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ONE WORD: EPIC.  This movie made my day…maybe even my year.  Conspiracies, new SPEC holders, new villains, moral dilemmas, AND on top of all of that, there is a back story for Sebumi & lots of humor! 


^middle pics: Yes, that is Sebumi wearing an odd reflector…cape hoodie… and Toma sniffing a fake gyoza. 

I was a bit dismayed by the opening scene(s) of the movie because they were just boring and seemed out of place.   All I was thinking was…WHERE’S TOMA & SEBUMI!?!?!?!?  Well, thankfully the movie picks up pace once Toma & Sebumi enter the picture.  I don’t know if it’s even possible, but I think that these two are even MORE quirky and awesome than before.  It’s like, SPEC can only get better and better..first the SP, now the movie. 

If you haven’t seen the special yet, you should definitely watch it before watching the movie.  The movie picks up where the SP left off, so if you haven’t seen the SP, you will only be incredibly confused.  Anyways, I like that the focus of the movie is all centered around a government/SPEC-holders show-down.  It is much more interesting than your standard solve-the-case episodes that we saw in the drama.  And THAT’S RIGHT, Ninomae is BACK!  Ninomae is just too good of a villain to eliminate, and of course it made me put my thinking cap on to wonder…HOW DID HE COME BACK!?!?  (I won’t spoil you on the answer because the twist is that good..)  If you’re thinking, “well Toma defeated him once, she can do it again” YOU’RE WRONG.  (sorta)  This Ninomae is such a threat that Toma estimates she has a 1% chance of beating him. 

Moving on, SPEC is a MASTER of balancing humor along with serious moments.  Sebumi & Toma cracked me up more times than I could count with all of their shenanigans.  Right in the middle of an extremely serious scene, all of a sudden Sebumi or Toma will pull a stunt and ruin the moment.  This movie may not have done much to differentiate itself from the drama/SP, but it definitely has much more humor & delicate moments than before.  There are multiple scenes that got me right in the gut, only to follow up with lots of laughter and relief.

^top left pic: Yes, that is Sebumi wearing his hoodie while protecting Mirei, who’s walking around in a trashcan.  <it totally makes sense
top right pic: Sebumi’s face when he finds out he might have a daughter

GUESS WHAT, SEBUMI HAS AN EX-GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!  AHAHA just that thought alone is funny for some reason. O_O  I was super surprised to see Kuriyama Chiaki appear as Sebumi’s girlfriend, Aoki, who’s a special agent (duh) who used to live overseas!  It’s hilarious when Toma goes, “What, what, Kill Bill?”  AHAHA. 

Anyways, on to the more serious implications of Sebumi’s past relationship with Aoki…I feel that the movie only brushed the surface of a much bigger issue at hand because there is clearly SO MUCH MORE to the story.  Apparently Aoki & Sebumi had a daughter together (unbeknownst to Sebumi) but this daughter has completely different DNA.  *confused*  Plus she’s a powerful SPEC holder who seems to be the key to some bigger conspiracy!!!!  So there are still lots of questions that are left unanswered: Does Sebumi still have feelings for Aoki?  What will Sebumi do now that he has a daughter?  Is this so-called daughter even Sebumi’s? Does the daughter have something to do with the ‘prophecy’ the movie refers to?  What exactly is her power and why did she teleport herself to Ninomae?



“What we should do is lead history along the right path.”

Toma goes through a moral dilemma, as she struggles to come to terms with her duty as a police officer and her identity as a SPEC holder.  She questions whether the police is truly upholding justice when it is simply treating SPEC holders as inhuman creatures. This uncertainty causes her SPEC to go out of control (or is her SPEC actually overpowering her?) and forces her to shoot at Sebumi.  I was a bit confused at this point because it seems that 1) Her SPEC overpowered her, and is impossible to destroy 2) Her SPEC is influenced by her emotions 3) Some sort of being was actually possessing Toma.  Was it her SPEC talking to Sebumi? Or was it an actual being?  NO CLUE. 

Anyways, it was a heart wrenching moment when Toma comes back to her senses and starts crying while asking why Sebumi didn’t shoot her.  Then Sebumi replies that he couldn’t bring himself to shoot her.  AUGHHHHHH.  I think this is proof #1 that Sebumi is loyal to Toma. Interestingly enough, the chief comes through YET AGAIN as an awesome character that points Toma in the right direction and thus resolves her identity crisis.  (I think it’s also noteworthy to point out that the chief knows way more than I thought he did at first..what isn’t he telling Toma & Sebumi?!?!)

“How did my life get dragged into yours?”

There is a kick-butt show-down between Ninomae, Toma, and Sebumi.  To put it briefly, Sebumi is indestructible and Toma is a genius.  And Proof #2 of Sebumi’s loyalty to Toma is that HE SHIELDS HER FROM BULLETS.  SEBUMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Omg I really want to call him Takeru now *on first-name basis with Sebumi*)

“Whether you move on as a spec holder or as a normal person, you are you.  For me, that will never change.  That’s what drives me.”

Sebumi is also the sweetest guy ever–this time instead of telling her to give up her SPEC (as he did in the SP), he encourages her to choose either path.  :'( PROOF #3.  Also the ending is freaking awesome when Sebumi’s heart rate goes to zero and Toma revives him with her strong garlic gyoza breath.  AHAHA.  Only in SPEC would this happen.

The movie also has its share of weak points–i.e. the odd storytelling in the beginning, tons of confusing dates that didn’t really matter, the CGI (a big glaring issue..), OST…Maybe it is budget issues but I think SPEC could’ve made a bit of a better effort in some of the CGI and OST. However all of these are only minor details; if you look at the whole picture, the movie is EPIC.

There are plenty of amusing moments, along with suspense and angst and all that good stuff.  Of course let’s not forget that Toda Erika & Kase Ryo’s chemistry is like no other.  We don’t even need them to hug or kiss or anything because just them being side by side is enough.  I also enjoy the direction SPEC is heading towards–more about the bigger forces moving SPEC-holders forward, less about the small SPEC-related cases.  The ending clearly implies that there is room for either another movie, SP, or drama season.  (PLEASE LET IT BE A DRAMA SEASON.)  Obviously a plot involving Sebumi’s DAUGHTER is too good to pass up.  AND Toma has her SPEC back so that is another plus.  OH, and did I forget to mention, I think that Mukai Osamu is the next new baddie!!!!!!!  They don’t show his face in the movie but we hear his voice.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Lastly on a random side note, I was a bit disappointed that Toma didn’t summon more of the old SPEC users like she did in the SP.   Also it was sad seeing Mirei go…she was one of the few awesome lady SPEC holders that was on Toma & Sebumi’s side. 

Oh, and don’t get me wrong, I still love the SPEC theme song Nami no Yukusaki:


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