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Seems like Sprout is mellowing out even more..if that’s even possible.  It’s by no means a perfect drama but I’d say the good outweighs the bad.  Sprout is stepping it up with even more artistic shots and a beautiful soundtrack.  Although there are major disappointments in these two episodes, there are also some memorable moments as well.

Ep 10

My favorite scene of all in ep10 is, of course, the break up scene between Miyuki & Souhei.  It is absolutely genius.  It intertwines flashbacks with the present, as Miyuki & Souhei revisit the temple that they prayed at when they first started going out.  It makes it much more poignant and bittersweet because we see the difference between the past & the present.  In the past, Miyuki & Souhei were optimistic and hopeful about the future, but now they are more mature and uncertain about where they stand with each other. 

Miyuki: I asked, “Please forget that wish from that time.”
Souhei: “What was the wish?”
Miyuki: “That I would always stay with you.”

The quotes above are my absolute favorite moments of the scene.  Everything seems like it’s going alright, and then all of a sudden Souhei gets the picture–Miyuki is breaking up with him.  I loveee that he gets it before she even says it straight out.  Also, how saddening is it that Miyuki takes back her wish?

Souhei: “I’ll do my best so that you’ll like me.”
Miyuki: “It’s fine if you don’t try hard. I don’t want you to force yourself.”

Again I commend Miyuki for stepping up and ending the relationship instead of letting it drag on and on.  She knows it’s time to stop because Souhei is only forcing himself to honor their promise to be together forever.  And in a way, her breaking up with him is a sign of her love because she wants him to be truly happy, instead of forcing his feelings.

“Right now, I’m standing on my own feet.  So, I’m fine now.”

Unfortunately the second half of the break up scene lacked in comparison to the first half.  Miyuki’s speech could’ve been shortened to avoid being borderline-cliched.  The entire break up scene would’ve been perfect if only they didn’t drag it out so long. 

“Even though I promised… “I won’t go anywhere.  I’ll always be by your side.”  It wasn’t a lie.  I thought I would never change.”

Up until this moment I haven’t empathized with Souhei, but now I finally understand his feelings. Souhei confides in Takki (the otaku housemate) that he really believed his feelings for Miyuki wouldn’t change.  Isn’t that just the essence of youth??  You know, that feeling that you’ll always be the same no matter what?  I got a really bittersweet feeling from this scene because I totally relate…it’s that sinking feeling you get when all of a sudden you realize that you’ve changed, and everyone else around you is changing too.  You wish you could stay the same and go back to your old self, but it’s impossible. 

Ep 11

“I’m glad it was Hayato.”


I knew this was bound to come up sometime, but still…I’m so disappointed in Miku.  I understand that she can’t force herself to like Hayato but she was definitely falling for him before!!  And now all of a sudden IT’S OVER????  On one hand, I’m glad she didn’t drag it out and make Hayato more unhappy.  But on the other hand, I feel like she made her decision a little too quickly.  It’s not like her so-called feelings for Souhei are set in stone.  O_O  I really wish Sprout would take the unconventional route and let the girl end up with the second guy who IS NOT her first love.  But alas…

AUGHHHHHH!!!!! AUGHHHHHH!!!!!!!  I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS!!!!!!!  Souhei’s moving out!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a great twist!  I admit that the moment when Miku holds onto Souhei’s arm and cries is PERFECT.  Uhhhhh………I don’t know what to do now..

Obviously Sprout is moving towards Souhei x Miku, DARN IT.  I’m sorta curious to see what’s gonna happen after the 1 year time jump, but judging from the previews isn’t it obvious???  So in a way it’s a wild card, but at the same time we already know where this is going so it’s pointless?  *confused*



I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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  • I know that usually, people tend to read the recaps because they’re watching the show, but I think your recaps have made me want to watch something. I haven’t seen a J dorama in ages~ but this one sounds like a pretty nice coming of age story. Thankies ^_^

  • Ugh. I am so bummed. I read about the manga and how it ends and then saw the preview and it is obvious that it’s Miku+Souhei. Ugh. Hayatoooooo! I can’t bring myself to watch 11, and probably not 12 either.

    I agree about bucking convention and letting her be with someone who is not the first love. That’s one trope in Asian dramas that is starting to really bug me. I’m assuming it’s tied up with the idea of fate, but then your characters become bound by an external force and seem incapable of making autonomous decisions.


    • Yeah, the first few episodes were so heavy on the fate theme that it’s no wonder they are bringing it back again. I wanted Miku to grow up and realize that the person you think is your fated one might not be “the one” at all.

  • hi heisui… i’m still watching but i’m kinda bummed coz i can’t find any subbed episode for the last three and while i think i understand what’s going on, its different when i can actually understand what they’re saying.

    anyway, i fear the story is going to go miku-soehei which bums me even more. i love hayato… i think the boy deserves someone who truly appreciates him.

    i wasn’t interested in miyuki at all but your post made me take a second look at the character and appreciate her.

    preview for the next episode had me go NOOOOOOOOO! ugh, please bring back our boy hayato….

    • Yes it seems that the fan-base for Sprout is getting impatient for subs.

      Miku appreciates Hayato but she realizes her true feelings are with Souhei. Poor Hayato though, he really needs a hug. 🙁

  • Totally agree with this –> ” O_O I really wish Sprout would take the unconventional route and let the girl end up with the second guy who IS NOT her first love. But alas…”

    Seriously, do they do this thing because there are more women watching dramas than men? I dislike the “He really belongs to me although he’s going out with her” trope because what would just be normal jealousy or envy or covetousness suddenly takes on the symbol of ideal love. And sometimes I hate being asked to get on board with a love when the story is basically me hoping a happy couple breaks up so envious outsider can get her man. I have been so disappointed with this show because of this. And if the writers dare to make Hayato secretly bad for some reason to validate the “Souhei-is my true love and destine guy” storyline, I will scream.

    • I think Sprout is trying to handle the Souhei x Miku relationship delicately to avoid the jealousy issues. At first there was some envy involved, especially when Miku wanted to be in Miyuki’s shoes so that she could be with Souhei. Now Miku is a bit more mature and so there’s less of jealousy, more of true feelings for Souhei.

      I also feel like Hayato is sorta out of the picture!!! I mean really, what are they gonna do with him now that Miku broke up with him???

      • OMG! Hayato out of the picture??? Ugh… ok, then my watching ends here… can you please just tell me if that’s where this is going so i don’t constantly check for subbed version and just think the whole thing ended with Miku and Hayato’s last date?

        • Well we don’t know for sure, I was just basing that off of ep11 & the preview for ep12. I mean, if Souhei & Miku get together, doesn’t that mean Miyuki & Hayato are out of the game?

          We’ll just have to wait and see in ep12…

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