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Not to say that the previous episodes weren’t good, but episode 7 is PERFECT.  It’s my favorite episode yet, for obvious shipping reasons.  I was flailing ALL THE WAY THROUGH and I can’t wait for MORE HAYATO X MIKU!  Please don’t let the OTP’s get switched up!!! Please let Miku and Hayato stay together forever!

Words cannot describe my happiness while watching episode 7.  I was fangirling so much that it felt like I was just as excited as Miku was.  Anyways, HOW PERFECT CAN HAYATO BE?  Just one minute into the episode and I was swooning over his line “Of course this is your place.”  AND!! AND!! Hayato isn’t your typical second lead that just watches his unrequited love from afar!  Hayato takes the initiative AND ASKS MIKU TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND!!!! *FAINTS*  HOW COULD SHE NOT SAY YES?  I AM SO HAPPY SHE MADE THE RIGHT DECISION. 

It is such a relief to see that Miku is genuinely falling head over heels for Hayato instead of using him to forget Souhei.  She is clearly in the giddy first stages of her first love and thankfully she’s also trying to take the initiative.  It is the cutest thing ever when they agree to call each other by their first names and then are too embarrassed to actually do it.  AHAHA.

So I’m sure we were all wondering..WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF SHE REMEMBERS SOUHEI?  When Hayato & Miku brushed their hands together, I was like NOOOOOOOOOO SHE’S GONNA HAVE ANOTHER HANDS FLASHBACK.  But I ended up loving that scene because it’s like the moment of truth for Miku–can she really let go of the feelings she had for..Souhei’s..hand…and grab onto Hayato’s?  It’s just perfect when she takes the initiative by calling Hayato’s name AND offering her hand.  And of course I love the little flashbacks when they hold hands, which show that Hayato has found a place in her heart. 

We’re beginning to see the darker side of Souhei which is some nice character development.  You can tell he’s the kind of guy that has the perfect persona and a perfect smile, but he uses it to cover up anything that’s wrong.  LOVED the scene when he sees Miyuki & Hayato on their date and his face kinda twitches as he tries to smile.  Well at least Souhei is not slow on the uptake; he himself knows that he feels about jealous when he sees Hayato & Miku together.  Now I’m just wondering what he’s gonna do about it.  Like I said before, Souhei is so so so screwed. 

I really hope that the drama WILL NOT pull a sudden switcheroo on us.  Please just let the awesome second lead get the girl for once.  Please let the main girl defy the laws of the “first love”.  Please let Miku be so in love with Hayato that she’ll remain faithful to him even if Souhei enters the picture.


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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  • Yey! Been waiting for your post since I watched the raw version. Still don’t understand a word of it but i seem to be catching what transpires — too bad i can’t understand Hayato’s lines and Miku accepting his offer to be his gf. WIll have to wait for the subs (this week, they subbed it only yesterday). But i am grateful to those that sub and to you, of course.

    BTW, i was watching the opening and realized when they are on the beach, running — it was Souhei with Miku and the other two are running together. Speculating, speculating… argh!

    And can you please translate that preview? I’m like — NOOOOOO — did Souhei and Miku catch Miyuki and Hayato in a compromising position? I kinda felt like Miyuki was apologizing in the end and Souhei looked devastated, not to mention Miku and Hayato. Please tell me it isn’t so….

    • Yeah if there is a scene you didn’t get just ask 😀 Hayato & Miku are SO SWEET TOGETHER!!!

      I think the foursome is aware of the tensions between each pairing, so ep8 will be when everything explodes. Seems like Souhei is the one that’s unaware of Hayato & Miyuki’s awkward friendship, but then again how can he be angry when he’s falling for Miku…anyways I think Miyuki genuinely likes Souhei..HOPEFULLY she put Hayato behind her and doesn’t romantically like him anymore.

    • Hayato: Today, I thought of staying with you in the same room. (something to that effect, not sure about it word-for-word)
      Souhei: Miku has Hayato, I have Miyuki.
      Miku: Is it true?
      Miyuki: I liked Hayato.

  • ***Squeeeeeeeeel**** Subs are here and its only Tuesday. Thanks to dramacrazy!

    OMG, heisui! When I watched the raw version, i thought i basically got what was going on but our boy Hayato was waaayyyyy swoon-worthy than i thought. Everything was like perfect for those two. And i feel that Miku is actually in love with him, not merely trying to get Souhei out of her system. –big smile on my face–

    Just want to come back here and share… loved loved loved this episode. I agree with your best-episode-ever verdict.

    i’m afraid that the next episode is gonna be heartbreaking though. i never had any indication that hayato is the least bit interested in Miyuki so i don’t get that scene…. i think it was entirely contrived by Miyuki. hope this doesn’t break up their very new relationship.

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