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If you watched the first couple episodes and was sorta interested, but not fully invested yet, I’d advise you to watch the next few episodes.  Episodes 1-2 were enjoyable for me, but I also admit they were kinda slow because of all the character set-up.  Starting from ep3, Osozaki no Himawari picks up it space and seems to have really found its niche.

In a way Osozaki no Himawari is a coming of age story..except with adults.  Episode 3 is all about Nikaido’s struggle to accept herself and her circumstances.  At first she seemed like an unrelatable character because everyone puts her on a pedestal and praises her as a beacon of success.  Turns out she feels like a failure.  I guess you could even say she’s even an underdog character.  So far I love Nikaido’s character because she is your classic example of someone who is gravely disappointed in themselves and unsure about their future.  I also like the contrast between her & Jotaro, in that Jotaro is all happy-go-lucky even though he never had a steady job, whereas Nikaido is miserable despite her distinguished profession.  At times her “woe is me” attitude can get a bit annoying, but overall we see that she really is trying her best to catch up. 

Eps 4-5 were a BLUR.  Ever since ep3, all of the episodes have been flying by super quickly, that is how much I enjoyed them.  So I won’t spoil you on what happens but I will just say that ep4 really gave me some pangs and ep5 is more of a transition into the full-blown love square issues. 

On a more light-hearted note………TOMA.  His character, Jotaro, ALWAYS cracks me up with his happy-go-luckiness and awkwardness.  I say awkwardness because whenever he’s with his new crush, it’s like he reverts back into a giddy teenager who’s just experienced his first love.  In case you’re wondering, Jotaro falls for a woman who’s already living with……….NIKAIDO’S EX-BOYFRIEND.  HOW’S THAT FOR A LOVE SQUARE?  BWAHAHA.  And the side-stories for the supporting characters includes TWO AFFAIRS.  O______O 

I think Osozaki no Himawari is sorta the middle ground between a mediocre drama and a good drama.  In terms of dialogue, it’s not exactly preachy but it’s not very subtle either.  The narrative voice-overs feel a bit forced in that they’re trying to make Jotaro sound all deep and broody even though he doesn’t seem to be that kind of guy.   Also sometimes it feels like the writer is trying to force in a certain “theme” for that one episode.

However the drama is very character rich, with plenty of endearing and memorable characters.  There is a sort of sense you get that makes you feel like you really are experiencing the everyday struggles of the characters portrayed.  I also enjoy the acting and the supporting cast..although I question Maki Yoko’s acting at times, I love seeing Kiritani Kenta, Kashii Yu, and Kuninaka Ryoko (Brother Beat). 

At this point I’m not quite sure what to classify Osozaki as because it’s not quite a full-on human drama, but not quite a romance either.  But somehow, it just works.  It is more for those who want more of a “quiet” or “mellow” drama to watch, there is some humor/romance/life lessons, but not an overload of any of them.


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