Music Recs: Ancient Chinese OST Round-Up



Here’s a quick round-up of some wonderful ancient OST songs–and I made an effort to make sure they are all English subbed! 😉


Qin’s Moon (The Legend of Qin) – Opening Theme Song

(Note: I linked to an episode so that you can see the subs for the theme song.  The song ends at 1:30.)

If you haven’t heard of the Legend of Qin, it’s a very successful Chinese 3D fantasy animation.  In terms of the graphics, it’s not quite anime and not quite a cartoon…it’s a bit more similar to what you would see in an RPG game.  Anyways I gotta say that I LOVE the theme song for the Legend of Qin! 


The Legend of Zhen Huan – Opening Theme Song

I know, I know, I ALWAYS talk about the Legend of Zhen Huan’s theme song but..I just can’t help myself.  Many Chinese theme songs will have a sugary, fairy-tale feel to them, whereas the Legend of Zhen Huan’s OST is much more alluring. 

Return of the Condor Heroes (2008) – Unparalleled in the World by Jane Zhang

Jane Zhang is one of my favorite Chinese singers, particularly because of her amazing theme songs.  The theme song for ROCH is haunting, especially with all of Jane’s high notes!

Schemes of a Beauty: Opening Theme Song Falling Flowers by Ruby Lin

The past 2 songs I mentioned are pretty serious, so here’s a bit more of a ‘lighter’ song for you.  Like I said there are many songs that are more “sugary” than others, and this is one of them.  I love the melody, especially during the intro, and Ruby’s voice is beautiful! 

Bu Bu Jing Xin: Three Inches of Heaven by Yan Yidan

I don’t even know if I should recommend this song since I’m pretty sure most of you already know of it!  But here it is anyways.  I think it’s pretty much a given that after the BBJX craze, its theme song “Three Inches of Heaven” is an instant favorite. 

Got some favorite ancient Chinese OST songs that I didn’t mention?  Share them in the comment box below.  To share a youtube video, simply copy & paste the video link into the comment.  The video should show up after you post it, but sometimes it doesn’t for some reason.  If it doesn’t I will make sure to post it for you.


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    • Thanks for the recs, I especially like the song for the Tale of the Orient Serpent. And I also like how some of the songs for Xuan Yuan Sword are more of a fusion genre.

  • This one is suuuuuuuper old, I can’t even remember how old I was when my mum watched it but I stumbled per accident on it and I still like it ^^

  • Btw, I’m terribly sorry dat all those links I post on your blogs seems to be not working -.- no idea why -.- I’m so sorry for the inconvenience –“

    • No problem, Rose I updated it for you. It’s a beautiful song and the pictures in the video are so pretty! I wonder if they are of characters in the drama? *w*

  • Replying super late –” but yes, those are the characters of the drama ( Palace of Desire or 大明宫词) ^_^, I think this is one of Zhou Xun’s first drama’s haha ^^

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