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Sounds like Japan is finally stepping up its game with the upcoming fall season.  There are plenty of upcoming jdramas with interesting synopses and big name casts.  I have my fingers crossed for a strong season, especially since this last summer season has been so disappointing.

Note: I hardly have any promo poster pics for these dramas as they haven’t been released yet >.<  There are also many other dramas with big names that I haven’t mentioned.  (i.e. Yamapi, Abe Hiroshi, Watanabe Ken, Takei Emi  <Seriously, how does she land so many roles lately?)

Kekkon Shinai
Notable cast: Amami Yuki, Kanno Miho
Short rundown: A mid-life ladies drama.  Kanno Miho plays a lady in her 30’s who’s scared she’ll never get married.  Amami Yuki plays a successful middle aged woman who’s unmarried.  The two of them become roommates.

Bottom line:  OMG AMAMI YUKI!  THIS IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUEEE!  After Kaeru no Oujo-sama, I’ve been craving for an Amami Yuki drama!  Anyways this sort of drama could turn out to be really bland and conventional, or it could be more quirky and contemplative.  Hopefully it will go for the latter.  It’s also interesting that Amami Yuki’s character will be having an affair since normally her characters are like a moral compass. (think: BOSS.)

Ooku ~ Tanjou ~ Arikoto . Iemitsu Hen
Notable cast: Tabe Mikako (Kimi ni Todoke)
Short rundown: Gender roles are reversed in the Edo period.  Tabe Mikako plays a young lady who becomes shogun.  Oh, and she has a harem.

Bottom line:  First off, I’ll just stay that I’m not enthusiastic about the casting of Tabe Mikako.  I liked her in Kimi ni Todoke, but I’m not sure she has the acting chops to pull off this role.  Also she doesn’t quite have the aura of a shogun.  But aside from those worries, you might notice the similarity to the movie version.  I saw the movie and it was just plain WEIRD.  I really hope the drama will interpret it differently rather than following in the movie’s footsteps.

Osozaki no Himawari ~ Boku no Jinsei, Renewal
Notable cast: Ikuta Toma
Short rundown: Positive yet unlucky guy moves to a new city to take part in a revitalization program.  Successful city doctor lady also moves to the same city.  Positive guy changes the doctor’s life with his happy go lucky ways.

Bottom line: I’m not sure about this drama’s synopsis, which sounds like it could be full of cookie cutter characters, but then I read the name..IKUTA TOMA!!!!!!!!  This guy has probably been a favorite of a lot of you ever since his memorable performance in Hana Kimi, but I will always remember him as Takemoto in Honey & Clover.  So this drama is on my radar for Ikuta Toma. 😉

Sarutobi Sansei
Notable cast: — (don’t recognize any names)
Short rundown: Ninjas. 

Bottom line:  Uh, I’m only interested in this drama because of the possibility of awesome ninjas.  Hopefully the effects are good so that it’s not like too cheesy.  It also depends on whether the lead can be an awesome ninja or not. 

Tokyo Airport ~ Tokyo Kuukou Kanseihoanbu
Notable cast: Fukada Kyoko (Kerei Naru Spy), Kaname Jun
Short rundown: Fukada Kyoko plays a woman who becomes an air traffic controller.  You know, those people that sit up in those tower things at the airport? 

Bottom line: I’m mainly interested in this drama because its setting is the airport.  I think airport/airlines dramas are fun although dramas like ROMES have not done this genre justice.  It is also awesome that it’s about a lady becoming an air traffic controller!! Girl power all the way!  But I hope it’s not too typical of a girl-faces-tough-guy-job thing.


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  • The only one that really caught my eye was “Ooku”. At first I thought it’ll be another sequel to the Ooku series, but it turned out to be a gender-bender version. O_o I don’t know if you’ve seen the Ooku series, but they were really good. I’ve watched the reverse gender Ooku movie too and I actually liked it. The female Shogun was really cool and the male lead was quite cute, lol. I’m not a fujoshi, but the homo scene were cute and funny to watch.

    • Hmm I thought the movie was a bit odd but maybe that was just me. Like when all the guy concubines went waddling around in their long robes, I was like..uhhh no. o_o

  • Toma!! YESSSSS!! I gather that you didn’t care much for Rich Man Poor Woman. First dorama where things clicked for me and I thought that Oguri’s uber hot! He was but like Eita the guy doesn’t realize that the hairdos he’s rocked in most dramas are abominable. Sorry to digress, but am totally feeling him now. mrawwwrs!

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