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So, the first things that come to mind when you think of Drama Go Go Go are probably: Jiro Wang and Ruby Lin (with an overdone perm).  BUT WAIT.  SOMEHOW I missed that little yet HUGELY IMPORTANT detail that LIN GENG XIN IS THE SECOND MALE LEAD.

o/o/o/o/o/o/o/o/o/o/o/o/o/o/o/o/o/o/o/o/o/o/o/o/  I MUST WATCH.

The Good

“Love always appears unexpectedly.  When you are the most haggard, when you are the most lost, when you think your 30 year old life has dried up.  Love has come.”

At first Drama Go Go Go seems like your typical older-woman x younger guy rom-coms–it starts with a whimsical rain scene and dreamy narration about love suddenly appearing.  But thankfully it lightens up the mood a bit and shows that it is not necessarily your typical age-difference romance.  Drama Go Go Go pokes some fun at the usual drama stereotypes which makes it feel fresh and humorous.  Also the cast has amazing chemistry which made episodes 1-2 very solid and gave the drama a good momentum right from the get go. 

I had my misgivings about Ruby Lin playing the older lady but she’s actually PERFECT as Ming Ming, a very innocent woman in her 30’s.  At times you just want to shake her and tell her to FORGET THE FAIRYTALES and face up to reality, but at other times you just want to hug her and promise her that her prince really will come.  Ming Ming is that sort of child-like, pure and uncorrupted character that makes her very rare for her age…which is why I both admire her and shake my head at her.  😛

Jiro plays Eason, an ex-idol who used to be famous but is now down in the dumps.  He lands the lead role in a drama that Ming Ming is writing, and then tries to use his charms on Ming Ming to keep his role.  Sounds kinda far-fetched but somehow it works.  Plus Jiro is perfect with his funny expressions, puppy eyes, cuteness, and hotness.  At first I started watching Drama Go Go Go for Jiro BUT THEN…………


LIN GENG XIN!!!!!!  If you don’t recognize him, he was 14th in Bu Bu Jing Xin.  (I’ve been a fan of his ever since then.)  SORRY JIRO…I MUST JUMP SHIP.  MY LOYALTIES LIE ELSEWHERE.  EVEN THOUGH LGX IS THE SECOND LEAD I WILL SHIP HIM ALL THE WAY.  BWAHAHAHAA.

Anyways, Lin Geng Xin plays Shao Tian, a guy who LIVES WITH MING MING and is like a brother to her.  (but of course we all know he’ll have FEELINGS for her later *CAN’T WAIT*)  Part of me doesn’t want to see my dear LGX get his heart broken but….I MUST WATCH.  LGX ALL THE WAY.

Anyways, on to list the reasons why I love Shao Tian (and not just because he’s LGX).  First of all, his relationship with Ming Ming consists of the two of them making faces at each other, bickering, and cracking jokes.  Shao Tian also COOKS AND CLEANS.  (ok, if the cooking part didn’t catch you then I don’t know what will.)  He even punches her jerk of an ex-boyfriend.  He also sees Ming Ming in her most vulnerable state–whenever she’s down he will always try to find a way to cheer her up.  However this doesn’t stop him from trying to talk some sense into her when he senses that she’s going down the wrong path or getting duped by some guy (*cough* Eason).  Don’t get me wrong I also love Jiro and fangirl over him but…I have a soft spot for Lin Geng Xin’s character now. T_______T  Yes, I am totally biased towards him from here on out. 

The Bad

“Maybe the best thing about never accomplishing anything is that you have nothing better to lose.”

NUMBER ONE GRIPE on my list:  Ruby’s giant perm HAS GOT TO GO.  Sure it looks cute at times and can actually frame her face nicely but OMG, not every woman who is past their youthful days of glory has huge curly hair!!!!!!

Next I like Ming Ming’s character but also wish she would be a bit more…sharp?  I like her sweet disposition but whenever she buys into Eason’s smooth talk so easily, I think, “COME ON, YOU ARE REPRESENTING GIRL POWER NOW, DON’T GET TRICKED.”  We have all anticipated a knight in shining armor before, but eventually you have to face up to reality.  Ming Ming is living in a fantasy sort of world that will have to break at some point. I am just frustrated whenever she ignores things that are as clear as the nose on her face.

Lastly, the second female lead, Pei Ni, is a bland and disappointing character so far.  She is supposed to be this great actress (her character, I mean) but her own stage presence just does not own up to that of Ruby, Jiro, or LGX’s.  I also do not see that much chemistry between her and Jiro, but we’ll see how that goes.

It might be too early to call the shots, but I’d say that China has another hit on its hands because the first 2 episodes were just that good.  Drama Go Go Go is still your classic rom-com, but I’d say it’s worth watching because at times you need a drama that will get you to just laugh and go along with it.  Also as I mentioned earlier, the cast is excellent (aside from whoever is playing Pei Ni) with awesome chemistry. 


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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  • Lin Geng Xin looks soooo~ hot! Modern gear totally gives him a new look. Why isn’t he the lead??! As much as I love Jiro it would have been nice to see him as the leading man, then again the sound of his character even as a second, sounds a bit more appealing. I’m sensing second lead shipping. I think I’m going to wait for a few more episodes of this one, until I jump on the bandwagon. Hope you have a few more posts to come on this one 😀

    • I think LGX is very good competition for Jiro. He is super cute and tall and AHHHH. I agree I wish LGX would get the girl but then again, the second leads always have the awesome characters. T_T

      I believe 4 episodes are already out! Hope to hear what you think of it if you watch it

  • Ok, I hate age difference dramas, but you’ve convinced me to give this one a shot. Do you know of a good way to check ratings in mainland China, btw? I’ve always wondered what the drama tastes are like over there.

    • Yes so far it seems less like an age-difference drama and more like a straight-up rom-com. I’m not sure if they will delve more into the age difference issues.. (and hopefully they won’t)

      Hmm I’m not sure how to find the ratings, sometimes they are up on dramawiki but usually they aren’t. T_T

  • I had this first impressions post stored for Drama Go Go Go since I watched the first episode… and I totally forgot to publish it until I saw your review haha. I found myself nodding my head at the good and bad points you mentioned! To be honest, I was not expecting anything good from the trailer, but Ruby, Jiro, and 14 prince did it for me. Like you, i wish Ming Ming could ditch her curly hair and her too-gullible side (although sometimes she surprised me with her sudden realism, like during her mother-daughter convos).

    • I am so glad you commented because somehow I have not yet followed your blog up until now. *follows* I’m looking forward to your first impressions post!

      Yes, possibly because I didn’t have very high expectations, Drama Go Go Go turned out to be a very refreshing surprise! I also wish Ming Ming would be a bit more realistic of a character. She is really cute but just not someone I can relate to a lot. But of course Drama Go Go Go is a rom-com and stark realism isn’t to be expected.

  • I watched the first episode around Thanksgiving and only now just got to watch the second episode. I can forgive Ming Ming’s hair just because if you’ve watched kdrama Full House Take 2…that hair is infinitely worse. I was trying and trying to figure out why LGX looked soooo familiar (I picked this up solely for Jiro :P) and then it occurred to me when I finally marathoned Bu Bu Jing Xin. Ah, 14th prince, I have missed you. It’s interesting. What amazes me the most is during the acting scenes where Maggie and Jiro are together, to me they both sucked. Maggie’s acting seemed just as horrible as Jiro’s, yet Eason was the one getting NGs. It was funny. Also, how is it Eason can act when he isn’t on camera (him “seducing” Ming Ming) but he can’t act to save his life on camera?
    Anywho, looking forward to more of this drama and the leading actors.

    • NeeNee happy holidays! Yeah later on in the drama, Ming Ming’s hair magically gets less and less curly. Instead it becomes more of a wavy perm, not a super curly one. Thank goodness.

      Yeah I think it’s funny Pei Ni is supposed to be a bigshot actress but her acting in the scenes isn’t that great anyways T_T

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