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 Most of these dramas’ broadcasting dates have yet to be announced, so I just put these all together in a post since I have no clue when they’re airing.  However the cast & synopses of these dramas are AWESOME and I have reason to be expecting something from the upcoming c-drama and tw-drama seasons!  Have any c-dramas or tw-dramas that you’re looking forward to that I missed?  Let me know!

Agent X
Notable cast: Luo Jin, Tang Yan
Short rundown: Obviously an agent drama, with a LADY AGENT as the main character. There will also be romance between her and another agent!! AHH!

Bottom line:  China has the potential to deliver us an awesome agent’s just that it hasn’t…YET.  How AMAZING is it that the main character is a lady agent???????  Not a guy?  Meaning she will be kicking butt and REPRESENTING!  GIRL POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Also all the stills look AWESOME, it looks like they are putting in an effort for a polished production judging off the stills.   Oh, and the guy agent she’s gonna fall in love with isn’t all that badlooking either 😛 This is probably the c-drama I’m most excited about!!

Lan Ling Wang (King of Lan Ling)
Notable cast: ARIEL LIN!!!!!!

Bottom line: Ariel looks so beautiful!  I will probably watch this solely for Ariel.  I’m also in desperate need of a period c-drama to tide me over, since I will be finishing the Legend of Zhen Huan eventually. :'(

Drama Go Go Go
Notable cast: Ruby Lin, JIRO WANG
Short rundown: Ruby plays a screenwriter that hires Jiro.  The two of them get closer together even though Jiro’s character’s motives aren’t innocent at first. 

Bottom line: JIRO WANG.  WHAT MORE DO I HAVE TO SAY?  Oh, and I’m curious to see if he will have good chemistry with Ruby!  Judging by the previews it looks like this drama will be quirky and a bit off-beat.  Hoping for something different from your usual age-difference dramas.

Best Time/Most Beautiful Time
Notable cast: Janine Chang, Wallace Chung!
Short rundown: Yet another “left over lady” and office drama.  Janine plays a woman who decides to work for her crush in an attempt to find a romance.

Bottom line: Looks like it will be both serious & lighthearted.  Has that OL aspect as well, since Janine will be working as her crush’s assistant in the company. (I think)  Not sure if it has enough substance to go for a whole 30 episodes, especially since this concept has been done before.  But who knows, maybe Janine will strike it big again and have another hit on her hands!


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
Sprout: Ep 12 (Finale)
Haken no Hinkaku: Eps 1-10 (Overall)
  • I love, love, love Wallace Chung and Janine Chang will always evoke memories of Sunny Happiness, but 30 eps. of a t-drama is a bit too much for me so unless it gets raves from bloggers, I’m staying away for my sanity’s sake.

      • I love Wallace Chung but I read on another blog that this drama is based on some internet novel with a horrible ending that everybody hated. Hopefully the drama will change course and have a good ending.

  • Ugh, what’s with all the age-difference dramas lately? I wonder if society has become more accepting of relationships where the woman is older or whether writers are running out of other conflicts to milk. I hope Cdramas and Twdramas don’t latch onto this ‘trend’ like Korean dramas. On a lighter note, thanks for the Cdrama previews. I’m looking forward to Agent X as well.

    • I KNOW I’m not a big fan of age-difference dramas either. The thing is that they’ve been doing this OVER AND OVER, that I’m tired of it already! Unfortunately it seems like Drama Go Go Go might be going in that direction…I mean, Ruby already has the two “big signs” of the age-difference cliche: curly hair and big glasses. Blegh.

  • OOOH!!!!! Lan Ling Wang! Almost forgot that one, Ariel just seems to get prettier and prettier ^_^ ( not a big fan of the leading actor though *_* well, the only other cdrama I’m interested in is Da Mo Yao ( from the same writer of BBJX) and Liu Shi shi ( and Eddie Pand and Hu Ge) but I’m not sure whether to watch it or not, the heroine is raised by wolves or something and I’m not a huge fan of those storylines O.o, Go go go seems funny though! ^^ total new respect for err…the 14th? ( don’t know his real name >.<) Him kissing Jiro Wang….I wonder how many takes they took for that scene…. ^^

    • Yes I’m excited to see Ariel! But if her chemistry isn’t good with the lead, I probably won’t continue with it.

      Oh of course, Da Mo Yao! How could I forget??? I must add it for sure. But I’m not sure when it will air, isn’t it coming out next year? I will probably check it out to see how it is, but who knows if it will actually live up to expectations.

  • Oops… it’s coming in 2013. I think chemistry wise, it should be more than okay since those three go way back and the rest we shall see, like you said ;). Going to give Lan Ling Wang a try for Ariel ^^

  • Could you tell me which sites you watch these chinese dramas with english subs, on? I’m familiar with Viki, DramaFever & DramaCrazy. Would like to watch Legend of Zhen Huan;Lan Ling Wang; Da Mo Yao; & any other good asian period dramas you could recommend. BBJX was awesome. (Saw that on Viki). Thnx for suggestions. And….btw… this site!!

    • Hello, I mainly use viki for c-dramas! There is a wide selection of c-dramas on viki, but the problem is that it is hard for the less-popular c-dramas to get fully subbed. However, the Legend of Zhen Huan is fully subbed on viki..and I think that Da Mo Yao & Lan Ling Wang will probably get subbed if they are successful & popular with fans.

      I also recommend maplestage for watching c-dramas raw. (unsubbed) If you are ever craving to watch the latest episode and cannot wait for the subs, maplestage is the place! It’s very fast at uploading, and also quite up-to-date.

      • Thnx …..Also, if you know of any good romantic japanese/chinese (period or other with eng sub) dramas, please recommend (including which site to watch on). I’ve watched a lot of Korean ones which are great. Once again…..I really like your website 🙂

        • For c-dramas, I’d recommend SOP Queen which aired recently. It’s a modern office romance drama. Even though I haven’t watched the whole thing, it got off to a good start and the cast had good chemistry. Sunny Happiness with Mike He was also quite popular, but it dragged a bit.

          For j-dramas, I haven’t been watching many recent romances so it’s hard to say. I’d recommend Hotaru no Hikari for a cute rom-com that’s in an office setting though!

  • I hope you don’t mind me mentioning it, but I definitely want to see Dangerous Liaisions of 2012 with Jang Dong gun, Zhang ziyi and Cecilia Leung…Although seeing the trailer, Jang Dong gun will be A BAD BOY AT THE CORE…o_O

  • For some reason, I don’t like watching Wallace Chung. I don’t know why though.. Even when the script is so good, his act still blows it… (please don’t get mad if you are one of his fans…) What do you think?

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