blame her for melting before Eason/Jiro’s very presence?  I mean, who wouldn’t give into Jiro, especially when he does all of this chivalrous white-knight-on-the-horse stuff every time he’s with Ming Ming!?!?  Even though I know it’s all an act in which Eason is aiming to act like the “ideal man” that appeals to Ming Ming……..part of me really wants to believe him.  And when he does all this stuff like telling her to erase her past, giving her piggy-back rides, protecting her pride in front of her ex-boyfriend, etc. etc. it is no wonder that Ming Ming is smitten by him.  Eason is one of the few guys who actually makes her feel like she’s worth something both as a woman and as a script-writer.

On a side note, I do not know what is up with Jiro’s wardrobe and hairstyle.  What is up with the pink shirt and the blue scarf? I mean WHY did they add the blue scarf?  And a leopard print tee-shirt??? REALLY?  As for his hairstyle, at times they gel it into this odd hairdo that is supposed to look like he has a perm but it just ends up looking odd.  And when his hair isn’t gelled it’s really uneven.  I have no idea what the stylist is thinking..

^middle left pic: Shao Tian innocently holding ingredients to make Ming Ming’s breakfast

As for Shao Tian, (Lin Geng Xin) HE IS SO ADORABLE!  I LOVE HOW HE WORRIES OVER MING MING AND SCOLDS HER AND MAKES HER BREAKFAST.  He is so protective of her and suspicious of Eason that he even gets into a drinking contest with Eason!!!!  And the kicker is that he seriously believes that they just have a good friend/brother-sister relationship, nothing more than that.  AHAHA we all know how that goes! I can’t wait to see how he develops deeper feelings for her!

Also, interestingly enough, he says that if he really did like Ming Ming, then he wouldn’t back down.  I really hope that he stays true to his word because I am sick and tired of the second lead that always just watches the female lead from the background, protecting her like a guardian angel and sacrificing his love just to make her happy.  I really hope that Shao Tian will not be that kind of guy once he realizes his feelings, because at this point, he is simply her guardian angel. 

Ming Ming really does not know how lucky she is to have these two guys that care for her so much.  And I mean, who is lucky enough to wake up in the morning in the middle of Lin Geng Xin and Jiro?

Shao Tian has cared for her from the start, always being brutally honest with her and yet still supportive enough to challenge her to face her obstacles.  He also works behind the scenes by warning off Eason & her ex to try to avoid her getting hurt in the future. I actually really enjoy Ming Ming’s scenes with Shao Tian, not just because I’m a LGX fan, but because that’s when we get to see Ming Ming’s most vulnerable side.  Shao Tian always gives her his tough love when she needs it most; Ming Ming may want someone super supportive like Eason when she’s at her lowest point but…truth is, I think Ming Ming is so idealistic that she really needs someone realistic like Shao Tian to talk some sense into her.  The sad part is that Ming Ming doesn’t seem to regard him as someone who makes her feel loved. 

Eason on the other hand, despite his acting, is actually encouraging Ming Ming to be more confident and look on the brighter side of life.  He’s the guy that tells her to forget the past and liven up her life a bit.  No matter what Eason’s motives are, it’s undeniable that Ming Ming is finally taking the initiative to take pride in her work and in herself.  I think this is probably part of the hole that Eason is digging himself deeper and deeper into.  He’s getting so involved with Ming Ming that he may reach the point of no return.  If he actually falls for Ming Ming, then that will put him into some deep doodoo because she will have fallen for his facade, not necessarily his true self.

It’s hard to take a real stance on whether Eason’s mission to kiss up to Ming Ming is right or wrong.  The first glaring issue that I see with this endeavor is that Eason’s priorities are all wrong.  Staying in the entire drama does not necessarily mean that Eason will regain his popularity.  Instead he needs to focus on becoming such an unforgettable character that there’s no way the producer can kick him out.  I get that Eason is a hard worker, but he needs to realize that if he’s not delivering a solid performance in the first place, then even staying in the drama all the way through will not do him much good.

Secondly even though Eason has a conscience and feels bad for taking advantage of Ming Ming, that still doesn’t stop him from doing it. No matter how much good he’s doing by lying to Ming Ming, in the end it’s all lies and deception.  (But at this point it is hard to tell since the drama does not really show the difference between the “fake Eason” and the “real Eason” yet, we don’t really know how sincere/fake he is)  It’s like that conflict when you wonder, is it better to lie to a child just because that beneficial white lie won’t hurt them?  Or is a lie a lie no matter what its consequences? 

I am both touched and annoyed by Ming Ming’s gullibility.  T_____T  I think it’s really sweet of her to want to help Eason to repay him for helping her out through her tough times.  But I also feel that she is just refusing to look at Eason in a more skeptical view.  She thinks he is this heroic, kind soul that can do no wrong in the world and therefore cannot bear to think of him as taking advantage of her.  As for Pei Ni, her storyline is still extremely boring.  It is very disappointing that Drama Go Go Go made her into a boring character AND miscast her.   And since the other main characters are so endearing, Pei Ni’s blandness really stands out in comparison.

Overall these few episodes are very enjoyable with great humor, your usual drama hijinks, and some touching dialogue.  I love it when Ming Ming talks with her mom & Shao Tian to reveal that maybe she is not as happy-go-lucky as she might seem; she too has worries over being a single woman in her 30’s and feels bad for not being in a relationship.  She is growing more and more on me, though I cringe to see what might happen when everything comes crashing down.

And don’t get me wrong, I love Eason’s character but I also feel like he’s a bit too much of a ‘perfect guy’ at this point.  Sure he has shown his weaknesses, but we have yet to see his deepest darkest flaws.  Even his taking advantage of Ming Ming is depicted in a positive light, by giving him a conscience and making it seem like, “well, he didn’t really want to but..he had to.”


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  • Well, throughout all of this Eason is falling for Ming Ming’s bubbly personality. Initially he was using her but as he spends more time with her he is no longer using her but actually falling for her. They are both balancing each other out which is what makes their chemistry work so well. This is why I am falling in love with them! I love watching them on screen!
    But mannn, Shao Tian! It is so obviously that he likes Ming Ming! But he is unwilling to admit it. It is either a. he does not know yet that he likes her or b. he is scared to like her. Like you said, when he said he won’t back down, I hope he stays tru to his words.

    • I think Eason is beginning to understand Ming Ming’s true worth, which helps him be so spot-on whenever he gives her advice/compliments. But I still feel like he’s keeping up the persona of the “prince” when he’s with Ming Ming. I hope they will show some more differences in the way he interacts with Pei Ni vs. Ming Ming. I don’t like Pei Ni much but I like that she and Eason are on totally different pages.

      I think Shao Tian seriously doesn’t know that he likes her yet. I really want him to realize his feelings so that Eason will have a new rival, bwahaha.

      • Really? I don’t feel that way. I actually think that Eason is truly falling for her and shows his true colours when he is around her. He is just really comfortable around her. Ahhh, yeahh, I like that Pei Ni and Eason are on different pages too! They have a different of communicating with each other and Eason is showing a different side of him towards Pei Ni now that he knows that she is not that bad of a person.

        Ahahahas, I don’t know. Shao Tian shows signs of it, but maybe that is just confusing himself. Ahahahahs! Let’s bring on our third male lead! That will make competition!

        • I don’t know, I guess I just tend to question him when he does stuff like the accidental kiss (which makes me wonder if it was really accidental) or when he looks at Ming Ming’s expressions in the mirror to “read her mind” and predict what she’s thinking. Maybe I’m to skeptical!!

  • The prefect man for Ming Ming is a combo of Eason and Shao Tian. Eason is good in that he is helping her become more confident and allowing her blossom so to speak. She really needs help coming out of her shell. Shao Tian is great as well with his dose of reality and TLC, but he just doesn’t have 100% of what Ming Ming really needs, though he’s pretty darn close.
    Eason, for the most part, I think is rather natural with Ming Ming. Sure, he’s using her and you can tell the parts in the drama where he’s really focusing on trying to up her crush to keep his character in the drama, but I think he’s more himself then even he realizes. And all the stuff he does for her…isn’t just because of the drama. Well…some of it’s guilt and repayment and sure some of it is to keep his role, but you can see this part of him that honestly can’t help but try to comfort and help Ming Ming let go of her past and start living her life again.
    I am also liking Pei Ni more and more. She’s not seen much in these episodes, but I liked her dressing Eason down for concentrating on the number of episodes vs. the quality of his acting. I also liked the “sorry” scene. It was interesting how Ming Ming saw Eason’s limitations and also realized how she could make the script better without all that long and rather trite and overdone in dramas dialogue. Our cast is all growing.
    Now if only Shao Tian can admit that Ming Ming is NOT his sister, but the woman he loves…

    • Nice point, that is probably what Ming Ming needs. And maybe a bit more mature version of the Eason&Shao Tian combination?

      I suppose Eason is just a good guy at heart which is why they managed to make the using-Ming Ming-issue not that bad. Later on I realized that his efforts became genuine somewhere down the line.

      Pei Ni is pretty awesome but I’m scared that they will make her into a jealous manipulative second lead.

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