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“Our second kiss has the scent of salty tears.”

Zi Qi drops by to PUBLICLY PROCLAIM HIS LOVE to Xiao Jie.  *swoons*  Just his dramatic entrance was enough…if I were Xiao Jie I don’t think I could handle the sight of Zi Qi walking towards me.  AND WHO COULD BLAME XIAO JIE FOR ACCEPTING??  WHO WOULDN’T SAY YES TO HIM?  From the start, I was pretty skeptical of Zi Qi & Xiao Jie’s relationship because 1) They hardly know each other.  2) It’s a publicity stunt/forget my ex stunt…just that Xiao Jie doesn’t know about it.  3)  I know this cannot end well.

“I’m about to fall for you.”

I’m kinda confused by Zi Qi because I don’t know how much of this is an act and how much of it is genuine.  I think he feels some sort of responsibility for Xiao Jie since he actually has a conscience.  He’s aware that he’s using her so he figures he might as well protect her and do the kinds of things a boyfriend should do.  I know he’s trying to get back at his ex Ji Qing but at the same time it’s not like he HAD to save Xiao Jie multiple times.  Also there’s that scene when he kisses Xiao Jie once really sweetly, and then he sees Ji Qing standing there so he kisses her AGAIN just for kicks.  Uh…what?

For now, I think that Zi Qi loves Ji Qing and Xiao Jie is the scapegoat.  I really do not know where Zi Qi’s brains went but he has this brilliant idea to “protect” Xiao Jie by letting her go slowly instead of breaking up with her once and for all.  No, Zi Qi that is not a good idea.  BUT THEN AGAIN this just gives Zi Qi more time to fall for Xiao Jie while he tries to break up with her. 😛

I LOVE TANG JUN, he’s absolutely ADORABLE.  He pouts over Xiao Jie and he follows her around like a lovesick puppy AND he interacts with her as both “Tom” and “Tang Jun”.  I love Tang Jun x Xiao Jie just through their interactions online/through text messaging alone.  It’s so cute that Tang Jun is Xiao Jie’s mysterious friend that offers her advice and listens to all of her troubles.

So in the virtual world, Tang Jun has already committed a grave mistake as “Tom”–he’s established himself as a confidant, not a potential love interest.  ANNND what do you know, he does the same thing when he actually meets Xiao Jie again in real life.  He’s automatically “just a friend” and at this point there’s no way Xiao Jie will consider him as a love interest. >_>

“Gao Zi Qi is clearly your boyfriend, but why is Tang Jun always the one by your side?”


Anyways I love Tang Jun and Xiao Jie’s interactions together.  Tang Jun cracks me up because he is SUCH A DORK.  I love it when he always pops up in between Xiao Jie and Zi Qi, and YOU KNOW he’s doing it on purpose.  But then his attempts always end up pushing Zi Qi and Xiao Jie closer together.  I really hope Tang Jun gets the courage to try to get out of the friend zone and make his move…actually I think he’s really restraining himself.

And on a side note, Ji Qing x Zi Qi are just meh.  They’re sorta a good match because they’re the kind of people who spend “quality time” together sipping wine and looking pretty but..they’re also not the kind of couple with chemistry that makes you go “wow”.  They’re just sorta..there.

So the bottom line for me is, TANG JUN ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WHO’S WITH ME?

SOP Queen is still going strong with its fresh characters and awesome OTP’s.  Thankfully Chen Qiao En is really nailing it as an aspirational yet practical OL who just happened to fall into a little fairytale.  Her acting is very natural and I have to say that Chen Qiao En is especially charming in this drama.

If I had to choose which scene affected me the most out of eps 4-7, I’d actually have to choose the scenes with Xiao Jie & her bestie Jia Yi.  Their friendship makes me come back to reality for a moment amidst all of the craziness in Xiao Jie’s love life.  It makes me feel all nostalgic and warm inside when Xiao Jie cries tears of joy for Jia Yi..and it also makes me feel a bit sad when I wonder what it will be like if my bestie gets married off before I do.


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