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Episodes 29-31 are absolutely heartbreaking, both for Hua Fei & Zhen Huan.  The tables turn once again as Hua Fei makes her most major blunder and Zhen Huan realizes how cruel the emperor is. 

^middle left pic: who is the concubine in blue??  What rank is she?

I guess I have sort of a love-hate relationship with Hua Fei.  At first I hate her guts because she’s so arrogant, but then I end up feeling bad for her when she doesn’t receive the rank she was aiming for.  I’ve also become more and more convinced that Hua Fei is not just trying to keep the emperor to herself because of power over the harem/political issues with her bro.  She may have other motives but I’d say the motive that is closest to her heart is her genuine love for the emperor.  Hua Fei is flawed but at the same time she’s almost pitiful.  She loves the emperor so much but his “favor” for her is fickle and untrustworthy.

On the other hand, I felt really bad for Jing Fei when Hua Fei humiliated her right in front of all the other concubines.  OUCH.  That’s one of the moments where I don’t like Hua Fei because she doesn’t even spare any thought for Jing Fei’s dignity.  Maybe I could understand her smacking down an arrogant concubine, but Jing Fei is anything BUT that. 

Now mind you, I already have a lot of favorite seeings in LZH..and there are also many more to come, but this is one that’s near the top of the list.  I’m really at a loss of words when I try to think of how to describe it.  It’s just that full of raw emotion, desperation, and sisterhood.  It felt like I was watching a tragedy unfold before my very eyes and I couldn’t stop it. 

“I’ll accompany you.”

Hua Fei punishes the pregnant Zhen Huan by having her kneel on the concrete and recite literature.  To me, Mei Zhuang is also a heroine in this scene because she speaks up for Zhen Huan even though she has personally experienced Hua Fei’s wrath before.  Even though she was ruined by Hua Fei, she’s still willing to risk it all to protect her best friend.  I’m not quite sure why but I was really moved when Mei Zhuang knelt beside Zhen Huan and said “wo pei ni”. 

^17th (sorta) saves the day!!!

Oh, and did I mention that Mei Zhuang gets beaten in place of Zhen Huan?? :'((( I know I sound like a total Mei Zhuang fan right now..BECAUSE I AM..but I was also quite touched by that part of the scene.  I was also touched by the loyalty of Zhen Huan’s faithful servant Jing Xi, who tried to protect her mistress from Hua Fei’s eunuch. 

And the most heartbreaking scene of all is the scene in ep30 when Zhen Huan finds out she had a miscarriage.  I have got to give credit to Sun Li for her extraordinary acting.  I don’t know how she does first she has a blank look on her face as she tries to process what’s happening and then all of a sudden her eyes fill with tears.   It’s such a perfect moment, every time I watch it I keep on tearing up.  :'(

It’s even more heartbreaking when Zhen Huan asks why the emperor didn’t order Hua Fei to be executed for killing her baby.  She asks why he gave her control of the harem when he left.  And he replies asking if she blames him.  Me: Uh, YES.  The emperor keeps on referring back to his past relationship with Hua Fei as the reason for not punishing her to the max but in my opinion he’s just waiting for the opportune time to get rid of her once and for all.  I’m also forever annoyed by the emperor’s attempt at comforting Zhen Huan by saying “we’ll have another one”.  UH, DID YOU NOT JUST SEE WHAT HAPPENED TO FUCHA AND ZHEN HUAN’S BABIES? 

^top right pic: I liked Precious Cao’s hairstyle change! 

Even though it’s satisfying seeing Hua Fei finally get what she deserves, I feel pretty bad for her.  It’s sad seeing her so desperate to regain the emperor’s love because everyone knows the emperor will never love her the same way again.  Also she has no idea that she’s been hating the wrong people for all the wrong reasons.  She hates Zhen Huan for stealing her limelight, when in fact the freaking emperor is to blame.  She also hates Duan Fei for the loss of her kid when THE EMPEROR is the one that gave her a bad perfume which makes her barren.

Zhen Huan is understandably depressed over her miscarriage, especially since it was a traumatic experience for her.  Moreover she realizes that the emperor indirectly caused her miscarriage because of the bad perfume he gave to Hua Fei.  OHHHHHHHHHHHH SNAP.  So Hua Fei really didn’t mean to cause the miscarriage because she doesn’t know that her perfume weakened Zhen Huan.  So I’d say that Hua Fei is partially responsible for the miscarriage because she didn’t listen to Zhen Huan’s pleas.  But THE EMPEROR is also to blame!!!!!!!! 

So I always have to have at least one Ling Rong rant per post now:  When Ling Rong realizes that Zhen Huan will no longer be by the emperor’s side, she tells her maid that she wishes the next person in the emperor’s heart will be her.  AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW!?!?!?  SHE CAPTURES THE EMPEROR’S HEART JUST BY SINGING A SONG!!!!!!!  I also hate the emperor’s guts for turning to Ling Rong as a temporary solution to a bigger problem.  He wants to divert his attention to forget about Zhen Huan’s miscarriage, but this means that Zhen Huan will be looked down upon by the other consorts. 

It’s nice seeing Ling Rong finally step up to the plate and put her game face on.  Now if she’s unfavored by the emperor later on she can’t complain about it or blame Zhen Huan for it.  She has the ability to gain the emperor’s favor, she’s proved it herself.  So it’s up to her to see if she also has the ability to keep the emperor’s love for a long time.  I also wonder if Zhen Huan/Mei Zhuang will ever catch on to Ling Rong’s schemes.  (yes please spoil me. I know later on Zhen Huan gives Ling Rong the cold shoulder but I don’t know why?  Did she find out Ling Rong’s true side?)

Anyways Zhen Huan’s miscarriage is heartbreaking and tragic, but at the same time it’s necessary for further character development for Zhen Huan.  She needs this push to realize how cruel and uncaring the emperor can be.


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  • I don’t know if my poor heart can take this show. Sigh.

    What is Zhen Huan’s relationship with 17? I know how their relationship ends up, but early on are they strangers, friends, more?

    • It’s probably one of the most angsty shows ever. It’s not really a melodrama but it’s not that happy either.

      At first they are sort of acquaintances that met by accident, but later on they’re sort of mutual friends.

  • OMG heisui you know what? I felt exatly the same like you did when I was watching it! I hate Hai Fei at first, but later I thought she’s really the tragic one. And the Emperor is soooooo got to blame!!!!! (although later I think he’s pathetic too = =|||)

    ^middle left pic: who is the concubine in blue?? What rank is she?

    She’s now Xin ChangZai (Lingering Xin) I guess.
    btw I love the middle right pic, so many beauties. ^O^

    And I felt sad for Mei Zhuang too. (☍﹏⁰) She’s got such nice and noble character, that’s why she was always hurt by others… T_T

    I agree that Sun Li’s acting was absolutely extraordinary. It was so sad that every time I see it, I’d cry. Later there is another crying scene of Sun Li that will break your heart…

    ZH & MZ would know LR’s true face, because LR had done much worse thing than you can imagine. I really hate her for doing so. But ZH & MZ wouldn’t find it out very soon as LR was a good lier (sorry to use this word but I really think she was).

    • I know I feel so sorry for Hua Fei now!! Especially when she’s finally destroyed 🙁

      Omg I saw the scenes after Zhen Huan finds out about her looking like “the one” and they are so heartbreaking 🙁

      Heheh I already don’t like Ling Rong, I wonder what more she’ll do O_O I really want Zhen Huan to find out ASAP!

  • I actually really like Ling Rong’s singing voice, especially the song she sang when ZH was dancing. Did you notice they always compare the concubines’ talents/looks with /that/ woman? (Like, “so-so’s voice are /almost/ as nice as so-so’s voice was”~) That woman is like the epitome of perfection…from what we’ve been introduced to so far, she’s perfect in looks, singing, playing music…almost everything. LOL

    Anyways, ZH eventually did realize LR’s treacherous nature, but I don’t think she ever had an outright displayed rivalry with her until very very late in the drama. Most of the time, ZH and LR acted like sisters, both in front of the emperor and when alone. Although they both hate each other’s guts and mutually know so….It was weird.

    • I love her voice, but her acting while she’s singing just doesn’t seem to match.

      Yeah I think the former empress is sort of a legend that no one will be able to live up to. Hmm I wonder if that has any reference to the title? Will Zhen Huan live up to a legendary status?

      Darn it I really want them to find out about Ling Rong. T_T It must be so tiring for them to pretend to like each other when they actually hate each other though.

  • I want to thank you for hooking me up on this one! I was interested in it for some while now, but it was only when I’d read your review that I’d start watching it! I agree with you when you’d said it was way more realistic and grittier than other courtdramas, although I’m not sure it ‘represent’ one. I don’t really buy that every single person in the Forbidden City were backstabbing, manipulative, cold hearted person with murderous intentions and those wo weren’t ended up dead, haha, but what do I know? Nada 😉 I enjoy Zhen Huan with all its angt very much but I miss the warmth and gentleness of Bu bu jing xin, to be honest. Anyways, love your reviews ^_^

    • True, the Legend of Zhen Huan isn’t completely accurate, but hey it’s a drama! 😛 I also miss the swoony moments from Bu Bu Jing Xin but I actually feel more emotion when I watch Zhen Huan. Actually I think the amazing thing about LZH is that none of the characters are completely bad or good. For instance Hua Fei is manipulative and at times cold-hearted, but she’s also a very sympathetic character who loves the emperor with all her heart.

  • Yep, the one in blue is Xin Gui Ren. Or is it Chang Zhai in these eps? I’m not sure. But for some reason **spoiler** she survives till the end and becomes a tai fei. I guess something has to be said for laying low until you can be sure of who your allies are…

    • *spoiler spoiler* Yeah I watched the last episode and was surprised when she was one of Zhen Huan’s right hand ladies along with Jing Fei. I wasn’t expecting her to rise up in the ranks!

  • I’m very glad too that they made LZH into a drama, for me it’s such an empowering drama for the girls; you don’t have to be a tomboyish super swordmaster or kungfu master to be able to defend yourself or use sex to get what you want from a guy. I mean of course they have to be beautiful and of course they have to captivate the Emp but they don’t do that by just ripping their clothes off; they have to show their sincerity and impress him with remarkable talents, but they are also sipping from their tea, eating their snacks, reciting poems, playing some instruments, sewing complicated patterns, smiling to each other while they e plotting each others DOOM! If that’s not girl power, I don’t what is *_*:D, I know what you mean, Hua Fei was such a intimidating, scary personage in the beginning but then gradually you see more of her and suddenly at times you feel so awful bad for her ( and that the Emp is too much of a bastard) or think maybe if she was just born into a more humble family or something and then just when you think she’s just a tragic person….SNAP, one very mean glare or comment later and she’s back a scary person again and I like the fact that even though she’s willing to lie, to bride,to scheme, to threat, to murder, even she has a limit) I don’t know how the actress did all those things so convincing *_*, ( but then which actress didn’t rock ^^), I like the fact that our heroines do some bad stuff too, not out of necessity but out of revenge and it’s up to you to decide whether they’re justified or not ( even freaking Ling Rong has some awesome scenes which tbh, totally gained my respect) and omg the plot! There are so many storylines unfolding before us but somehow they all come together, gearing to something big ( I think) . All in all, LZH is an awesome drama ( and those settings, costumes and hairdo are amazing) and they have the subletly and nuances that BBJX didn’t have, but I still miss those sappy moments *_* Anyway, sorry for the big explanation and the many grammar mistakes >.<, English is not my first language o_O

    • I couldn’t even describe just how awesome LZH is but your comment is PERFECT.

      Even though I hate some of the character’s guts *cough* Ling Rong *cough* I’m also in awe of their PRO SKILLS. They have incredible endurance to be able to survive the harem.

      I love Hua Fei, she’s such a complicated & tragic character. *spoiler* I also felt like she & Zhen Huan could’ve had a deep connection if only they overcame their rivalry & vengeance. Both of them have been wronged by the emperor even though they love him so much.

  • Awww…you’re giving me way to many credit here *blush*, it’s YOUR amazing reviews that drove me to watch this awesome drama ^^ they took all those stereotypical traits of a girly girl and instead of making them weak and dependant, they turned it around it and made them kick some ass ( and they don’t need some Charming Prince to save them ) haha love it! Shoot I think I gave a spoiler, sorry! I skipped WAY ahead >..< HF and ZH definitely have the sizzeling chemistry, what woud happen to the harem if they become BFFs? Will there be one? O_o Blerch it sucks that they haven't resolved their issues then…

    • Plus it’s not a Cinderella story because *spoiler spoiler* there’s not really any happy love story…

      I think if Hua Fei & Zhen Huan teamed up together, it would be too much to handle! The emperor would be going DOWNNN. But I guess it’s unrealistic for them to become allies. :'(

  • At this point, I wonder whether they will come up with guys worthy of these girls (can they handle all the brainpower of them?) haha…OOOH, HOW I wish SOMEONE will kick that fickle ass of him *_* I’ve just watched epi 42 this weekend *spoiler* OMG!

    • Heheh no guy can match these women!!!! GIRL POWER!!!!!!!!!

      The emperor annoys me so much..and it must suck for the concubines who hate him but have to pretend they love him.

  • Pardon me for going through a rather old post but I would just like to comment that it was hinted in the episodes before that the Emperor and the Empress Dowager knew about the effects of the incense (a.k.a perfume) and gave it to Hua Consort on purpose to ensure that she stayed barren.

    When the series first mentioned Hua Consort’s brother, in one of the episodes, the empress dowager specifically asks the emperor if Hua Consort was still using that special incense and the emperor then proceeded to continue bestowing Hua consort with that incense that only Hua Consort has.

    Then when Hua Consort asked to have an external physician come in to check why she hasn’t been able to conceive, that physician was first given the past records for Hua Consort before being politely told that various well-known and highly respected Imperial Physicians had done similar checks for Hua Consort. Then after the external physician was done looking at Hua Consort (and assured her she wasn’t barren), that physician was asked to look into the Empress Dowager’s maid’s “illness”. There, the maid gently “reminded” the physician to be of one tongue with the rest of the Imperial Physicians.

    Then when Zhenhuan became pregnant, she once got a very harsh reaction from the Emperor when she mentioned that Hua Consort being blessed with a child soon, with the Emperor specifically stating that Hua Consort will NEVER be pregnant. Then just before the incident that caused Zhenhuan’s miscarriage, the Emperor specifically took the time out to remind Zhenhuan that as a pregnant lady, she should avoid going to Hua Consort’s palace YiKun palace before he left the palace.

    So in reality, it really was the emperor’s fault that Zhenhuan miscarried. The emperor could easily have issued a decree personally or asked the empress to do so that allowed Zhenhuan to stay peacefully in her own palace without interruption. Or heck, even brought Hua Consort along but he didn’t. And he wonders why his children keep dying……

  • I absolutely hate Hua Fei and have no sympathy for her. She is a sadistic, self-centered, murderous bully. Who cares if she “loves” the emperor. That gives her no license to be the monster she is.

  • Can someone please tell me in what episode Zhen Huan’s mother and sister visit her? I can’t remember what episode it is and it’s not mentioned in any of the recaps.

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