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This is the episode where I begin questioning whether Sprout is gonna go horribly wrong.  There’s a scene I absolutely loved and a scene I hated.  And yes, I put that featured image with MIYUKI in it just because I’m annoyed at all the Miyuki haters out there.

My favorite scene in this episode is when Miku & Miyuki have a heart-to-heart girl talk.  At first I was a bit weirded out when Miyuki asked Miku if she could share her bed, but then I realized..wait, this is a girl thing.  If you’re not a girl you probably won’t understand.  But take my word this is what girls do and it’s a sleepover thing.  Anyways I’m beginning to really love the bond between Miku & Miyuki.  It’s so great seeing these two confiding in each other and being so giddy about their boyfriends.

If you’re a girl I don’t get how you can NOT be touched by this conversation between Miku & Miyuki.  Miku’s words about not really knowing what it’s like to be a woman totally hit home for me.  Story of my life.  And Miyuki’s words about hating herself but then changing into someone she accepted pretty much made her my inspiration.  How could you not relate to this?

“I used to hate myself.  But, because of what Sou-chan said, when Sou-chan said he liked me, I began feeling amazing.  I began liking myself.  By liking Sou-chan, I changed.”

The quote above is a paraphrase because I didn’t watch it subbed.  But you get the gist of it.  This, if anything, proves to me that Miyuki truly loves Souhei.  She’s not just this selfish annoying Uzamiyu that everyone thinks she is.  She really appreciates Souhei and she knows that without him her life would be much different than it is now. 

TIME TO RANT.  What the heck is wrong with Miyuki wanting to protect her turf?  Souhei is her boyfriend, so she has the right to make an effort to stay by his side and protect their relationship.  Yes she probably liked Hayato in the past but she never said she likes him NOW.  This whole “she wants Hayato AND Souhei at the same time, UZAMIYU UZAMIYU” thing is ridiculous.  I think she’s pretty much shown that she wants Souhei.  Maybe it’s just me but I’d say that her feelings are all devoted to Souhei.

AND FOR SOUHEI.  So it’s not fine IF Miyuki really was divided between Hayato & Souhei, but it’s fine if Souhei is divided between Miku & Miyuki?  What the heck?  Like because Souhei’s feelings for Miku just suddenly dawned on him, he’s innocent?  Like Miyuki WILLED herself to like Hayato AND Souhei at the same time so she’s guilty?  AOGJAWSIJGHWSAIJHOAWSIHJ. 

Yeah that’s not even the beginning of my annoyances with Sprout now.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love it so far but the last scene really worries me.
  I didn’t watch this part with subs so maybe my translation is a bit off but this is what pretty much happened:  Miyuki says sorry for what happened “that day” and then Miku and Souhei flip out and jump to conclusions.  To make it worse Miyuki & Hayato tell the truth–yes this event happened and yes Miyuki liked Hayato–BUT THEY DON’T CLARIFY WHAT IS GOING ON NOW.  They don’t clarify their feelings right NOW.  This only adds to the misunderstandings.  *bangs head on computer*

According to the preview, it seems like Souhei will break up with Miyuki.  [*Update* I misinterpreted the preview, but I won’t spoil you on what happened..] OK.  WHAT THE HECK?  If it’s because of this whole HUG ordeal then that’s just stupid.  I’m just really annoyed that the thing that happened “that day” WAS A HUG. A HUG.  IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD.  Moreover Miyuki said she LIKED Hayato.  Not that she LIKES Hayato.  If Souhei breaks up with her over that that’s just stupid because he LIKES Miku too, so it’s not like he can blame her.  But if he clarifies he likes Miku and that’s why he’s breaking up with her then maybe that’s ok. 

Anyways I’m still a resolute Miku x Hayato shipper.  Please Miku, let Hayato explain and clear up this misunderstanding.  I’m really hoping that Miku’s feelings for Hayato are strong enough to overcome this issue. 


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  • I had some of the same thoughts when I saw it (admittedly without subs). I don’t get why the hug is such a big deal. I did wonder for awhile if the girl that Miku saw him kissing in the first episode was Miyuki, or maybe we don’t know all of the details yet. If it is just the hug, that will be stupid.

    I’m not jumping ship yet. I feel like we had to get to the point where Miku and Souhei got to experiment with liking each other, otherwise Miku could never really let it go and like Hayato. I still have faith that they’ll get there in the end.

    • Hmm that would be an interesting twist even though I kinda wish it’s not true! Ahahaha. But it might turn out like you said..maybe Miku & Souhei need to get together for a while to test out their feelings. If they don’t neither of them will have any closure.

  • I was so lost in this episode. I need subs but I agree with you. Hopefully everything becomes clear in the next episode. But from watching the preview I feel bad for hayato when he watched miku and souhei

  • I was inspired to write a short review of Sprout after reading your impressions on it! Now that I’m caught up to this episode, I still feel as if Souhei won’t get a chance with Miku, instead our teen characters are going to have some brooding/alone time before Hayato and Miku get together again and make up! Because honestly they are featured way more than Souhei and Miku in this show and there’s just no denying Hayato’s love for her.

    • Awesome I will definitely check it out! :3

      I think Souhei & Miku just need to find some closure in their friendship. They need to figure out if they want to stay friends or try to be something more than friends. I hope Miku has already fallen so hard for Hayato that she won’t turn back!

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