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Already the emotional intensity has gone up a few notches.  Lots of changes take place as Hua Fei becomes more and more aggressive towards our threesome.

I HAVE BEEN WAITING AND WAITING to post about episode 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AUGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!  Hua Fei & Precious Cao have been silently working behind the scenes to bring down Mei Zhuang.  They finally decide to deal the last blow to Mei Zhuang by framing her with a fake pregnancy.

*Update* The prescription the doctor gave to Mei Zhuang was actually meant to stop her period to make her think she’s pregnant.  I KNEW THE DOCTOR WAS SHADY!  (ok I admit it I watched ahead..but..) Not only that, the other royal doctors that confirm that Mei Zhuang actually isn’t pregnant are in cahoots with Hua Fei as well.  WE CAN’T EVEN TRUST THE DOCTORS IN THIS DRAMA.

I’m a huge Mei Zhuang fan so I’m really bitter about this whole ordeal.  I thought this issue would be resolved quickly but NO.  I have watched ahead and *sorta spoiler* Mei Zhuang takes FOREVER to make a comeback.  Meaning we’re stuck with Zhen Huan & Ling Rong.  Also the thing that pisses me off is the EMPEROR.  So far I’ve been neutral towards him but NOW.  BLEGH.  I was mainly pissed off that he has no trust in Mei Zhuang whatsoever.  There is a lot of “evidence” pointing towards her guilt but at the same time, the emperor immediately accepts it as the truth and talks about how disappointed he is that Mei Zhuang would stoop to such a level.  I really think the emperor could’ve handled this situation in a much better way.  Instead of instantly punishing Mei Zhuang and humiliating her in front of everyone, he could’ve thoroughly investigated it before making a decision.

I like the new Zhen Huan because she’s finally putting her game face on for reals.  Without Mei Zhuang as the big sister/protector figure, Zhen Huan has to fend for herself..and for Ling Rong.  It is freaking awesome when she gives Hua Fei the death glare (middle right pic) as though the two of them are on equal grounds.  IT IS ON, HUA FEI!

Oh, and ANOTHER thing that annoys me about the emperor is that he refuses to see Zhen Huan even though she waits outside in the heat for him.  ALL BECAUSE HE DOESN’T WANNA BE REMINDED OF MEI ZHUANG. OMG, EMPEROR!  Not thinking about it isn’t gonna make the problem go away.   And then later on he waltzes into Zhen Huan’s palace and goes, “So..what was that urgent business you had with me?”  Honestly I wanted Zhen Huan to ignore him but we all know she’s gotta keep the emperor on her side.  Heheh.

On a side note, 17th Prince is SO CHARMING.  You know he’s meant to be the “dashing, handsome prince” because of his voice.  I THINK it’s dubbed (I’m not sure if Zhen Huan is dubbed because all of the voices sound authentic..) because it is the stereotypical Chinese voice for a dashing prince.  AHAHA maybe I’m just reading into things too much.  BUT YES, HE IS AWESOME AND HE WANTS TRUE LOVE JUST LIKE ZHEN HUAN.  BUT I know these two will not end well so I wish he would just find his true love ASAP and live happily ever after.

I thought it was hilarious when Zhen Huan’s maid tells her that now she only has….Promise An to depend on.  And then they both look over at Ling Rong, and you can see the wheels turning in their heads as they wonder how they can transform her into a successful concubine.  AHAHA.  Well apparently getting the emperor’s favor isn’t hard at all..Ling Rong instantly becomes the new favorite just by singing a song.  Part of me thinks that the emperor only uses the concubines for entertainment…

Now maybe this is just me but I get annoyed when Ling Rong sings.  I mean I love the voice & the song, but Tao Xin Ran (the actress for Ling Rong) DOES NOT ACT LIKE SHE’S SINGING AT ALL.  It’s like she’s not even making an effort to show that she’s singing the words!   I don’t mind the dubbing; it’s just that Tao Xin Ran could’ve been much more convincing.

I love Precious Cao’s character arc.  Even though she’s on Hua Fei’s side, she’s not any safer than the other concubines.  She chose this route for her own safety, but she has to be extremely careful to remain in Hua Fei’s good grace.  As for the empress, so far she’s very gracious (i.e. when she pleads for Ling Rong’s father) but I AM WAITING for her to take off her mask and reveal her true self!

I’ve got to hand it to Hua Fei.  She’s an awesome villain.  If you’re not scared of Hua Fei, get this–she forced the princess of modesty (again, I’m not sure if that’s her’s the one that’s sick) to eat poison.  I’m glad that the Princess of Modesty has made her entrance with a bang because it’s bound to change up the scene a bit.  Hua Fei must have a really bad history with her because she’s always visibly affected whenever she shows up. 

^included these just to show how gorgeous this is.

Even though Mei Zhuang has been cruelly cast aside, LZH is still going strong!!!!  I really did not want Mei Zhuang to get caught up in all this but it’s still a great plot twist that will let us see what Zhen Huan is really capable of. 


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The Legend of Zhen Huan: Eps 11-13
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  • Great recap!
    Mei Zhuang’s scene really got me too, and that’s when I realize this is the BEST palace drama EVER because the schemes are actually hardcore and intelligent! And unlike some time-traveling dramas suggest (*cough*Palace/Gong*cough*), a normal girl from the future will definitely not survive this hell hole! Even if all the princes from Qing dynasty was handsome like those in BBJX (and they aren’t), I still wouldn’t want to go back, LOL.

    Btw, there is one (wait, two) imperial doctor you can trust. Remember ZH’s childhood sweetheart? He’ll play a big role in this. As a concubine, there’s really three things you need to survive: Emperor’s interest, strong family ties, and a DOCTOR.
    Not only can he care for your health, he can also help you fake illness (among other things) and frame other concubines! 😀

    I didn’t like the emperor in the first place, and the things he does throughout the drama will make you HATE him. He’s not evil precise but he’s just a jerk who really didn’t care much about the women in the harem, because to him, they are all playthings (even ZH). He’s probably aware of the schemes too, but he just didn’t care enough to take action. It’s not hard to get the emperor’s attention, the challenge is to keep this attention. There’s always younger, prettier concubines joining the harem and favor slips fast.

    • “a normal girl from the future will definitely not survive this hell hole!”
      ^DARN RIGHT!!!!!!! There’s no freaking way anyone would just magically adapt and survive in such a complex system! I have no idea how these ladies do it!!!

      Yeah Dr. Ren (or Wen, I forgot) is trustworthy and I think he sorta has good chemistry with Mei Zhuang later on? :O I never realized how important it is to have a good doctor on your side, but you’re right!

      I guess the vibe I get from the emperor is that he throws away his concubines whenever he pleases. Even if a scheme implicates a super VIRTUOUS and KIND concubine *cough* Mei Zhuang *cough* he’s like, OH WELL can’t do anything about this! Off she goes! I don’t think he’s really THIS DENSE, it’s just that he doesn’t bother to do anything to stop all of the schemes.

  • Okay I have watched to 17 now and so I am back. Wow was not expecting that twist with Mei Zhuang! I’m also a Mei Zhuang fan since she is not the “star” but she is still intelligent and kind (I also like Zhen Huan but tend to like the ‘underdogs’ as well :)) That being said while I was disappointed in it happening to her I was pleased that the twist was unexpected.

    Hua Fei is really a good villain. I don’t know if she intends to be as evil as she is, but she sure isn’t going down with the ship when her schemes are unfurled. I didn’t think she knew she was harming Wenyi’s health (though her servants pointed out it was bad I think she just believed she knew better than them) but the plan of framing Zhen Huan worked out pretty well so I’m not sure if she partially orchestrated that or if it was just serendipitous. Can’t believe Cao would stand up for her after all that, but maybe soon she will stand up for herself and her daughter.

    • I KNOWWWW! I was also really disappointed when Mei Zhuang lost the emperor’s favor because she is one of my favorites!

      Hua Fei & Cao were totally in on the plan to frame Zhen Huan. Even though Cao pretended to believe that Zhen Huan did it, it was just an act because the plan was to put all the blame on Zhen Huan. In fact Cao knew that Hua Fei was hurting Wen Yi, so she tried to get Wen Yi away from Hua Fei ASAP. But she can’t speak out against Hua Fei, because Hua Fei is her source of protection in the harem.

      • Ah jeez, so they set the framing up. I was thinking Cao knew about the dangers, but Hua Fei was thinking it was okay for the baby since it was okay for her. But I guess she just said that… she probably wouldn’t care that much if the baby died since she is jealous. How awful. Hopefully the tide will turn soon, with all of these accusations against Zhen Huan everyone in the harem is going to think “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” I almost wish the sick Princess had come out and told Zhen Huan about the poison, I’m really interested in knowing what Hua Fei said/did to make her eat poison. Oh well, back to watching so I can return and comment again haha.

        • I doubt Hua Fei would’ve let Wen Yi die. This is partly because she herself has a very sad personal experience with pregnancy/children. Hua Fei is cruel but she still knows how much mothers value their children. The other reason would be that Wen Yi gives Cao some leverage in the harem even if she doesn’t have the emperor’s favor. (and of course, Cao’s status can help out Hua Fei)

          I think most of the harem is aware of Hua Fei’s schemes but they are too scared to tell anyone. Hua Fei is too powerful to go up against at the moment.

  • During EP 16 (Or maybe earlier, I can’t remember when), Huan Bi really annoyed the crap out of me and was smiling because the Emperor noticed her. Did she vie for the Emperor’s attention?

    • Yes, sometime in the beginning of the drama, HB wanted to catch the attention of the emperor. I think ZH called her out on it, so then she stopped. It may have partly stemmed from how ZH had status but HB didn’t, even though they were half-sisters.

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