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Honestly I didn’t have high expectations for SOP Queen (aka Queen of SOP) despite the awesome trailer.  All too often I think a drama’s gonna be really good but it ends up sucking.  So this time I was trying not to get my hopes up and I doubted that SOP Queen would deliver.  BUT THANK GOODNESS, I WAS WRONG.  I LOVE IT.  It’s fresh & quirky, and full of fun characters that don’t seem larger than life.  Surprisingly SOP Queen offers a great balance between life & romance, cliches and reality. 

Before you think about the eye candy other cast members, the first name that comes to mind is most likely Chen Qiao En.  Yes, everyone, she’s BACK yet again to play the heroine, Lin Xiao Jie.  Remember her back in Easy Fortune Happy Life and A Game About Love (didn’t watch Fated to Love You, but I think it’s the same sort of role), when she played the all too typical role of the super innocent kind-hearted poor heroine?  BLEGHHHHHH.  I cannot take her in that kind of role again.  Don’t worry though, Xiao Jie is not that sort of character!

The thing I love about SOP Queen is that it takes the usual drama cliches and tweaks them just a bit.  There are still remnants of the old stereotypes along with SOP Queen’s own little touches.  So we still have those familiar characters we’re comfortable with, but they’re nuanced and more realistic.  In Lin Xiao Jie’s case, she’s a hardworking, humble OL who’s trying to gain a foothold in her company.  I know she sounds like a cliched character but somehow…she’s just not.  Xiao Jie is ordinary, but not too ordinary.  She’s hardworking and aspiring, but not to the extremes of your usual pure-hearted heroine.  She’s spunky, but not overconfident.

Enough about Xiao Jie, am I the only one who suddenly discovered how handsome Zhang Han is!?!?!?!?  I saw him before in Fall in Love but for some reason I didn’t realize how good-looking he is!!!!!!!  Ok I admit it maybe it’s because I didn’t like his character in Fall in Love…and I was too busy staring at Dennis Oh…………..also misscupcakees mentioned his voice…maybe he’s more attractive now that his voice isn’t dubbed?  I don’t even know but this sudden change in attractiveness has really surprised me.

But anyways, Zhang Han plays Tang Jun, a very charming and sweet guy.  His smile is infectious and I dare you not to fall for him.  And guess what, aside from his looks, Tang Jun is a GENTLEMAN. 

The way Tang Jun & Xiao Jie meet is a bit cheesy but everything that happens after that is SO CUTE.  He keeps in touch with Xiao Jie via internet, but she doesn’t know that his screenname “Tom” is actually him.  So he basically starts falling for her even though they’re so far away and she doesn’t really know it’s him, etc. etc. I LOVE THIS PLOT.  And this guy goes around London taking pictures of Xiao Jie’s favorite Peter Rabbit at different landmarks.  HOW CUTE IS THAT?????? 

After Tang Jun’s cuteness and sincerity, it probably seems impossible for him to have a suitable rival.  ENTER: GODFREY GAO.  WHYYYYYY?  Why must we choose????????

So Godfrey Gao plays Gao Zi Qi, a hot rich guy.  He oozes of charisma and badboy vibes but somehow…he’s not an arrogant prodigal son/player?  He actually only has eyes for his girlfriend, even though they have to keep their relationship a secret.  (she’s a famous model, he’s the son of a CEO, go figure.)

Ummmmmm so while I’m shipping Tang Jun x Xiao Jie, I’m also shipping Zi Qi x Xiao Jie.  I think SOP Queen will probably be more Tang Jun x Xiao Jie biased (just based off the previews, I haven’t watched ahead yet) but at this point Tang Jun and Zi Qi are on equal terms. 

I think Zi Qi and Xiao Jie are absolutely hilarious together.  Zi Qi always scares the daylights out of Xiao Jie because he surprises her when he pops up unexpectedly.  And he tends to run into her while she’s singing off-key or doing something weird.  AHAHA.  I love it when he stacks up all the beer cans for her at the supermarket, and the next day, his assistant asks him, “What kind of hard manual labor were you doing?”  AHAHAHA. 

LOOK AT THIS.  HOW CAN YOU NOT SHIP THEM?  It’s a FAIRYTALEEEEEE!!!!!!!  Ok maybe I’m exaggerating but Zi Qi does strike me as that sort of modern-day prince type of character.  He may not be an up-front gentleman like Tang Jun is, but he has a softer side to him as well.  It is the sweetest thing ever when he lets Xiao Jie go to sleep on the display bed. 

That being said, I can see Xiao Jie falling for Zi Qi really fast.  But judging from his family situation and his experience with his ex-girlfriend (they broke up because their secret relationship wasn’t working out) Xiao Jie & Zi Qi’s relationship might not last.  I feel like since he’s such a “prince” and Xiao Jie’s getting together with him is such a fairytale, such a happy ending won’t last.

I was quite impressed by SOP Queen’s opening episodes!!!  It combines:

  • the OL aspect (basically all OL dramas..),
  • the creative-girl-saves-a-failing-store concept (Pretty Girls)
  • the fairytale in which a rich guy falls for ordinary girl (too many dramas to even name them all..)
  • the secret internet friend plot (don’t remember a drama with this, but I remember there’s a manga with that storyline)
  • the beautiful famous celebrity girlfriend plot (Drunken to Love You)

HOW can they fit so much into one drama?

*Note* I will clarify right now for those who are unfamiliar with my format of posting–I’m not recapping this drama, I’m only reviewing it.  For recaps, head on over to A Fairytale World.


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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  • Hi beautiful, before I say anything, how can you not have seen Fated To Love You!?!?!?!?!!! Ommmmggggg! Like, seriously!?

    Yeahh, I agree. I’m glad that Chen Qiao En isn’t playing the weak characters without a goal in life. I like her here where she has confident and a goal to be a successful lady. I’m glad that here she has self-confidence. Before I actually started watching this, I actually thought she was going to take on her usual roles again and I am glad that she didn’t. They really incorporate the OL theme here really well. (:

    Yeah, their meeting was cheesy and very typical drama but hey, that’s what got them together. (: Though, in England I kinda thought Xiao Jie would start speaking english because it is England. Ahahahha.

    I never even recognised Han Zhang before this drama and yes, I am in love with his voice more than his handsomeness. Ommmmgggg, his voice, just his voice. I can’t get enough of it. Why must it be so sexy for!?

    TJ is adorable! He is the most gentlemen ever! I mean, he hardly knows XJ yet he is in love. That, is love at first sight!

    Ahahahaah, ZQ and XJ are ‘high-class’ when they are together. I guess that is because ZQ is so rough and prince like.

    But yeahh, I am shipping TJ and XJ. (:

    • Haha~ Yes girl, I think you can’t miss Fated to Love You as well~ It was the drama that got me back to TW series. It was a very good drama for that year too! The rating doesn’t mean nothing! keke~

      And I was thinking to watch or not watch this drama. U’ve convinced me! Besides, who can resist hot guys!? Come on! XD

    • I know, I just never got around to watching it! I heard it was really good though!

      I think Zi Qi will be Xiao Jie’s princely fairytale love, while Tang Jun will be her more realistic love

  • I fell in love with Tang Jun in what little I watched of Meteor Showers (the unofficial Chinese adaptation of my beloved manga series HanDan) and then again when I saw him in the Chinese adaptation of Autumn in my Heart or whatever it was called. He is a great actor and I am loving his character so far. I really love how they do these split conversations like they are really together and chatting, but aren’t. The supermarket scene with our trio was hilarious!

    It is good to see Chen Qiao En branching out more and more. She played a slightly different character in her first ever Chinese drama with Ming Dao…something about lights in the title where she wanted to be a dancer… Of course, it seems that Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En can never be apart, even if they aren’t playing love interests. Oh and Gino (loved him in Smiling Pasta). Aren’t they all from the same company?

    I agree that they are taking the normal tropes and tweaking them a bit. It does make it seem less tedious than other dramas where its the same old thing happening over and over again.

    • Yeah I love the scenes where they’re messaging each other and it shows them side by side. *_* So cute!

      So far I’m satisfied with Chen Qiao En in SOP Queen. I feel like she’s finally getting the chance to play a more mature character!

    • Speaking about Joe, have you guys seen her in The Girl in Blue? OMG! She has such great chemistry with Roy! And I cried so badly in a few eps! It was such a good drama! Put it on your To-Watch list if you haven’t seen it yet! <3

      • Haven’t seen that show yet, but wanted to as I wanted to see her with Roy after EFHL (no offense to Blue, but Roy should have gotten the girl in that drama)

        • Oh my! Me 2! It was EFHL that I got into Roy and for the first time, I was rooting the “2nd male lead” to get the girl!!! <3

  • Hey gals. Has anybody else read Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones series? They are wonderful books and Godfrey Gao has been cast as one of the characters in the movie adaptation of the books. He sure is a goodlooking guy.

  • I totally agree with you about Zhang Han!!!! He’s much more attractive with his real voice! I know him from Meteor Showers.. And I’m super happy that he’s finally in a drama that I’m interested in! Hehe.. Love his smile! And he’s just so charming in this drama!

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