Wishing for Happiness: Ep 3 (Finale)

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I knew Wishing for Happiness would be short, but I didn’t know it’d be THIS SHORT!  I WANT MORE!!!!! 

“Xiao Lan, I really love you. I love the present you. The one in front of me…”

For me I think the biggest question of all is how Yu Xiang will react to Xiao Lan’s sexual orientation.  Of course I want him to accept her for who she is, and thankfully he does.  It’s really sweet when Yu Xiang wears a summer dress as a sign of his acceptance of Xiao Lan!!!! And to top it off he runs with her through the streets and goes to A CHURCH.  Isn’t that romantic?!?  I loved this part of the scene because it was humorous, touching, and bittersweet all at the same time.  Yu Xiang’s actions made Xiao Lan smile and laugh along with him, so I think he really does have the ability to make her happy!! 

“I thought the person who can give me happiness is the one I love. I always thought you are my happiness.  Until the moment you proposed to me, I realized I couldn’t lie to myself.

It is not the person who can give me happiness is the one I love. But the person who I love is my happiness….I’m sorry.”

However Xiao Lan realizes that her heart is not with Yu Xiang even though she likes him a lot.  She breaks it off with him gently, giving both of them closure in a sweet yet sad way.  I love that even though Xiao Lan has chosen not to be with Yu Xiang, it’s precisely her relationship with him that leads her to realize she can find happiness elsewhere. 

The ending is incredibly simple and short, and yet it speaks a thousand words.  IT’S PERFECT.  I love the way they tied together the first opening scene in ep1 along with the ending.  At first Xiao Lan was crying and lonely, but now she meets a new girl with a smile on her face.  Even though they don’t say it right out, this implies that it may be the start of a new relationship, and that Xiao Lan has fully accepted herself. 

This is probably the shortest yet most poignant drama I’ve ever seen.  Although it’s a mini-drama, they didn’t let that limit them from crafting a complex love story that resonates with everyone in some sort of way.  But then I realize it’s not only Xiao Lan’s sexual orientation, or her love triangles, or whether Yu Xiang will accept her.  Ultimately it’s about her search for happiness.  And whether that happiness is with Yu Xiang or someone else, both kinds of happiness are just as precious to her.

Note: Thanks to Ah Man for recommending this drama and translating ep3!

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Sprout: Ep 9
Sprout: Eps 10-11
  • Thanks for your review! It is really good, but I think you made a mistake. The girl at the end that Xiao Lan meets is not Min Yi, but a new stranger girl. So this hints at the possibility of Xiao Lan finding happiness with a new girl, who probably shares similar problems with Xiao Lan as she is crying and writing lines that reflect Xiao Lan’s feelings.

    • OHHHHHH. I was kinda wondering why her hairstyle was different..but I’m not very good at recognizing people so I just assumed she was still Min Yi. Thanks I will edit my post!!

  • It is indeeds a very short and powerful mini drama that bring a very positive message across! I think in today`s society, people are more open to different sexual orientation but to have it in a movie or a message so in-ur-face, especially in the asian showbiz, it`s still rare. I`m so glad that we`ve got a huge artist like Rainie doing a subject like this. Without this plot, even I, myself hasn`t registered in my mind that people with different sexual orientation ultimately wants the same thing as heterosexual people – love and happiness!

    • And Heisui, u r welcome! I`m glad u like the drama! I hope, once again, that all 3 will get to collaborate again! I think it`s SUPERB sweet that a guy is doing something (wearing a dress) to let the girl knows that he accepted her. I think sometimes, action speaks louder than words (but in this case, he couldn`t say exactly who she is. I think either because of the character or the length of the drama, it`s rather quick for a guy to think it through and realizes he loves her no matter what and don`t want her to leave! Kyaaaa! It`ll be nice if we have a Yi Xiang`s moment where he`s thinking and putting all the facts together). Anywayz, thanks Xiao Lan. I`ll have Yi Xiang now! XD
      And is it just me or very little that Tony does is already a lot? The way he was sitting (sexyyyyyyyyyyy!) while calling her with that worry face on him! OMG! Give this guy an award already! Damn it!
      And I love other small details like Yi Xiang climbing the fence while Xiao Lan thought of unlocking the door. That was soooooooooo funny! I was thinking that Yi Xiang must be thinking: damn she`s so smart! XD
      I just love this drama, period.

      • Oh. And I forgot to say that ever since I saw the preview of Yi Xiang`s appologizing to Xiao Lan – it breaks my heart. And to see Yi Xiang/Tony keep saying sorry and trying to get Xiao Lan to say something… KYA!!!! Those simple lines really gets to me!
        Tony – u r born to be an actor! XD

          • Haha~ I watch many times Rainie’s confession. The way Tony look right after Rainie said “the one I love is my happiness”. U can see his sadness, he knows that he was not that one she loves. Then him tearing up when Rainie started listing what she ‘likes’ about him. That’s soooooooooo sad.
            But what I was impressed the most was when Rainie was saying it, her lips were shaking. That’s pure perfection and acting! I loved it!

            Speaking about acting during heartbreaking confession, I thought Chien Nan from Ex-BF did a decent job, crying and choking up. If I live to see a subbed version (or the official DVD), I’ll be so happy!
            This scene was from very early on in the drama that makes me cry already.
            Ep 3: http://youtu.be/YlYy3rMx4j4
            Quick recap: Zhi Ming dated Chun Jiao were they were in highschool but CJ caught him kissing another girl and thought he cheated on her. He moved away shortly after. 10 years later, they bumped into each other and he works under her.
            During work, he kept mentioning about their past but CJ kept telling him to stop it – that she has changed.
            Here, ZM was taking care of the drunken EX GF and remembering the past when she was also drunk in he was taken care of her.
            CJ: The towel is warm, so comfy.
            ZM: I know u don’t want to hear it, but I still gotta say – u haven’t change one bit. U’re still the girl who’s flirty (/become cute/gets her way) when she’s drunk.
            CJ: I’ve already changed! Doesn’t matter how much I begged you or cried, you still left me there 10 years ago!
            ZM: Chun Jiao…
            CJ: I swore to myself then, that I won’t be that girl who loves u but also ditched by you anymore!
            Don’t touch me! You can’t hurt me anymore! I’m not, I’m not the old Lee Chun Jiao anymore! I swore that I’ll become so great – to make you regret why you have left me in the past!
            Why? What did I do wrong that you have to leave me behind?
            T: I’m sorry…

            Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa! This scene still gets to me! And the OST was fantastic! It was written especially for the drama! <3 <3 <3

      • Yeah if it were a longer drama, it probably would’ve taken him longer to make his decision. So I guess it’s a good thing it’s a mini-drama so we don’t have to wait too long for him to accept her.

        YES I love Yi Xiang!!!!! AND TONYYYYYY. AHHHHHHHHHH.

  • This is really a unique mini-drama that really drives a sensitive issue along. I am so glad that Rainie took on this role because it just suits her so well. There were times where no words were even communicated yet the message really drives through.

    I thought Rainie was brilliant in this. (:

  • I have been trying to watch this drama but I can’t find an english subbed version of the final episode. Is one availible anywhere?

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