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I don’t know how but LZH has gotten even more intense.  The tables are turning as the empress & Ling Rong finally enter the power struggle of the harem, Mei Zhuang’s name is finally cleared, and Zhen Huan finds herself more and more unsure of the emperor’s love.

With Mei Zhuang gone, I’d say Zhen Huan is stepping up to the plate to take up the slack.  She’s the only one she can depend on to keep her place in the emperor’s heart.  And omg is her relationship with the emperor confusing.  She’s able to be completely open with him about certain things, and she’s even allowed to advise him on political issues, and yet there’s always a line that she can never cross.

One of my favorite scenes is when Zhen Huan brings in Liu Ben (the doctor that framed Mei Zhuang) so he can confess to the emperor.  Liu Ben clearly identifies Hua Fei as the mastermind of this scheme, so the emperor decides to harshly reprimand Hua Fei.  I admit that I was pretty happy because I wanted JUSTICE for Mei Zhuang!!!!  But then this scene gets even better when the emperor suggests that Zhen Huan might’ve planned this whole ordeal just to frame Hua Fei.  OUCH. 

I totally understand why Zhen Huan would be so hurt–this only confirms her greatest fears that maybe the emperor doesn’t trust her 100% even though she’s the one by his side.  I love her reaction because she barely keeps it together and you can really hear the hurt in her voice.  And then she refuses to take the emperor’s hand when he offers to help her up, BWAHAHAHA.  TAKE THAT, EMPEROR! 

Sooo Hua Fei will be brought to justice, right?  RIGHT?  NO.  FREAKING LING RONG RUINS IT ALL.  This girl is officially in ENEMY TERRITORY.  I used to sympathize with her because she was simply trying to survive in the harem but now?!?!?  What the heck?  What is up with her inferiority complex?  I get that the empress has planted a seed of doubt in her mind towards Zhen Huan, which spurs her distrust & disloyalty but..seriously?  Zhen Huan has been the one looking out for Ling Rong, moreso than Mei Zhuang, and yet Ling Rong easily distrusts her.  It’s all based on misconceptions & her inferiority complex.  She thinks that everyone is out to get her and make fun of her because of her status.  Truth is she didn’t try her utmost best to earn her place in the emperor’s heart..instead she just sat around, made voodoo dolls, and wept about it.

Anyways let’s just say that thanks to Ling Rong, Hua Fei saves her butt and avoids the harsh punishment that the emperor had planned.  I don’t hate Hua Fei as much as I dislike Ling Rong.  She’s still a very sympathetic character and it’s actually a bit sad to see her slowly losing her control over the harem & the emperor.  Hua Fei has worked for years building up her power and now she refuses to just sit by and watch it slip away.

I say it over and over, but I will say it again: Jiang Xin is brilliant as Hua Fei.  Omg.  This has got to be my favorite Hua Fei scene ever.  Hua Fei breaks down crying while asking her personal maid over and over why she can’t get pregnant when an unfavored concubine (Fuca) can.  It’s such a heartbreaking scene because we finally see Hua Fei’s vulnerability and hurt over her one and only deceased child.  I also love it because it shows the deep bond between mistress & servant..when Hua Fei is hurting, her servant hurts for her as well.

Another intruiging scene is the one with Hua Fei & the Princess of Modesty.  I thought the Princess of Modesty was all nice and upright like the Pin of Respects but now I’m not so sure.  She might’ve been the one who caused Hua Fei’s miscarriage!!!!!!!! OMGGGGG.  Is it true?  Is it Hua Fei jumping to conclusions?  Is it Hua Fei needing someone to blame because she’s so hurt over her lost child?  I SO WANT A SECOND SEASON PREQUEL TO THIS DRAMA.  I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED BEFORE!!!!! AUGHHHH!

I felt really bad for the Pin of Respects, who’s finally promoted to be a…a Fei?  The sad thing is that Jing Fei isn’t happy when she hears the news because she knows this will only put her on Hua Fei’s enemy list.  It sucks that she has been a concubine for so long and yet Hua Fei doesn’t even respect her one bit.  Also apparently the emperor didn’t promote her out of favor, but simply protocol. 

I am forever confused by Precious Cao and I really want to know if she ends up on Zhen Huan’s side later on. (YES, please spoil me)  The thing is that I really want her to be on the good side!!! I wonder why Precious Cao talked to Zhen Huan before Chun Er’s death…was she stalling her?  Or was she helping her?  Was it part of the plan to tell her to go find Chun Er or did she warn Zhen Huan out of guilt?

That being said Chun Er’s death did not quite have the effect it should’ve had.  I get that it is tragic because she really was innocent and had no part whatsoever in the harem’s power struggle.  But I didn’t quite have the connection with Chun Er and it was all too sudden to have a huge impact on me.  That, and the emperor’s reaction totally ruined it.  He seemed more concerned for Zhen Huan than he was about Chun Er’s death. 

“Everything is changing, nothing is immortality.”

This is a long review but of course I have to include MEI ZHUANG.  Her position is finally restored but she’s not back to her old self.  Mei Zhuang is much more subdued and it seems like she’s had the life sucked out of her.  There is an awesome scene when the emperor goes back to visit her for the first time..Mei Zhuang is cold and distant towards him while he’s……….his usual self.  He tries to hold her hand but she draws away.  AHHHHHH!  I don’t know why but that part made my heart ache!!!  It seems like Mei Zhuang has no intention of getting close to the emperor ever again! (not that I blame her..)

I loved the story arcs in these few episodes.  I intended to talk more about Fuca’s pregnancy and miscarriage more in this post but I didn’t really get around to it.  I was really surprised to find out that getting pregnant in the harem is both a blessing and a curse.  It instantly elevates your status & favor, but it also makes you a target.  FINALLY, the empress has taken off her mask and shows her dark side!!!!!  I thought Hua Fei might do something to bring down Fuca, but unexpectedly the empress has finally entered the game!  Or maybe she was in it all along but I never picked up on it because she’s just that good.


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  • Glad to see a new post on LZH!!

    Princess of Modesty was not the one who caused Hua Fei’s miscarriage, it’s just Hua Fei thought so. You will get to know everything that happend before later. 😀

    Precious Cao did end up on Zhen Huan’s side later on, but I think she has never been on the good side… She’s just doing everything to protect her child no matter it’s good or bad… Another complex character .

    btw I think it should be Fucha, not Fuca. Don’t know how the subteam is translating though.

    • Nice to hear from you dustrain! 😀 OOO ok. That scene with the Princess of Modesty & Hua Fei was really ambiguous so I wasn’t sure if Hua Fei’s accusations were true or not.

      That makes sense, I think Precious Cao is always the sort of character that shows what it’s like to be a mother in the harem…she always puts her child first no matter what. So it’s not necessarily being on the good or bad side..instead it’s just whatever is best for her daughter.

      I think it was spelled Fuca in the translations but I’m not sure. But yes it is pronounced Fucha if you want it romanized..

  • Yeah, Precious Cao ended up helping ZH to save herself from the burning camp of Hua Fei, but her fate is rather tragic. I personally wouldn’t call ZH’s side “good” because they are all just trying to secure their own interests.This goes to show that no one can be friends or enemies forever and your position can change instantly….
    Ling Rong is annoying and evil, and you’ll be surprise how long this weak little pest will survive in the palace and how many lives she will end up destroying.

    • True..I guess because Zhen Huan is the heroine, I associate her with the good side..but in reality no one can be defined as purely good or bad. Ugh and Ling Rong annoys me so much now!!!

  • Hi, where are you watching this? Are there English subs? I was using Viki, but they only subbed 1-25. I really want to keep watching, but I can’t find an appropriate site. Please help me. Thank you!

  • My cousin’s baby died in the womb yesterday, so it was a hard time to watch these episodes and I was very emotional during them. That being said, the fact Lin Rong essentially trained a (very CG) cat to attack a woman and cause her to miscarry was pretty ridiculous.

    I wonder if we will see Fucha again, it seems some of these women we never see again, like the mean concubine who bullied Lin Rong in the first couples episodes and Pin of Beauty. Glad Mei Zhuang is back and I like that she isn’t falling all over herself to worship the emperor, I also liked the scene where she was chilly towards him.

    I’m happy Zhen Huan is pregnant and hope everything works out well (but how would it, in this palace?) Chun Er dying was a bit surprising but her personality was basically “likes to eat food, giggle and act 6 years younger than she is” so like you, I wasn’t that attached.

    • 🙁 I’m sorry to hear that and I hope that your cousin is recovering. Actually this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are more emotional events to come, so just a warning in advance. >_<

      I don't remember why Ling Rong's bully was never seen again because I thought she was punished but not killed. As for the Pin of Beauty, she went crazy and is no longer in the harem which is why she doesn't show up anymore. Now that Fucha is no longer pregnant she is not really a key figure in the harem. But she is still there, don't worry. 😉

      • Yeah I was under the impression she just was lashed or something along those lines, I tried looking for her in the scenes where the other concubines come to pay their respects but haven’t seen her. I was confused about Pin of Beauty–I thought she was sent to a palace further away from everyone else but didn’t know she was completely gone, that makes sense. Time to steel up and continue watching, I can’t stay away.

      • LR’s bully was served with a punishment called “yi zhang hong” (ten feet of red). This punishment is served by continuously beating the person on the buttocks and legs with long and large sticks, until the bones are all broken and the person bleed out. From far, the bleeding looks like a row of red flowers (Hollyhocks). I reckon she was damaged way beyond crippled. Hope this explains it.

  • This was a great post. I totally agree about the Empress…. I was like waaaaaaahhh??? I guess I wasn’t paying attention cause I thought she was so good and then she dropped the hints to the right people at the right time to make bad things happen and I was shocked!

  • I’m confirmed that the emperor is a cruel jerk. As an emperor, and with other persuading every minute to take all concubines into consideration equally and not have a favourite, neither his heart or body can stay in one place. Even it did, there would be conflicts and disapproval from others. I could understand too, why he was suspicious of Zhen Huan. Just like Hua Fei, Zhen Huan’s heart is also dedicated to the Emperor wholeheartedly. Yet, Hua Fei is not to be trusted wholeheartedly. As an emperor, he doesn’t have a confidante.
    I had my doubts on his wise character from the moment he ordered Mei Zhuang to be fallen. Just based on the evidence available before him, he punishes Mei Zhuang. He never did go under them to see if the evidence is the truth or not. Even if he did it to set an example to others, he never did show remorse for the suffering she endured.
    However, how can the emperor not punish Hua Fei. His decisions change in one snap based on what other present before him.

    • Later on in the drama I realized that the emperor is more cold than cruel. He doesn’t enjoy punishing people or seeing concubines fall from their former glory, and he is well aware of the impacts of his actions. I think he has an ‘unfeeling’ persona because like you said, he can’t trust anyone–not even his closest concubines–and because of that he has to be ready to defend himself at any moment.

  • Thank you so very much for compiling all this; I have only just discovered this series & am watching it for the first time. But I am still unclear on two things:

    How did Ling Rong help Hua Fei escape punishment? I know that Hua Fei’s two doctors stole Dr. Wan’s plague medicine formula – did Ling Rong help with that, & the version I saw maybe cut that part out?

    Also, why did Chun Er get killed? Someone else remarked that she “knew too much” – but I never saw that she ever found out anything dangerous! My only thought is that it might have been a warning to Zhen Huan?

    • Like you I’m also watching the series now, not completely for the first time as I’ve first seen the Netflix version.
      Ling Rong sent her servant over to Hua Fei’s palace to tell her (servants) that Liu Ben is back. Hua Fei knew punishment would come so she and her servants made a plan to do a good deed at the same time (finding a cure for the epidemy) so that the emperor would not punish her too much.

      Chun Er must’ve gotten killed because she overheard Hua Fei discussing plans to kill people who got in her way.

  • I am also watching this for the first time. I somehow missed the Empresses’ involvement in these schemes. What have you guys seen that I missed? Was she involved or implicit in Ling Rong’s training the cat? Sometimes the subtitles are so odd that I feel that I am missing some of the original subtlety- the veiled threats and implications under the superficially kind words.

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